How much milk should a newborn eat? Milk rate for newborns

Probably, every young mother, especially at the birth of her first child, wonders if her baby has enough milk. All children are different, respectively, grow and develop in different ways. In the first week of life, a newborn can gain 200 grams, and in the second - 50. Yesterday, he continuously sucked his breast, and today he falls asleep ten minutes after the start of feeding. So how much milk should a newborn eat? And when you need to sound the alarm and feed it with a mixture? And is it necessary at all?

Benefits of Breastfeeding

Today there are many good mixes on the market, adapted for feeding newborns, fortified and hypoallergenic. But no mixture, however high-quality and expensive, can be compared with natural nutrition:

  • Breast milk contains absolutely all substances necessary for the child to grow and develop. Moreover, there are exactly as many of them as needed.That is why it is impossible to overfeed a baby who is breastfed.
  • Breast milk contains antibodies, so children get less sick or more easily tolerate the disease.
  • Breast milk is always ready to eat: sterile and “warmed up”.
  • There are studies that prove that those who have been breastfed are less likely to suffer from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, eczema.
  • Breastfeeding reduces the risk of a malignant breast tumor.
  • The relationship between mother and child is strengthened. The kid feels more secure, trusts the world more and is more likely to grow up an open, harmonious person, without complexes and psychological clips.

how much milk a newborn should eat

Therefore, even if there are any difficulties in breastfeeding, you should definitely try to keep lactation as long as possible.

If mom needs to go to work or school, there is very little milk, or for some reason you need a mixture, you don’t need to hurry with the transition to artificial feeding, it is better to try mixed milk, thus preserving breast milk at least in small quantities.

Mixed feeding

With the right approach and a positive attitude, a nursing mother produces exactly as much nutrition as breast milk needs a newborn. If for some reason, despite all efforts, it is too small, it is necessary to feed the child with the mixture. If the baby already has six months, then the mixture may not be necessary, since it is already quite possible to introduce complementary foods. In this case, it is necessary to consult with a pediatrician. If half a year is not yet, and breast milk is not enough, then you can not do without a mixture.Milk rate for newborns

You can supplement each feed with a mixture or replace it with one or more. But it is necessary to preserve nightly breastfeeding, since it is at this time of day that the production of breast milk is most intense.

It is better to feed the baby from a spoon. If the volume of the supplement is too large, then you should check that there is not a big hole in the bottle - then the child will have to make an effort, and he is less likely to refuse the breast.

How much milk a newborn should eat depends on its weight. Pediatricians adopted a formula that calculates the rate of milk for newborns, depending on their age in days and weight.

Artificial feeding

Artificial feeding implies either a complete replacement of breast milk with mixtures, or a replacement by more than 2/3. Mixtures are divided into four types:

  • Adapted. Such mixtures are closest in composition to breast milk. Contain whey proteins that are best absorbed by the body of the newborn.
  • Less adapted. Such mixtures are made on the basis of cow's milk protein - casein.
  • Partially adapted. Least similar in composition to breast milk, therefore, recommended not earlier than 2-3 months.
  • Therapeutic mixture. For example, lactose-free, soy, with thickeners, and so feeding

Choose a mixture only with a pediatrician. If the mixture is suitable, the child feels well, sleeps normally, gains weight, then there is no need to change the mixture to another, it is even undesirable.

How to feed the baby with a mixture

Feeding the infant with mixtures, unlike feeding with breast milk, is carried out according to the regimen, although variations in 15-20 minutes are permissible. The mixture should be prepared only for one feeding, and at night, to save time, you can prepare a thermos with warm boiled water so that you can quickly dissolve the mixture.Sterile bottles can also be prepared in the evening. Milk should drip from the bottle, but in no case should not flow in a trickle. When feeding, the nipple and neck must be filled with milk so that the child does not swallow air. The temperature of the mixture should be about 37 degrees. Check the temperature can be dripping on the wrist. It is not necessary to leave the child with the bottle alone, it may be unsafe.

Feeding table

How much milk a newborn should eat

Pediatricians adopted a feeding table for a child, according to which a child from ten days to six weeks should eat a portion equal to 1/5 of body weight per day, from six weeks to four months - 1/6, from four months to six - 1 / 7, from six months to eight - 1/8. Until the tenth day of life, the formula is different: age in days, multiplied by 10. That is, on the third day - 30 ml of milk, on the fourth - 40, on the fifth - 50, and so on.

How much mixture to give the child

If there is a reason to think that the baby does not have enough breast milk, then the control feeding is carried out. The baby is weighed before and after feeding to find out how much he ate. Then the norm of milk for newborns of its weight is calculated, and the baby receives the difference in the form of a mixture.It is very desirable to have scales at home, as it is not entirely correct to draw conclusions on a single control feeding, the child who eats on demand does not adhere to the regime, so today it can be 8 feedings per day, and tomorrow 15. The average norms how much milk a newborn should eat may not apply to a particular baby. If you have any doubts, it is better not to hurry with the mixture, but rather make maximum efforts to continue breastfeeding.

how much breast milk does a newborn need

Norms weight gain

At birth, the normal weight of the baby - from 2700 grams to 3700 grams. In the first few days of life the child loses weight up to 10%. This is due to the loss of fluid, the release of meconium and the fact that mom has not improved lactation, it is normalized only on the third day. Now the child begins to eat hard, grow and gain weight. Normally, a child in the first month gains 90-150 grams, from the second to the fourth month - 140-200 grams, from the fifth to six months - 100-160 grams (this is a weekly gain). Further, the weight gain slows down. Usually by the year a child increases his weight three times.

It should be remembered that the norm is an approximate and average value.No need to run for the mixture at the slightest shortage of weight. It is better to tune in for the best, keep calm, and more often apply the child to the breast. Nature will do the rest.

Komarovsky about breastfeeding

Famous pediatrician Komarovsky breastfeeding offers exercise in one of two options:

  • Feeding on demand. The child is applied as many times as he wants. As they say, "on the first squeak."
  • Free feeding. Putting to the chest no more than once every two hours, that is, less often possible, more often - no.Komarovsky breastfeeding

Yevgeny Olegovich considers the second variant to be the most acceptable for the mother, since he does not share the position of many colleagues, but insists that feeding on demand makes it impossible for her to fulfill her social function. This is exactly what the army of fans likes in him: he does not consider the child to be the main thing in the family, but he suggests taking into account the interests of the adult “members of the pack” above all. Indeed, the “on demand” mode can lead to the fact that the mother feeds the child almost around the clock. She has no time for her husband, older children, or herself. Komarovsky insists that happy children grow up only with happy parents, and if the mother needs time for herself, then so be it.

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