How to choose a flat TV? Which brand do you prefer?

For many buyers when choosing a TV roleplays many different parameters. However, not everyone will be able to clarify for themselves the first time what they want to see every evening before their eyes. On the Internet, a lot of advice on how to properly select this technique. The assortment is so wide that anyone will run out of sight. Most of the buyers focus on those devices that are striking in their functionality and lifespan. For a long time, TVs with flat screens have become popular. What should I look for when choosing such a technique?flat screen TV

Types of flat TVs

The most popular are plasma, LED and LCD TVs. How do they differ among themselves?

Plasma TV displays the image by sending an electrical discharge to the plasma that fills the cells.

Liquid crystal devices are characterized in that,that they consist of crystals of liquid type (hence the name). They are located between two plates of glass. The display is due to the fact that a discharge is applied to the crystals and the fluorescent lamp illuminates them.

LED flat panel TVs are similar in design to the previous ones, but instead of the light source described above, they use LEDs.flat screen TV

Contrast Comparison

The consumer must, before buying,how well the TV is capable of showing both bright and dark pictures at the same time. The higher the contrast level, the better the image quality. If it is low, then on pretty bright / dark pictures a person will not be able to consider certain details. For some buyers this aspect is very important. Often, all flat TVs have excellent contrast. On the first place of plasma, on the second - LED, on the third, respectively, liquid crystal. It should be noted that LED-devices have a backlight. If they have its lateral type, then together with LCD devices will be noticeably inferior in parameters.

For most liquid crystal display devices, the contrast begins at 600: 1, while in plasma, this figure is more than four times.

You need to choose that flat TV that displays images of black color best. This question seems frivolous, but many budget models submit such a picture faded.flat screen TVs

Select a brand

To properly select a flat device,it is necessary to pay attention to many parameters. An important role is played by the brand. Any expert will say that you need to purchase such a device, based on your own preferences. In most cases, all large and small flat TV sets are created using a single technology, regardless of the manufacturer. But many consumers think otherwise - so the question of choosing a brand becomes quite relevant.

In order to understand which brand is guaranteedwill give only pleasant impressions, it is necessary to pay attention only to already popular brands. Next, you should consider all the models you like and make the final choice. Flat TV from "Samsung" and "Sony" are considered the best in this category of technology. Therefore, picking up really worthwhile among them will be incredibly difficult - it is necessary to compare all the criteria.flat screen TV


A popular brand produces a huge amounttechniques. The South Korean company is engaged in the production of various devices, including television sets. Every year it increases its sales, not reducing the speed in the world market.

Despite the fact that the company is South Korean,most of the equipment is produced in the territory of the Russian Federation, namely in the Kaluga region. Thanks to this, all TVs are sold at a fairly adequate price.

It should be noted that this particular companyreleased the first TV from Smart TV. Every year she introduces more clever options into her technique. If there is an idea to hang a flat TV on the wall, then when buying, pay attention to the presence of special fasteners. Often they are available in each model.

Among the available options from Samsungnote the 2016 models with a diagonal of 28 and 55 inches. Due to the fact that the company was able to hold on to the leaders in the market even during a severe crisis, many customers note the excellent reputation of the brand and its quality. flat screen TV samsung


Those who want to buy for themselves a flat55-inch TV, you need to pay attention to the company "Sony". This brand has long been known in the Russian market, at the moment it is considered to be the same leader as Samsung. The company has already recommended itself for a long time. At all buyers it associates with really qualitative technics. Some flat models in 2016 could be bought at fairly low prices.

The most popular model can be calledKD-55XD8599. She received a license of 4K. The feedback of the owners will make it clear that the picture is as clear and clear as possible. The second most popular model is the KDL-40W705C. It has 40 inches and a bit of an unfinished menu of "Smart TV", but fully corresponds to its price.

The result

Before buying, you need to pay attention to the brand,diagonal, display and resolution. It must be remembered that in the store the TV will look absolutely different from that of a man at home! This nuance is completely dependent on the size of the device. Functional will be fully appreciated at home. A great choice would be a flat TV with a diagonal of either 42 or 55 inches. Such an aggregate will fit into any spacious premises.

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