How to put on lenses?

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How to put on lenses?

For many people wearing contact lenses, theirdressing becomes commonplace. But here for the beginner who has just bought in optics of a lens, to put them on eyes at times happens extremely difficultly. Therefore, we will now give you valuable recommendations how to put on lenses, following which, in a few days you will fully adapt to this process.

How to properly wear the lens

  • Before you start dressing the lenses, wash your hands thoroughly, wipe them with a clean, preferably lint-free towel.
  • To dress the lenses is more convenient, standing in front of the mirror, tilting the head slightly forward. Watching is recommended not on the finger with the contact lens, but in the distance of the mirror.
  • Attention! Remove the lens from the blister must be very carefully.
  • In order not to confuse contact lenses, we recommend to take the rule to install lenses, starting with one eye, for example, from the right. Only in this way, you can properly wear the lens.
  • Before inserting the lens into the eye, itsit is necessary to inspect carefully and make sure that there are no damages, ruptures and wrinkles on the edges. If any damage is found, the use of a contact lens should be discarded.

To make sure that the lens is inverted by the right side, do the following:

  • Place the lens on the cushion of the right indexfinger. If the lens is positioned correctly, it should resemble a pial according to its shape, and its edges should be directed to the top. In case the lens is turned on the wrong side, it will resemble a plate, and its edges will be turned outwards.
  • The next step is to pull the contact lenses, pull the upper eyelid with your finger to the eyebrow, so that it does not cover your eyes, even if you blink.
  • Contact the contact lens on the cushion of the right index finger, and with the middle finger of the same hand, pull the lower eyelid. Then, place the lens with your index finger on the sclera, that is under the cornea of ​​the eye.
  • After you make sure that the lens has successfully placed on the eye, you can carefully remove the finger. For accurate positioning of the lens, lower your eyes down.
  • Now close your eyes and rotate them under closed eyelids. Blink.
  • Perform the same manipulations when attaching the lens to the second eye.

If you read all the recommendations, you stillit remains unclear how to use the lens, how to wear it - video will help you understand the whole process. You can easily find it on the network. We will give you some more tips on the use of lenses:

  • if you need to rinse the lens before use, use an exclusively special solution for this purpose;
  • In case the lens ceases to move, it is necessary to drip a few moisturizing drops into the eye.

Attention! To flush contact lenses and a container designed for their storage, do not use tap water. We focus on this advice with special attention, since it is very important, because in such water, even if it has undergone additional treatment, harmful and quite dangerous microorganisms and bacteria can be contained.

And yet, if you decided to resort to wearingcontact lenses, you should know that you can not go to sleep in contact lenses. Before taking a bath or shower, contact lenses, without fail, must be removed from the eyes. Do not swim in the sea, the lake, the ocean and other reservoirs, do not remove contact lenses. Avoid wearing lenses in dusty areas.

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