Fuel pump VAZ-2110: characteristics

The fuel pump (VAZ-2110) is the main constructive element of the fuel system of the gasoline engine, which performs the function of supplying fuel to injectors or carburetor under high pressure.
fuel pump VAZ 2110 Depending on the type of drive, electric and mechanical units are manufactured. And today we will consider the device of this part by the example of an element installed on the VAZ "ten".

Mechanical fuel pump VAZ-2110 - characteristics and construction

This type of mechanism is used exclusively on cars with carburetor engines. Such a fuel pump VAZ-2110 has its own mechanical drive from the camshaft, and it is located on the ICE.

By its design, this element is one of the types of piston and includes the following parts:

  1. The body is in two parts with a cover on top.
  2. Diaphragm. It is installed between the lower and upper parts of the case.
  3. Return spring.
  4. Stock. It rigidly connects to the diaphragm.
  5. Pressure and suction valve. It is located at the top of the pump.
  6. Mechanical drive.
  7. The mesh filter.fuel pump VAZ 2110 injector

The drive of this device, as we have already saidearlier, is carried out from camshaft eccentric. When this element is rotated, the part moves the diaphragm rod downward, thus overcoming the spring force. The volume of space above it increases, and gasoline, due to the formed vacuum, penetrates the pump through a separate valve from the gas tank. The discharge valve is thus closed.

The main working mechanism of the pump is the diaphragm. It consists of two membranes, each of which has its own gasket. The diaphragm is connected to the stem. The latter interacts with the details of the mechanical drive. There are different pump drive schemes. For example, on domestic "tens" a design is used, which consists of a pusher and a lever with a balancer. On foreign cars, the same technology is used with a two-arm "yoke".

Fuel pump on VAZ-2110 - characteristics

Main characteristics of this deviceconsist in the level of pressure and dimensions of the shell. The most popular for today are units of German production "Bosch". The pressure of the VAZ-2110 fuel pump is about 2.8-3.8 bar. The very characteristic of a gasoline pump is rarely determined by the diameter of the hull, most often this is the length.fuel pump for VAZ 2110

The dimensions of this part can be the mostvarious. Depending on the model and brand of the manufacturer, this parameter is 65, 90 or 105 millimeters. And this is not all the sizes of VAZ petrol pumps.

In addition to length, these devices varythe arrangement of the chips for the terminals. The net itself on its seats almost does not differ by brand. By the way, the length of the gasoline pump depends on its quality of work with a low level of fuel in the tank. That is, when selecting, you need to pay attention to longer elements. By the way, the diameter of the body can be varied with the help of a gas-resistant rubber gasket.

Electrical analogues

And what is special about such a fuel pump? VAZ-2110 (injector) is supplied with just such devices in the fuel system. The electric pump is used on gasoline engines with a distributed fuel injection. In turbodiesel and simple diesel engines, this element is used in a low pressure circuit for pre-sweeping the fuel to the high pressure pump. By the way, electric pumps on gasoline engines with direct fuel injection "Common Rile" operate on the same principle. The electric mechanism creates a pressure of about 0.3 MPa (in power plants with direct injection - about 0.7 MPa). The use of mechanical pumps in such systems is not recommended because of low pressure when feeding gasoline.

fuel pump VAZ 2110 specifications

Where is he located?

And this unit is located in the fuel line or in the fuel tank. Due to this arrangement, the risk of losses due to the absence of suction lines is significantly reduced.

The design of the electric pump assumes the following elements:

  1. Electric motor.
  2. The pump is located in a metal casing.

In other words, this device consists ofelectric drive and pump part. All its components are in direct contact with fuel. In addition to the above elements, the module of this device also includes a fuel flow sensor, a fuel intake and a strainer.

And the detail we are considering is due tothe presence of two valves - reverse and reduction. The first locks the system when the engine stops. The second performs the function of maintaining the pressure in the system, while part of the fuel is switched to the inlet back.

Several types of electric pumps are distinguished by design:

  1. Roller bearings.
  2. Gear.
  3. Centrifugal.

Roller bearings

This unit sucks in gasoline and pumps itdue to the operation of the rotor and the movement of special rollers. When the space between these two parts increases, a vacuum is created. Thanks to this fuel fills all the empty space. When it is full, the gasoline supply stops. As the rotor rotates, this space gradually decreases, and at some point the inlet opens. The fuel leaves the pump under pressure.

pressure of the fuel pump VAZ 2110


Similarly, you can describe the principle of workgear pump. In it, gasoline is sucked and injected by the movement of the inner gear relative to the stator, that is, the outer gear. When the rotor rotates, its lateral sides form a changing chamber in its gaps. With the help of these chambers, the fuel is sucked in and injected.


Due to their structural features, the twoThe pump is installed directly in the fuel line. In today's injection devices, centrifugal mechanisms are used. Such pumps provide an even supply of gasoline and practically do not emit any noise. But they have their limitations on pressure and performance.

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