How to choose a bike for a man by height, weight and type?

If you can not get a car, do not worry. There is always the opportunity to purchase a more healthy means of transportation much cheaper. The bike does not need any fuel, constantly rising in price, nor electricity, the acquisition of which also acquires a lot of problems. Sat down and went! In addition, there will be plenty of opportunities to strengthen your health - your heart will become stronger, pressure and breathing will stabilize, weight will return to normal. Buying a bike is a great idea.

What to consider when choosing a bike

The important question of how to choose a bike for a man should be well thought out, since a number of aspects must be considered:

  1. The purpose of the purchase of a vehicle. Bicycle always solves multipurpose problems. It can be purchased as a vehicle for city trips, for sports and training, or for traveling. The task sets and the type of bike, just for you.
  2. The quality of the road surface. In our country, this is a very important factor.As they say, there are two problems in Russia, one of them is exactly the road. However, they are different in composition (asphalt or gravel) and in quality.
  3. Of great importance are the indicators of the future owner. Depending on the body mass of a person and his height, the size of the bicycle itself is chosen.
  4. The cost of the vehicle. It all depends on the financial capabilities of the future owner of the bike.

Base bike

So, before choosing a bike for a man, the seller’s attention should be focused on the fact that you need a man’s bike, which is larger than the others - its frame is higher than that of vehicles intended for women and children.

how to choose a mountain bike for a man

Then you need to choose the type of bike. If you have never cycled or, at best, pedaled only in early childhood, then the best choice is a standard, typical bike, a good replacement for the gasoline engine of a car and a clumsy, dirty city bus.

A bicycle is the most practical and in some kind of simplified means of transportation that has existed for more than a dozen years.It is better to stop on such a transport, especially when the purpose of buying a bicycle is:

  • road to work and back;
  • cycling along parks or suburban roads;
  • shopping in the grocery store.

Deciding which bike to choose for a man can be done by considering the individual parameters. Such cars have one gear, speed reduction and stop occur by pressing the foot on the pedal back. Transport is suitable for driving on city streets, when there are no various obstacles ahead. This is the most common type of bicycle, which is used en masse for regular trips to work, to school or university, for groceries or for walking.

Folding bicycle

A folding bike is good in that it is small, more mobile and light, while in working position the vehicle is of equal size with ordinary bikes. Because of this, these bikes are now very popular.

How to choose a folding bike for a man? Men's folding bikes, like other similar vehicles, have joints on the hull and special attachments.When the bike needs more convenient transportation or storage, the bindings unwind and the frame folds in half. Depending on the type of bike can be assembled in different ways: some vehicles fold in half, others are also equipped with a folding wheel. The main requirements for a folding bike: safety mounts and easy control while driving. When choosing a new model, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the joints and the reliability of other parts of the whole mechanism.

Men most often prefer folding single-speed bicycles, which are stronger than other models and are quite undemanding in operation.

Mountain bike

How to choose a mountain bike for a man? All types of mountain bikes are reliable, safe and comfortable to use. These bikes are perfectly adapted for long trips over rough terrain.

what company choose a bike for men

Leading signs of such machines: strong wheels, large tires and ultra-reliable body. The convenience of the owner depends on the choice of the saddle on the vehicle - for men there are different types of seats.Seats are presented in a large assortment, so choosing the right is not difficult.

Mountain bikes are provided for traveling on difficult roads. Their leading signs are:

  • large and strong relief wheels (for good adhesion to the road), increased rims and tires with treads;
  • good shock absorbers, soft recoil wheels.

What brand to choose a mountain bike for a man? The most famous mountain bike brands are Shimano and Sram. They produce parts for building bicycles, from normal to racing levels. However, if you are just a beginner, you should not buy expensive and powerful bikes. For beginners fit parts and bikes from Acera and Altus.

Touring bike

How to choose a tourist bike for a man? The name of this type of bike speaks for itself. No bicycle raid passes without such a model. The leading task of such a model is to enable the owner to travel with comfort and without fatigue. Signs of a tourist bike: a spacious saddle, a comfortable fit, a sturdy body, an uncomplicated transmission control system.

If the vehicle must withstand severe loads, then you need to buy a tourist bike. This is a vehicle that will easily cover long distances of several tens of kilometers. However, such models are not designed for good permeability.

It is not difficult to identify the owners of tourist bicycles, they are clearly visible in the crowd, since such tourists are distinguished by large backpacks and special pants.

how to choose a good bike for men

Sport bikes

How to choose a speed bike for a man? Models with such parameters have several standard complete sets, so different:

  1. Cross bike. How to choose a bike for a man of this model? These machines are considered mechanisms of increased strength. Characteristic features: large wheels, tires with a distinct tread, large-sized welded casing, created in the form of a diamond. This model plays a leading role in extreme forms of sport, it is an indispensable companion when traveling in nature. It is acquired by men who choose extreme walks.
  2. Road bikes. Such cars are usually visible on the trunk, foot brakes, there are no shock absorbers on the wheels, there are no transmissions.They can not move on the road, purchased for asphalt roads.
  3. Road bikes. This bike is purchased for fast movement only on a good road: an asphalt road or a smooth and hard gravel surface. Leading signs of such machines: low weight, small wheels, sturdy frame device. In general, the vehicle is made in such a way as to move at the highest speed. Even the location of a person on such a bike is assumed by the manufacturer to take into account the laws of aerodynamics.
  4. Hybrid bikes. Similar models are obtained by combining several specialized machines. Hybrid bicycles are intended for movement both on good roads, and on off road terrain. Models are designed with thicker tires, have a softening plug in the front, several gears, the possibility of attaching an additional trunk. Vehicles are easier to overcome long distances than mountainous terrain, however, it should be noted, it is much more convenient to travel on this road on the off road than on road models.
  5. Road Bikes. This is another sports model.They prefer men who love to drive fast. Routes at high speeds on a beautifully asphalt road is the most effective application for this bike. Characteristic features: low weight, not very strong construction, thin wheels of significant diameter, a small number of additional accessories. The disadvantage of a vehicle is a hard peg to a good road, a bad bike will quickly break down.

how to choose a speed bike for a man

Based on these parameters, you can decide which bike to choose for a man.


