Grapes "Sphinx". Description of the variety. Growing grapes

Gardeners love to grow grapes. Its berries are a storehouse of vitamins and trace elements. Today, many still only discover a new variety - grapes "Sphinx". It will be the decoration of your vineyard, will always delight in a delicious and fragrant harvest.

Grapes "Sphinx": description of the variety

This is a table grade. It was obtained as a result of breeding, by crossing the varieties "Timur" and "Strashensky". He brought out the selectionist Zagorulno V.V. This is a sort of early maturation (100 days).grapes of the Sphinx

The bushes are large, the leaves are streaked in the middle. Shoots are perfectly maturing. Grapes "Sphinx" has bisexual flowers. The clusters are large, cylindrical-shaped, large, their weight reaches one and a half kilograms.

Berries are oval, dark blue, large, size - 30 x 28 mm, weight - up to 10 g. The pulp has an amazing aroma, juicy with a pleasant taste.

The yield is high. Grapes "Sphinx" (reviews of owners confirm this) can withstand frost to -23 ° С. Many believe that the grapes do not have a sufficiently attractive presentation, this in no way affects the popularity of the variety "Sphinx".how to plant grapes

Advantages of grapes

They certainly exist. Gardeners of our country fell in love with this variety for:

  • excellent taste qualities;
  • rather early maturity;
  • high yield;
  • frost resistance.


There are also some shortcomings:

  • grapes "Sphinx" is prone to damage by oidium and mildew;
  • grapes have an average marketable appearance.


To get a good harvest, it's important to know how toto plant grapes of this sort. You can do it in spring and autumn. When planting in the spring, you need to select the time from April to mid-May. Planting in autumn is carried out in October.grape variety of the Sphinx

How to plant the grapes correctly? First dig a hole 80x80x80 cm. The bottom layer (15 cm) is laid fertile soil, which should be well leveled. To it is added 7-8 buckets of humus, three hundred grams of potassium fertilizers and three hundred grams of superphosphate. Mix the resulting mixture thoroughly and compact. You must have a hole, the depth of which will be about 50 cm.

Preparation of seedlings

For this, the young plant needs to be placed in water for two days. After soaking, an annual shoot is removed, but no more than 3 eyes are left. Roots need to be shortened a little.grapes sphinx description

In the center of the fovea, form a small mound andput a seedling. Roots evenly distributed over the cone. Then pour well-fertilized soil into the hole so that a small hole remains around the seedling. Its depth should be no more than 10 cm. Pour water into the hole at the rate of three buckets per seedling.

Care of the plant

Grape variety "Sphinx" loves moisture, so it is important to water the bushes regularly with enough water. Humans do not like waterlogging.

Watering the bush should not be more than once in threeof the week. It is possible to use a drainage system or to pour into holes located along the periphery of the bush. They can be made several along the circumference (radius - 0.5 m, depth - 20 cm). On the bush should pour out 4 buckets of water.

Especially after winter, the soil needs to be saturated with moisture. Therefore, in the beginning of spring, all bushes should be well watered. If the winter was wet, then the amount of water can be reduced.grapes sphinx reviews

Grapes "Sphinx" needs watering and up toflowering, in about 15-20 days. In the summer the bushes are watered for the first time only after the bunches were formed. During this period, grapes need moisture more than ever. Therefore, the water flow should be increased to 60 liters per 1 square meter.

In the late autumn, it is necessary to carry out water recharge irrigation. This is done when the leaves from the bush have already fallen. It is applied 60 liters of water per 1 square meter.


This operation should be carried out regularly,so that moisture persists longer in the soil. The first time this procedure is performed after planting the seedling, so that it is reliably protected. Then, if necessary. You can use peat, humus, straw, fallen leaves, grass. Now there are many modern materials suitable for these purposes. Suitable and polyethylene.

Shelter for the winter

In many regions of Russia, the Sphinx grapes (in the Moscow region, for example) need shelter for the winter. This must be done before the onset of cold weather - at the end of October.

A signal to create a shelter for a horticulturist shouldserve to shedding leaves. The bushes are tied up, laid on a pre-laid material. They can serve as wooden boards. Gently fasten the vines on the ground. Then, over a series of branches of the grapes, an arch of metal arcs is set. They are tightened with a strong polyethylene film. Sideways on the film is poured on the ground or fixed in some other way so that it does not blown away by the wind. During the thaw, you can open the ends of the film so that shoots can breathe. Some gardeners cover the bushes with earth. They are also laid on the ground, covered with earth, and then they will be covered by fallen snow.


Crop the grapes "Sphinx" once a season -autumn, when the bushes begin to prepare for the winter. Leave 4 sleeves. They will still bear fruit. On shoots should be left at least 4 eyes. When pruning young bushes, trim the ripened vine first. Then shoots can simply be shortened.grapes of the Sphinx in the suburbs


Grapes are in great need of additional fertilizer. This is necessary for regular and abundant fruiting. During the vegetative period, top dressing is performed 3 times per month.

Young seedlings should not be fertilized, sinceThe lower layer (in the pit) was introduced to fertile soil with fertilizers. Grapes need nitrogen fertilizers to increase the growth force. Nitrogen can be added together with organic matter. Before the flowers of the plant dissolve, add potassium and zinc salts, as well as superphosphate. This will increase the quantity and quality of the harvest.grapes sphinx description

In the late autumn, potassium and superphosphate should be added, so that in the cold season, the roots had additional nutrition.

Fertilizers are introduced into small depressions aroundbush (depth of 30 cm). In addition to mineral fertilizers, the plant needs organic fertilizing. It can be compost or humus (15 kg). This kind of fertilizing is carried out every two years.

Protection against diseases and pests

Grapes "Sphinx" is predisposed to defeat oidium and mildew, therefore it is necessary as a prophylaxis (and not only as a treatment) to spray bushes with fungicides phosphoric.grapes sphinx reviews

If there is gray dust or yellow spots on the grape leaves - the plant is infected, emergency measures should be taken. Sprinkle the vines before the flowering, and again after flowering.

Grapes "Sphinx": reviews of gardeners

This wine was appreciated by the wine-growers of our country. What is especially important - he fell in love not only with experienced gardeners, but also with beginners in this matter.

Today it is quite widespread in our countryspread grapes "Sphinx". In the suburbs, for example, gardeners note that with proper care, you can get up to 10 kg of fragrant grapes from the bush for a season. They are also attracted by the simple care of the plant.

This variety is also popular in the northern regions of our country. Gardeners are satisfied with the early maturation of grapes and its frost resistance.

It is important only to observe the rules of planting and caring for the plant. The variety is quite suitable for beginners wine growers - with a minimum of physical costs, they will be able to obtain an excellent harvest.

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