How to fry potatoes - simple rules

How to fry potatoes, today, it would seem, everyone knows. What could be more ordinary than this dish? With today's variety of products, recipes, quick gourmet dishes and bold combinations, fried potatoes, like, should completely lose their relevance. However, to many students and housewives, it is still nicer than foie gras and bolognese. This root vegetable deservedly received a high mark in the rating of popular products for availability and satiety. No wonder they say that potatoes - the second bread. And at least in the CIS countries without it at least one lunch is hardly worth it. So how to fry potatoes in order to be guaranteed benefit and pleasure? There are a few nuances here.

How to fry potatoes
Required Attributes

There are several things without which it is impossible to fry potatoes: a steel or cast-iron pan, preferably with high sides and a thick bottom, as well as vegetable oil, lard or melted fat. Their number depends on the number of potatoes and the type of preparation.For fries, ideally use refined sunflower oil and fryer.
The secrets of successful cooking

How to fry potatoes? First of all it should be tested. To do this, it is enough to cook it as usual. If the potatoes boil soft, then fry this variety is undesirable. Before proceeding directly to frying, it is necessary to soak the potatoes in cold water for about 30 minutes. This will get rid of excess starch. You can slice this root vegetable into slices, circles, sticks, and straws. The main thing is that they are the same. This will allow the potatoes to cook most evenly. Cut pieces can be laid out on a napkin to absorb excess moisture. Starting frying, do not rush. It is necessary to give oil time for glowing, and so that it does not shoot, a little salt. Putting potatoes in the pan is better in a single layer. Salt and pepper it is not before a ruddy crust is formed.

How to fry friesFrench fries - everyone's favorite

It is necessary to dwell separately on how to fry french fries. Oil is poured into the fryer, about 5: 1, that is, one tab of oil will need five times more than potatoes, since the sticks must float freely there without touching each other.For the fryer, a special mesh is used to make it convenient to lower and remove the potatoes. The process of frying an unfrozen product takes several minutes. How to fry french fries if there is no fryer? Very simple. On a high heat in a thick-walled deep pan (you can take a similar pan), a large amount of oil is heated so that it can cover all the potatoes. Salt and wait until it starts to foam. In small batches, immerse the potatoes in boiling oil, stirring occasionally with a spatula. Add oil as needed. Let the prepared potatoes drain, salt and enjoy.
How to fry potatoes with mushrooms
How to fry potatoes with mushrooms?

Now, when we figured out how to fry potatoes, you can add another ingredient to it - mushrooms. If you are going to use mushrooms, you can fry them right away. At first they emit a lot of liquid, so not much oil will be needed. When the mushrooms are extinguished in their own juice, you need a little salt. Then reduce the heat and fry them until ready, until a ruddy crust appears. Butter, morels and other wild mushrooms must first be boiled whole for 30 minutes.After cut and fry. You can add onions. Potatoes are cooked separately. In the end, everything is laid out in one pan and stewed. A little more time and delicious fragrant potatoes with mushrooms ready! This dish can be served even to guests.

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