Grigory Abrikosov: biography, career

Grigory Abrikosov - the famous Soviet theater and film actor. He was popular in the 50-60s of the last century. He is the son of the famous actor Andrei Abrikosov.

early years

Actor Grigory Abrikosov was born on August 30, 1932 in the family of a famous theatrical figure. In childhood, he dreamed of repeating the fate of his father and becoming a famous artist. Having successfully graduated from high school in his native Moscow, he applied for admission to the Shchukin Theater School, where he was enrolled in 1954.

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In the period from 1953 to 1954 gained experience in the acting troupe of the Theater named after Vladimir Mayakovsky. Then he was one of the leading artists of the Vakhtangov Theater, where he went on stage with his father Andrei. As it turned out later, here Gregory was destined to work out until his death. Abrikosov Jr. starred in films of Soviet directors. The most significant and memorable work in the cinema for him was the role of ataman Gritsian Taurian in the sparkling comedy “Wedding in Robin”.

Theatrical activities

Grigory Abrikosov from his early years felt a deep spiritual connection with his father Andrei, who was a famous Soviet theater and cinema artist. Therefore, for a young man there could be no talk of other professions.

As noted above, after graduating from college he was fortunate enough to get into the acting troupe of the Vakhtangov Theater. Here for many years his father worked. Together they participated in the same productions, playing along to each other on stage. To this day, in a theatrical environment, there are a lot of tales about how father and son clowned around in front of the public, going on stage in a far from sober state. However, a frivolous attitude to work was considered forgivable for such talented artists.

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Over the years of work in the theater, Grigory Abrikosov became the leading actor in such classic plays as Thomas Gordeyev, Conarmia, Great Magic, Old Russian Vaudevil, Be Healthy and many others. Some of the performances listed were taped and shown on television.

Work in the cinema

In his youth, Grigory Abrikosov often starred in movies. The character of the negative characters corresponded to his theatrical type best of all.Among the early works most of all the Soviet audience liked his play in the film “On the Stage of the Scene”, where the actor acted as an eccentric prince Kazachinsky. This was followed by the role of Dina-Mamedov in the successful film "The Heart Beats Again".

Grigory Abrikosov received the universal love of the public and the recognition of outstanding talent after playing the role of Gritska (Tauride Ataman) in the comedy film “Wedding in Malinovka”. After the release of the picture on wide screens, the actor became a real All-Union film star.

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Abrikosov himself was not too proud of his participation in the movie "Wedding in Robin". After all, the artist loved to play serious characters. Here he got the image of a rather frivolous person. As the artist himself noted, after the release of the picture on the screens, he repeatedly had to restrain his emotions when, jokingly or seriously, he was called the Taurian ataman. The actor was categorically against such familiarity and such a disrespectful attitude towards his own person. Nevertheless, in the theater behind him quickly nicknamed Grizzian.

Despite numerous shootings, regular participation in stage plays,with age, Grigori Abrikosov did not lose interest in cinema. However, famous directors have not often given him noticeable roles.


Among the most famous films with the participation of Abrikosov Junior are the following films: “Hope and Support”, “A Man Is Born”, “A Fighter and a Clown”, “A Month of Long Days”, “A Wedding in Malinovka”. In what other motion pictures did Grigory Abrikosov appear? Films with his participation:

  • "Much ado about nothing".
  • "Hearts must burn."
  • Kremlin Courier.
  • "A Thousand Souls."
  • "Irkutsk history."
  • "Great beggars."
  • "Marshal of the Revolution."
  • "Leshy".
  • "Richard III."
  • Cyrano de Bergerac.
  • "Special Unit".
  • "Singing Russia".


In the last years of his life, Grigory Abrikosov no longer starred in films. The artist decided to devote all his free time to his favorite theater. He managed to play many more memorable, diverse roles on the stage, which aroused the admiration of connoisseurs of theatrical art and critics.

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A huge army of fans of the Vakhtangov Theater forever remembered the outstanding work of Abrikosov. The artist entered the hall of fame of the institution. Today, he is often cited as an example to young, novice actors, quite often honored theater and cinema figures recall.

Grigory Abrikosov died on April 13, 1993.He was buried next to his parents at the Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow. Here his wife Marina, who was also an outstanding theater actress, was soon buried.

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