How to make a knife from the file?

For many, a file knife is somethingincomprehensible. However, it is quite possible to build such a product with one's own hands. It is only necessary to have a file of the appropriate size, a machine with a grinding wheel, a gas stove (stove), several wooden bars for the handle, sandpaper, stainless steel for rivets and wax.

knife from the fileIn order to make a knife from the file,it is also necessary to prepare a clamp. If you need to cut off any details, then you can use the Bulgarian. Work begins with the preparation of metal for processing. That is, the file needs to be warmed first for 6 hours. At the same time, it should be cooled gradually. Those areas on which the heat will act, it is better to sprinkle with salt, which is a kind of indicator of the quality of warming up (with good processing it will melt).

Then the knife from the file must be processedBulgarian. That is, it is necessary to shape the existing workpiece. If you attach the handle to the rivets, you must cut through the holes beforehand. Now you can proceed to the next stage - hardening of the metal. Here it is necessary to take into account several features. If you brought a magnet to the file, but it does not stick, so the workpiece has reached the optimum tempering temperature. After its achievement, the procedure continues for a few more minutes, after which the metal drops sharply into the water.

manufacture of a knife from a fileSo the knife from the file will turn out strong and strong. During hardening, be extremely careful, since you will work with an open fire. Be sure to wear protective clothing, goggles and gloves. It should also be noted that after tempering it is necessary to spend a vacation and remove the internal stresses of the metal. This procedure is quite simple. You just need to put the billet in the oven again and heat it for 2 hours.

The manufacture of a knife from a file providesProcessing of metal with a grinding wheel and sandpaper. Great, if you have a special machine for this purpose. The surface should be even and smooth. Polishing the blade is done last. Now you can start making the handle. To do this, attach two wooden thin bars to the blade and fasten them with rivets. Holes in the wood should be smeared with wax or resin. Then grip the handle in the vice for several hours.

Homemade knives from the fileIn the last turn homemade knives fromfile can be etched in chloric iron and polished with a piece of felt. If there is no special metal etching agent, use the usual vinegar. After that, the knife is once again ground with fine-grained emery paper and waxed to uniform gloss.

The very last stroke is sharpening"Newly made" knife. It should be done very carefully, so that the cutting surface is not chipped. In principle, this is the entire procedure for converting a file into a neat and pretty knife.

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