How to cook rice for garnish

how to cook rice

It may seem that cooking a side dish is the simplest task, but sometimes it can puzzle even experienced chefs. How to cook rice to get crumbly grains, and not sticky porridge mass? But nothing is impossible. Properly cook crumbly rice will help knowledge of some culinary subtleties: the use of a certain amount of water, moderate temperature, saucepans with a tight lid. You also need to remember that it is necessary to let the garnish stand after cooking for some time. By the way, under no circumstances do not miss the last step. When you remove the rice from the heat, the moisture inside the pan will begin to redistribute, which will make the mass more uniform. To make the garnish crumbly, the best kind of "basmati". It has thin, elongated grains and excellent taste, although the price is significantly higher than that of other varieties. Let's start! How to cook rice, if you have decided on the choice?

How much fluid is needed?

It is best to measure rice by volume, not by weight: it is optimal to take 65 ml per serving. Liquid should be twice as much as rice grains. It is best to wash the grits in the sink, in cold running water, until the water is completely clean. There are two reasons why you need to wash rice. Firstly, some plants use talc in the production process, and secondly, this way you remove starch from the grains, which is the main culprit in the fact that sometimes, instead of a tasty porridge, you get an unsightly sticky mass.

how to cook rice on the side dish

How to cook rice on the side dish: soak

For most everyday meals, you do not have to soak the rice in order to have a good result. If you use a rather old cereal, leave it in water for about 30 minutes: this will make it less prone to breaking. Traditionally soaked rice "Basmati", which allows to maximize its length.

How to cook rice: temperature and time

Place the cereal in a pot of suitable volume, cover with water. Try not to add salt - it will make the grains brittle. Bring the rice to a boil over high heat without opening the tight lid.Then set a low temperature: the grain will swell, absorbing water. If the fire is too strong, the rice at the bottom can be burnt, while at the top remains undercooked croup. Set the timer for 20 minutes. At the end of the set time, remove the pan from the heat and allow the rice to “walk” for an additional 5 minutes. To avoid steam, do not look under the cover.

cook crisp rice properly

How to cook rice on the side dish - culinary tricks

Stir the rice with a fork, but only when it is ready. Do not open the pan throughout the cooking process! You can serve rice right away, or you can leave it under the lid while you cook the rest of the dishes. If you need to cool the rice for salad, lay it on a baking sheet, where it will cool quickly. In addition, do not store boiled rice at room temperature for more than two hours.

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