How is the monitor calibrated?

The overwhelming majority of modern LCD monitors have one known problem - the discrepancy between the displayed and actual colors. Although developers use different technical solutions, it is possible to achieve the same color rendering as was used in old CRT displays only in single model lines.monitor calibrationAnd their cost is quite high. However, with the proper desire and perseverance, a good color ratio can be achieved on any type of matrix, even on budget TNs. This can be done with an operation called LCD Calibration. The rule is simple: the more modern the matrix and the more expensive the monitor based on it is, the less adjustments need to be made. So, inexpensive TNs “sin”, besides not too wide viewing angles, also by flare from non-optimally located illumination systems - this is a fee for low cost.

Color Adjustment Options

There are two types of settings - software and hardware monitor calibration.In the first case, special applications are used, often distributed free of charge, and in the second - special devices. Although the efficiency of the latter is higher, the need for their pre-purchase levels this advantage.monitor hardware calibrationMonitor hardware calibration is the prerogative of people working professionally with graphics programs. This operation is also interesting to designers.

How is the monitor calibrated?

Before setting up, you need to take care that it takes at least half an hour from the time you turn on the monitor to the start of adjustments (although some sources recommend 2-4 hours). This is especially true if the backlight is not LED, but lamp. This is important because it allows all systems to reach a steady state of operation. After that, you need to pay attention to the lighting: it can be daylight or scattered artificial (lamp shining in the white ceiling). And of course, accurate calibration of the monitor is possible only in the case of a line of sight perpendicular to the screen, which eliminates the problem of viewing angles.


LCD monitor calibrationThere are a number of applications with which monitor calibration is possible. Some of them, as already mentioned, are free, but others will have to pay a certain amount. In principle, when it comes to buying an application, it makes sense to spend the same money on services of service centers that offer hardware calibration. This is not a complete list of applications for adjustments: LUTCurve from Atrise Software, TFT_Test, QuickGamma from Eberhard Werle and others. The principle underlying the calibration is extremely simple: after setting the required level of brightness and contrast (indicated in the program itself), test images and color bars are displayed on the screen. The person performing the adjustment should change the color tonality using special sliders, ensuring an exact match of the color rendition. Of course, the results obtained in this way will be subjective. By the way, in the new Windows systems some basic color calibration functions are implemented. You can open the adjustment window by following the path: "Desktop - Properties - Screen resolution - Make the text larger or smaller - Calibration".

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