The bike, despite its apparent simplicity, is a rather complex structure consisting of a large number of parts. Most of them are urgently needed - without some the bike is inoperable, without the others it becomes very dangerous, and in this case the trip will cost an injury, others are needed solely for comfort.

Choose a bike for an adult man is difficult This requires a lot of attention when picking is already in production, and after buying a new owner devotes time to additional modernization of his steel horse.And after such work, the bike can be from parts of different brands. The final equipment depends on the task of using the bike, the cost of parts and the capabilities of the owner.

Among the individual parts, the saddle plays an important role. Those who consider it an absolutely secondary accessory should ride a bike a few dozen kilometers. And the greater the distance, the greater the value of the saddle. Sitting on an iron horse should be comfortable, but it's not just about comfort - the wrong saddle is bad for your health.

When you just master the bike, problems with the saddle can arise for the following reasons:

  • there is a lapping to a new saddle;
  • saddle unsuccessfully adjusted;
  • wrong fit;
  • unsuitable riding clothes;
  • unsuitable saddle shape.

For professional athletes and amateurs there are sports saddles and tourist.

In addition to the type of saddle, there are various parameters that play a big role during the operation of the bike.

Saddle parameters

So, what kind of saddle to choose on a bike for men? The essential parameter of a bicycle saddle is its width.Usually it is between 14 and 18 cm. More accurate dimensions are always individually adjusted, since the dimensions of the pelvic bones are individual for each person. But keep in mind that the width of the saddle does not depend on the volume of the body, but on the width of the pelvic bones, which is often not the same thing, especially in obese people.

how to choose a bike for men

Another parameter that is usually given a lot of time is the structure of the saddle. There are hard and soft seats, and the rest are in an intermediate position. Both extreme cases are physiologically harmful. Therefore, taking into account the peculiarities of your body, you need to handle the saddle with the material of the required stiffness, so that you are not only comfortable, but also cycling is beneficial to health.

Another parameter of the saddle is its shape. The classic view of the saddle is elongated, slightly wide at the back and narrow at the front. Pure physiology.

How to choose a bike for a man? The saddle of an iron horse should be such that it was comfortable to ride a bike. This is the main thing.

How to choose a bike "for yourself"

How to choose a good bike for a man? Every man has individual parameters and on the basis of this should select a bicycle for himself.Of course, it is too naive to expect that the manufacturer and the seller in the store will proceed from the requests of everyone, but there is a general division of future cyclists by the most important body sizes - by height and weight. Usually the bike is made in several sizes at once, the size of the body mainly changes.

How to choose a bike for men on the growth? Here is a small instruction:

  1. Measure your height.
  2. In the store, select the hull parameters according to the universal type table, where the height of the rider and the size of the hull are related.

It is necessary to consider the following points:

  • the smaller the vehicle, the better the maneuverability and the lower the mass;
  • The L-2XL case size is usually made of pipes with more powerful walls, since these specimens are designed for heavier loads;
  • the large dimensions of the hull do not guarantee the safety of the car with an increase in the rider’s body mass
  • a large bike is poorly controlled, so the risk of injury when using such a vehicle increases.

The table of frame sizing according to height is below.

how to choose a bike for men

How to choose a bike for men by weight? It's a little easier here.A man whose weight ranges from 70 to 90 kg can use any general purpose bicycle. It is simple and inexpensive. More difficult for those future cyclists, whose weight ranges from 100-120 kg. They will have to pay attention to parts that are subjected to the main load during operation.

An erroneously purchased model by mass is an inevitable loss of transport, so you need to carefully and wisely choose the vehicle.


What company choose a bike for a man? It is better to give preference to brands that have long existed in the market. To help the future cyclist below are the TOP-5 of the most popular companies according to consumer reviews.

First place - firm Specialized. It is a reliable bicycle manufacturer. The company creates parts for most vehicles. Opinions cyclists confirm the high quality products. Almost all the necessary details can be found in every registered bicycle shop.

The second place is at TM TrekBicycle. The company has been producing bicycles and accessories for them for almost 40 years. The products are quite diverse and presented in a wide range.An ordinary cyclist will easily pick up the necessary details for any bike.

Scott ranks third. This manufacturer entered the bicycle industry only a few years ago, but the quality of the goods raised the brand to the number of the most popular. According to cyclists, the most popular models are the Gambler and the Voltage series.

The fourth place is from the American firm Giant. The range of models of the company is regularly increasing. In the past, there were models produced only for non-professional use, but now the company’s list of products already includes professional bikes of extreme series. Cyclists appreciated the Glory and Reign cars.

The fifth place is occupied by the German company Cube. As for the quality of bicycles, Cube takes one of the first places, but the popularity falls considerably due to the unreasonably high price of goods. But with sufficient funds it is worth buying just such a bike.

how to choose a bike for men

What brand to choose a bike for a man? The manufacturer of the vehicle by and large does not matter if the bike is comfortable and suitable for the tasks. The store should ask about warranty service and warranty period. Also, the consultant should check the vehicle in the presence of the buyer.It is necessary to pay attention to the correct operation of all switches, the reliability of fasteners, the serviceability of the brake mechanism. Usually, the buyer only looks at the inflation of the tires, but this is a mistake.

Following these recommendations, you can choose the optimal model of a bicycle for a man.

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