How to clean the iron yourself?

Iron - a thing that every hostess is used to, its convenience and irreplaceability does not require proof. But after frequent use of the device in his work, problems begin. Scale accumulates inside the water tank, and traces of burned tissue may appear on its sole.

Automatic cleaning

To return him to the old performance, you need to know how to clean the iron, which methods are most accessible and applicable at home. First of all, it is worth considering what are the irons. For example, you can purchase a household appliance with a self-cleaning function from scale. How to start this process, tells the instruction in detail. Care should be taken during cleaning, as the iron can become very hot. Scale is very important to remove, as it clogs the holes in the sole of the iron and prevents steam from escaping. As a result, the iron can fail at all. You can purchase special tools that protect the device from the accumulation of scale in it. But no less effective people's ingenuity.

clean the sole of the iron


Tell you how to clean the iron, the following advice. It is necessary to prepare a solution: for one glass of water take twenty-five grams of citric acid. Then the resulting composition must be poured into the water tank in the iron. On the device set the maximum temperature and press the button, which is responsible for the flow of steam. When the holes in the sole are automatically cleaned, you must remove the lemon solution from the iron. To do this, re-fill the tank with soft water and evaporate it. If necessary, the whole operation can be repeated from the beginning.

how to clean the iron

How to clean the sole of the iron?

The sole at the iron can be made of different materials, for example, from stainless steel, ceramics, aluminum, metal ceramics, teflon. If there is a problem, how to clean a Teflon iron, you should do so. To avoid scratches on the surface, you must use a special sponge or use acetic acid essence. In it to moisten a rag and to carefully wipe a surface of an iron sole. After cleaning, it is recommended to take a cotton cloth, moisten it in vinegar and iron it. Vinegar can be replaced with citric acid.To clean the sole of the iron, will come in handy unexpected discoveries housewives. When ironing clothes with non-compliance with the recommended temperature of the device, fabric, especially of synthetic origin, may adhere to it. Clothing suffers from this, on which stains may appear from such an iron. To clean the soot can be very difficult. Care must be taken not to scratch the soleplate, therefore, abrasives will not work. Therefore, it is recommended to moisten the cloth with a detergent and iron it with an iron. As a result, the pollution will disappear without a trace.

how to clean teflon iron

Rules of operation of the iron

How to clean the iron, tell the instructions for its use. It says that the device can not be overheated. Protect the iron from scaling when ironing special water for irons, which is sold in stores, or defused soft water. Iron products made of wool through moistened gauze. After use, the soleplate must be wiped with a lint-free cloth. But in practice, these simple rules are quickly forgotten, therefore not all follow them. If you know how to clean the iron, you can avoid many problems and save household appliances.

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