How to massage a girl?

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How to massage a girl?

If you are going to have a relaxing massageto your girlfriend, you will not be unhappy to get acquainted with the recommendations below. So, how to do a massage for a girl to achieve the desired relaxing effect and positive emotions, excluding all the negative factors, these rules will help.

Where is it better to massage?

Before you learn the basics of how to properlyto do massage to the girl, it is necessary to understand, how correctly to organize a place of carrying out of massage. You, of course, can offer the chosen one to lie down on the sofa, but it will be more correct to carry out this procedure on a long dining table, pre-covered with a thick, warm blanket or terry towels. When the workplace is at the height of your hands, it will be much more convenient and easier to massage a girl. Also, it is not superfluous to put a glass of water in the distance, so that you can quench your thirst without distracting yourself from the procedure.

Comfort in the room

To initially set the girl torelaxing and pleasant massage, it is necessary to create in the room an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. This result is achieved by including pleasant, quiet music and ignition of aromatic candles. Remember that the room should be well lit, warm and not gloomy. Your hands should also be warm and soft, so you should palm before the massage. Only if you touch the girl confidently, without delivering any discomfort, she will be able to completely relax, and get a proper impression of the massage.

Preliminary conversation on souls

So that you and your partner do not have a misunderstandingduring the massage, it should be clarified in advance that you want to make it a relaxing massage, not an erotic massage. The purpose of this procedure is not excitement. The massage will be performed to completely relax the body and relieve unnecessary accumulated tension.

Aromatic Massage Oils

Before applying on the skin of the girl massageoil, to moisturize it and make it sliding, you should first hold the oil in your palms. It is necessary to warm up the oil, and not to apply a cool component to the skin, thus causing unpleasant sensations. Oil is applied to the skin gently, avoiding the area of ​​the face, so as not to catch the hair. When rastiraja, it is necessary to not forget about brushes hands and about stupni.

Massage movements

One way to get to know the technique of how todoing massage girl video is very useful. Online massage lessons for the girl can be viewed on the page "Relaxing massage (watch online)".

The main thing is when a guy does a girl doing a massage, the movements of his hands should be varied. There are several techniques that have a beneficial effect on the body, and have a mild relaxing effect.

  1. Technique of the wave. It is quite simple to master this technique, the main thing is to correctly calculate the force and intensity of pressure. The wave is made by smooth movements of the inner side of the palm along, or across the body. You can apply the technique on your back or on your stomach.
  2. Technique of a goose. The basic movements with this technique are gentle tingling. Start from the top, moving down to the feet. Then back: from the feet to the shoulders.

When the back massage is done, you need to askgirl roll over on his back and continue to do massage of the abdomen, thighs, chest. The movements should be smooth, with and without pressure, sometimes fast or slow. Usually stroking begins with slow, smooth movements, gradually moving to intense and strong movements. But this does not mean that the movements should be sharp and rude, no. Count on the effort, and the girl will be grateful to you!

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