How to draw anime for beginners?

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How to draw anime for beginners?

Rapidly and irrevocably anime conqueredmillions of hearts. Now this is a whole world, with its steadfast admirers. To all who go crazy about anime, we suggest learning how to draw your heroes yourself. This is not so difficult as it seems at first glance.

Familiarity with the basic laws

For the anime heroes are typicalfeatures. All of them have big eyes, their mouth is small, and the nose is not drawn, but is marked schematically. Most of the heroes are very slim and have legs too long for the person.

On the web, you can find a lot of video tutorials thatwill be useful for beginning masters. Pay attention to how artists hold a pencil, apply strokes, color their work. The first time you can just copy already inventedDraw animecharacters, and when you type your hand, start creating your own.

Working out the hero

Before you start working on the drawing,think over the main features of your hero. It will not be bad if you sketch it out schematically. Artists very often resort to this method: they in the sketches depicts their character not completely, but by "parts". Usually the head is drawn and the features that are specific to your character: a brush with a ring, skirts of a skirt, unusual sneakers, etc.

Think about the nature of the character. After all, almost always appearance is to a certain extent a reflection of the inner world.

Getting Started

  1. Draw an anime with a pencil, because for beginnersthis is the most convenient option. This is done even by professionals, because the pencil drawn can always be erased or corrected. To sharpen the pencil, use a sharp knife instead of a sharpener. Then you can cut the lead at an acute angle, and this will make it easier to draw strokes.
  2. In the center of the sheet, draw a vertical line corresponding to the growth of the character and divide it into 6 parts. The upper segment is the head of the hero, the next two are the body, the last three are the legs.
  3. Note the width of the shoulders and the pelvis, sketch out the contours of the trunk, arms and legs.
  4. In order to draw a head, we draw an oval anddivide it by a horizontal line into two halves. Two points on this line mark the centers of the eyes, and two horizontal lines denote the lower eyelids. We continue to work on the eyes. Create the upper eyelids,Working out the heropupils, irises. The anime chip consists in the fact that neither the iris nor the pupil is perfectly round. Do not forget to draw your eyebrows. They are always thin and neat.
  5. Just below the eyes draw a nose. Usually it is depicted very schematically. We pass to the ears, their length should correspond to the distance from the tip of the nose to the bridge of the nose. We draw the mouth small and neat.
  6. We move on to the hairstyle of our hero, it must be combined with his external appearance.
  7. Draw the legs, hands and body of the character. To cope with this task will help familiarize with the course of the classic drawing.
  8. It remains to create a hero clothes and paint the picture. In the anime technique, the use of a large number of basic colors is not accepted. Usually their number does not exceed 2-3.

For more information on the progress of work, see How to draw an anime in stages.

If you like working in Photoshop, you can create an anime hero in this program. How to draw an anime in Photoshop is written in our article How to draw an anime in Photoshop (Photoshop.

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