Geoffroy (cat): photo and description

Geoffroy is a cat named after the zoologist who lived in the 17-18th centuries. It was this Frenchman who discovered the new breed and described it. Geoffroy is one of the rarest cats found in nature. Externally and habits, it is similar to the typical members of the family. In size it resembles a miniature predator.


Geoffroy is a cat that lives in South America, including Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. It is found in Chile, Uruguay and Bolivia. In the Andean Cordillera region, the cat lives east of them. Geoffroy loves to live in the steppes, overgrown with shrubs, in meadows and forests. It is found in mountainous and wetland areas and in the Gran Chaco.geoffroy cat


Geoffroy have five subspecies that live in different parts of South America. Cats differ in size and color. Lifestyle, behavior and taste preferences are the same. The subspecies of the animal from the southern regions are larger than those living in the northern ones. The smallest population lives in Argentina. Large subspecies live there too.

External description

One of the most graceful and graceful animals is the cat Geoffroy. The description of its external data is very similar to the domesticated brethren. The length of the body with a tail does not exceed one meter. Males grow from 55 to 75 centimeters long, females - from 39 to 51 cm. Tails are fluffy and very geoffroy interesting facts

Males weigh from 3.5 to 6 kilograms, females from 2.5 to 3 kg. The head of animals is rounded, muzzle stretched forward. Marsh-colored eyes, large, with vertical pupils. Geoffroy are distinguished by wide bridge of nose, they are pink with black edging. The ears are erect, with rounded tips, black and white.

Paws slightly wider and massive than ordinary domestic cats. Geoffroy has a spotty color yellowish or taupe. Wool is soft, fluffy and short. Sometimes there are individuals only black or silver-gray.

Lifestyle and character

Geoffroy - wild South American cats. Prefer to live alone. In contact with their own kind enter only in the marriage period. On trees, these cats do not climb lovers. They mark their territories, and fierce battles with strangers. Geoffroy is hunted at night and slept during the geoffroy Price

They feed on everything they can catch - rodents, insects, frogs, etc. Often, hares, guinea pigs and birds are included in the diet. Geoffroy can even eat carrion. Hunt in the standard way - tracking down and sneaking up to the victim. Geoffroy features one feature.

Sometimes, to look around, they stand, like marmots, on their hind legs and lean on their tail. These cats swim beautifully. Excellent fishermen, and the water even able to evade pursuit.


Geoffroy is a cat with a long breeding season - from October to March. Mating occurs on trees, in rocky and hard-to-reach places. After the cat has become pregnant, she leaves the male and chooses a place for the den. This is done very carefully and with great care.

Kittens are born in late February - early May. The gestation period is from 72 to 78 days. Basically, only 1-2 kittens appear in the litter, 3-4 cubs are very rare. They are born blind, and weigh no more than one hundred grams. At 2-3 weeks the kittens open their eyes. The first three months of their lives, they are fed mother's milk.

Solid foods begin to eat after the sixth week. At 8 months, the kittens are already quite independent.Some just begin to hunt, and many are already leaving the mother and begin an independent life. Sexual maturity in males comes after a year, in females after 18 months. Life expectancy is up to 14 geoffroy description

Vanishing view

From the region of habitat strongly depends on the population of cats. Despite the fact that Geoffroy is protected, their numbers are rapidly decreasing. The ban on the trade in hides was published as early as 1988. In Chile, cats are almost completely exterminated. Poachers are attracted by beautiful fur, which is very expensive. For one long fur coat, it is required to kill at least 25 wild cats.

Geoffroy Cat: interesting facts from the life of small predators

If, after saturation, remains of food remain, then Geoffroy make small caches in the branches of trees. Cats can swim across a 30 meter wide river. Hunting grounds - from 4 to 10 kilometers for each individual.

Geoffroy is easily tamed if the kitten is kept in captivity from a young age. Pet quality predators do not manifest. Geoffroy are very kind and affectionate cats. The first copy was brought to Rostov-on-Don in 1985. Snow has lived in captivity for 21 years.

Home Content

Geoffroy is a cat that is important to take only a kitten. It is better to feed from the first time with the hands, then the cub recognizes "his" and will feel safe. Geoffroy is very playful, but you need to remember that in nature, their brethren are predators, so their teeth and claws are much sharper than those of ordinary cats.south american cats

Playing with a kitten with legs and hands is not worth it. He can get used to it and, growing up, unconsciously inflict more than one serious injury. For toys, it is better to use those that need to be caught up, torn, caught.

Geoffroy doesn’t like screams and physical violence, even light slaps. For punishment, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner or hairdryer. Since in the wild they often climb high places, they will automatically do it at home.

The diet of geoffroy should consist mainly of meat products. Fish and poultry are also suitable. Cats feel uncomfortable in cramped spaces. If possible, the animals need to go for a walk.

Cost of Geoffroy Cats

One of the most expensive of this family is the cat Geoffroy. Its price ranges from 7 to 10 thousand dollars. If hybrids are taken, then in the first four generations, females are estimated higher.If you buy an animal just for the soul, then you can take a cat, which will cost a bit cheaper.

The high price of Geoffroy is due to the uniqueness and value of this species. Because of their chic fur, wild animals are still endangered by poachers. As a result, Geoffroy was on the verge of extinction.

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