How to meet the New Year together at home?

The question of how to meet together, is particularly relevant in the winter season. I would like to celebrate this family holiday with my closest person, and especially if this desire is mutual. Celebrating the New Year at home has its advantages, which will be discussed in the article.

People often wonder about where to meet the New Year with her husband, and how to do it? The most profitable option is to organize an event at home. In a familiar and cozy atmosphere, you can spend your time, make a wish and wait for a real to celebrate the new year together

Necessary inventory

Before you learn how to celebrate the New Year together, you should deal with the inventory you need to create a festive atmosphere. For everything to go well, be sure to stock up on the following things:

  • gifts to your loved one;
  • fireworks;
  • Garlands;
  • tree and decorations for her;
  • creative menu;
  • unexpected surprise;
  • list of contests.

Good New Year spirit

Understanding how to celebrate the New Year with my husband together, it is worth remembering that the preparation for the event and the creation of New Year's mood are best done together. If you decorate rooms alone, cook dinner and invent your own script, the second half can simply not get the emotions that appear only for those involved in such joyful actions.where to meet the new year together

It is better to start preparing for the holiday in advance. To do everything, you need to go to the local Christmas markets and find the best gifts for the whole family before they are disassembled. Together with the second half, the presents can be beautifully packaged for relatives, including New Year's songs. The most important thing is to do it together.

Gift Exchange

Having decided on where to celebrate the New Year together, it’s time to remember about the mandatory attribute of this holiday - gifts. Every man in love should figure out how interesting it is to pack a gift for your soulmate and hand it over.

Spicy to present a new little thing with the help of the well-known children's game called "hot-cold."For this, the gift is hidden in the clothes worn on the donor, and the recipient is instructed to find him in this way.

If desired, you can expand the boundaries of the possible location of the gift. That is, you need to hide it anywhere in the apartment or house and hand the recipient a self-drawn card, which will lead him to the “I put”.

You can delay the search for a present if you do not give your other half a clear cipher for its location. In this case, you should hang up hints for all rooms and indicate in each of them where you can find the next one. Thus, the recipient will gradually be able to reach the main goal - his gift.

Holiday scenario

Many young couples do not know how to celebrate the New Year together in order to get a lot of pleasure from it and a positive charge. To achieve this goal it will be enough just to choose the right scenario for the celebration. The options can be very different:

  1. Pajama party. Nobody needs official tables and costumes for celebrating at home. Many couples consider the time spent in bed with various sweets and comedy New Year films to be the perfect New Year's evening.
  2. Romance. What could be better than a romantic atmosphere, organized together? Of course, nothing more interesting will come up if it’s rare for young love hearts to be alone. The aroma of tangerines and cinnamon, dim light, foam bath - all this creates the necessary atmosphere. The intimate setting of the holiday will be remembered for the whole year and will float in the imagination of those in love only with a great desire to repeat it.
  3. Party by nationality. Recently, parties organized in the style of a particular country have become increasingly popular. Couples in love can choose a place where they want to go together and, given the traditions of that nation, find similar attire, prepare traditional dishes and decorate the house accordingly. Despite the fact that this celebration option is being used more and more often, it is still an excellent alternative to the standard parties.

how fun to meet the new year together

Room decoration

Being interested in how to have fun celebrating the New Year together, people often forget about the traditional decoration of an apartment or house. This moment is especially important, because it is he who creates the festive mood and makes him expect a real miracle, despite his age.

First of all, it is necessary to do the search and placement of the garland. It will help to recreate the fabulous atmosphere and give the holiday more brightness. It can be hung on the ceiling, walls, windows, ordinary objects. It should be remembered that the Christmas mood must surely creep into every corner of the to celebrate the new year with my husband together

Together with the garland should do and the Christmas tree. If you can not buy a whole tree, you can simply stock up on coniferous twigs and place them in a vase on the windowsill. They will fill the house with the scent of real wood. You can decorate them with ordinary rain and shiny toys.

The traditional decoration of the windows are snowflakes, cut out of paper with his own hands. But more creative couples can come up with and place their unique images on glasses with brushes and paints. This will allow not only to get a positive charge to the creators of such compositions, but also to passing by people.

New Year can not pass without a wonderful orange. Citrus fruits are present in every home on this holiday, so decorating them with fragrant carnation is easy. To do this, dried flower buds stick into oranges and fill the whole house with a pleasant aroma.

The final element, without which it is also difficult to imagine the New Year, is socks for gifts. They are sold in almost all stores, so finding them is not so difficult. They can be hung not only on Christmas trees, but also on the walls, windows, hangers. There is not necessarily to put expensive gifts, because the most important gift will be hidden somewhere in the house. In socks it will be enough to put various little things in the form of candy, crackers or firecrackers.

Creative menu

Experienced people on the question of how to meet the New Year together, recommend that young couples pay special attention to the menu. Despite the fact that the holiday will not be celebrated in a large company, a few "crown" dishes in any case should be present on the table. For two persons, you can use the following menu:

  • standard salad "Olivier";
  • rolls and sushi cooked together;
  • cold cuts for real gourmets;
  • canapes with red caviar to be used as a snack;
  • simple and interesting salad of chicken, cheese, pineapple and "secret" ingredient, invented personally by the chefs in love;
  • fruit salad for dessert.

how to meet the new year together at home

Among the variety of alcoholic beverages, it is best to give preference to red wine or traditional champagne.You hardly want to sleep from them, but you will be able to create a romantic atmosphere very quickly.


A common problem that does not reveal the essence of how to celebrate the New Year with your loved one is very easy to solve. A wonderful moment during the celebration will be an unexpected surprise for the second half. It can be a dance, a photo session or a walk through the snow-covered streets to the main tree of the city.where to meet the new year with my husband

Contests for two

All the standard components of how to meet the New Year together at home are listed above, you can add a little variety to them and hold contests. They can be fun and exciting not only for a noisy company, but also for two people, but they need to be thought out in advance.

The most popular option is the dance marathon. For him in the box you need to lay down the paper, where the names of different dance directions are written, and pull them out, performing the chosen dance.

Nothing can prevent karaoke lovers on New Year's Eve. After dancing, you can compete in singing, showing your partner your own musical talent.

End of event

Finish the holiday, too, need to correctly.He should be remembered for a long time. To do this, you can record a video with the wishes of each other and native people for the coming year. At the same time, you can go outside and fire up fireworks, clap crackers or just make an original snowman and arrange a photo session with to celebrate the new year with your loved one

Also, do not forget about your relatives, whom you definitely need to congratulate by calling or video calling and sending gifts by mail if they are in another city.

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