Francois Cluzet: biography and career

On September 21, 1955, the future star of theater, television and cinema, Francois Cluzse, was born in the family of Robert Cluzet and his wife Janine, a Paris pharmaceutical company. The biography of this person is fully consistent with the saying “Water wears away a stone”

Francois Cluse


When the boy was eight years old, the mother left her father for another man - to build another family, saying that the children would understand her later. Francois had to live with his father after his parents divorced in 1963. The boys were allowed to see their mother on Thursdays and during the holidays.

Interest in acting, as acknowledged by Francois himself, arose because of the ordeal - the prohibition of the father to talk about the mother. The future actor realized his vocation after viewing the French version of the musical “The Man of La Mancha” with Jacques Brel as Don Quixote. In the seventeenth year of his life, Francois Cluse began studying at the prestigious private lyceum Stanislas, but in the first year of his studies he decided to quit high school and become a man of art.Cluse entered and subsequently graduated from the courses of Jean-Loren Cauche, Jean Perimonys and courses of Simon.

Creation. First roles

He debuted the future artist in 1976 on the stage of the theater. On the French television screens, he first appeared in the late 1970s on the television film “The Story of the Bandits: Stylish”, at the same time a short film was released with the beginning actor “A Child without a Story”. The work on television attracted the attention of director Diana Curie, who personally invited Francois to the casting of the full-length dramatic film Molotov Cocktail, which appeared on screens in 1980. In the same year, Cluse worked with Claude Chabrol in the film “The Horse of Pride,” and subsequently the collaboration between the actor and director dragged on for many years.

francois cluse films

It was Shabrol who noted that Francois Cluse was French Dustin Hoffman. The actor himself mentions this in his interview in May 2013, but with a bit of humor, noting that the most ridiculous is that in fact his brother is much more like an American actor. According to the actor, he could not understand what Hoffman might like, because he always plays simple. And only thirty years later, he personally had to understand how difficult it is to play just suckers.

In 1983, two films were released at once with the participation of Cluse: “A Killing Summer” and “Long Live Social Assistance”. In the film “Too beautiful for you,” the actor played with the already famous Gerard Depardieu.

Long-awaited prize

Despite the prestigious nomination of the national film award "Cesar", Francois Cluse was still little known to the general public. The actor tried to conquer the world cinema, starring in a minor role in the American-French picture of Lawrence Kazdan "French Kiss", published in the world hire in 1994.

Cluse Francois

For all his long acting career filled with diverse roles, Cluse was nominated for the prestigious award nine times, including the film “1 + 1”. But only at the age of 51, the actor received an award for the best male role in the film “Tell No One,” filmed by Guillaume Canet. The role of Alexander Beck brought the actor the long-awaited global popularity, 2006 was truly successful for a French movie star.

"1 + 1" (Intouchables)

Atypical comedian, mysterious man - Francois Cluzet. His films are loved by millions of viewers. The undisputed star of French cinematography Cluse made a role in the feature film "1 + 1" (Intouchables)Erica Tolenado and Olivier Nakasha.

The plot is based on real events that occurred with the French rich man Philippe di Borgo and the inhabitants of the Paris ghetto Abdel. Philip himself insisted on making the film more comedic. Francois Cluzet (photo below) appeared in the role of a rich aristocrat in a wheelchair who found himself in it after the accident on a paraglider.

francois cluse filmography

His hero is in a position where all limbs are paralyzed, and without the help of a stranger, Philip cannot exist. For this, he needed an assistant, whose role went to the actor Omar Sy. Unexpectedly for all the rich man chose, despite the large list of applicants for the place, the Senegalese - Driss from local slums. Against the background of such different destinies and lives, between Philip and Driss makes a real strong friendship that has continued in life. The heroes had one common feature - they became strangers to the world, they are not noticed, they are alone. This story of two outcasts in which the creators of the film very delicately and astutely apply the comic description of the life of a person with disabilities.

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The film is presented in fourteen prestigious awards, in 28 different nominations,although he won in only eight nominations: "Best Actor in France and Tokyo", "Best European Film", "Best Film in a Foreign Language", "Newcomer of the Year", etc. The film is included in the list of the top five foreign films of the year version of the National Council of Film Critics of America.

In the world distribution of the film earned a record amount for the French cinema - 420.7 million dollars. The Cluzet Francois fee also turned out to be quite a record for French actors. He was 3.1 million dollars.

Social activity

The famous and at the same time simple actor Francois Cluzet, whose filmography includes more than 50 films, has been a sponsor of the nonprofit organization Vaincre la mucoviscidose since 2004 (literally from French - “Fighting cystic fibrosis”).

For a long time he was a defender of regional languages, he defined himself as a cultural activist. Cluse shows his political and environmental beliefs. Concerned about the obligations in favor of illegal immigrants and the situation in the fight against AIDS. He is a member of the environmental movement.

Personal life. Children

In one of the interviews, Francois Cluse admitted that he had met his true love so late, because at eighteen he did not know anything about women.The ladies had a magical effect on him, the scene always worried him less than beauty. According to Francois, he never lost the feeling that every new lover would leave him, as his mother did.

Francois is a father of many children. In the early 1980s, Cluse was married to Chantal Perrin, from this marriage he has an older daughter, Blanche, who was born in 1984. As well as her parents, she chose acting skills.

In 1993, as a result of a short novel, actress Marie Trentignan gave birth to a son Paul. In 2003, Marie was brutally murdered by her boyfriend, Francois took her son to her. Now Paul is preparing to become a writer.

A son, Joseph (born in 2001) and a daughter, Margaret (born in 2006), were born from a marriage with Valerie Bonneton. This marriage lasted 13 years.

In an interview to a question about children, the actor answered that children give him fullness to life, and one should learn to be a father.

A woman named Narcissus

In an interview in 2015 with Paris Match, François openly admitted that he had fulfilled his two childhood dreams: he became famous and found true love.

francois cluse biography

In July 2011, he became aware of his official marriage with a woman named Narcissus. Photo in an interview and signed: "Francois Cluse with Narcissus, a woman who revived the taste of happiness."

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