How to teach children to speak correctly

Often parents are worried that their little tot does not speak at 1 year old. But are these experiences justified? Should he really communicate at that age? This will be discussed in the article, as well as how to teach children to speak early, with the correct pronunciation and pronouncing of complex sounds.

How many words should a one year old baby know?

How to teach children to talk, if they already turned 12 months? Many parents really begin to panic after 1 year of life of the baby. And if he still doesn’t say “woman” or “porridge” at this age, then for them it is a disaster. But is it really as bad as it seems?

how to teach children to talk

If you compare your child with the same age child, and at the same time think that your child is lagging behind in development, you are deeply mistaken. Do not compare your crumbs with anyone. Every child is different. And if the neighbor boy already pronounces, for example, the word "elephant", then he may not speak other words that your little tot says.

But mostly to the first year of life kids know up to 10 words.These are the most familiar and common terms, such as "mom", "dad", "give", "pis-pis", etc.

how to teach children to talk

By the age of one and a half, children already know about 100 words, maybe even less. And this is in the order of things.

The child's speech in 2-3 years. The quality and number of words in this age

By the age of two, children can learn up to 300 words. But it is important during this period not to count how much the child knows them, but to pay attention to the quality of speech. By the age of three, the child should correctly name the objects. There can be no av-av or pi-pi! The correct "dog" and "drink." But if some words to a child are difficult to pronounce correctly, do not force him to do it.

You as parents should during this period especially carefully monitor the purity of the baby's speech. If he changes sounds in places or incorrectly places an emphasis, it is necessary to correct him so that he understands how to call objects.

Learning to talk for children: it is important to speak clearly, correctly, slowly, so that the child understands how to pronounce the words. Many parents lisp with the baby, but this is absolutely impossible to do. Talk to the baby, like an adult. Next, we look at examples and exercises that help answer the question of how to quickly teach a child to talk.

Recommendations to parents of one year old child

If your baby is 12 months old and he still doesn’t say anything, then you can begin to act. What exactly to undertake, what methods for this are effective, we describe below.

1. We teach children to talk by naming things they encounter every day. For example, “spoon”, “high chair”, “bed”, “toy”, etc. If a mother says such words clearly, then the child will soon understand what it is, and he will begin to reproduce them.

2. Enter the image of the baby. Try talking to him in his own language. If the pussy utters certain sounds like "on-to", then you talk to him. Speak the same as him. And then ask him to repeat after you what you want. Only words should not be complicated at first.

3. Appeal to the sounds of animals. Children love to imitate our pets, and not only them. So why not take advantage of this and not buy, for example, a talking poster, a book with drawings of animals, musical houses? Let the little one listen to the sounds that various representatives of the fauna make. And you will see soon how he himself will begin to repeat them.

4. The use of gestures.For such small children it is very important to supplement speech with signs and movements. For example, if it's cold outside, you can rub your palms together. Then the crumb will remember it much better. Or, for example, the grandfather is sleeping, and in order not to wake him up, you show the baby by holding your index finger to your mouth and uttering a hissing sound. Then the child will know what to do when someone is resting in the house.

5. Poems and songs - to help mom. Read to your child more often, sing his children's songs.

how to teach a child to talk

Now you know how to teach a one year old child to talk, what methods to use.

Why special attention is paid to fine motor skills?

This is a very important process. Sculpting from plasticine, drawing - a child should perform all these actions at an early age. The fact is that the part of the brain that is responsible for the movement of the hands is located near the speech area. Therefore, it is important to organize exercises for the limbs using small parts. Thus, the child’s speech will develop, and the general knowledge of the world. How to teach a child to talk? Develop his fine motor skills!

Naturally, you will not force a half-year-old child to pick up a pen and write or, for example, sculpt something from plasticine. But for babies there is a way out.Mom just needs to knead the baby’s palms. You can buy special balls with rubber spikes, they will have a beneficial effect on the nerve endings and activate the area of ​​the cerebral cortex responsible for pronunciation.

Exercises for fine motor skills

How to teach children to talk? Perform simple tasks with them, for example:

1. Kneading fingers.

2. Sculpting from plasticine.

3. Drawing is not a brush, and fingers.

4. Folding small items, such as a designer or mosaic.

5. Finger games (we will tell about them in more detail below).

All these simple lessons will lead to the fact that your child will soon be not just talking, but babbling better than anyone.

how to teach a boy to talk

But it also happens that the kid just got bored with drawing, sculpt and build. How to teach children to talk in this situation? What else can parents come up with, what should they be interested in, in order to teach a kid to speak better? We need to come up with something new, unusual. About this below.

Interesting finger games that your tot will like

How to teach children to talk, armed with special exercises? We describe below.

1.Montessori lacing.This kind of fun develops creativity, fine motor skills of hands. You can buy a toy in any specialized children's store. True, it is not cheap, but the result is worth the money spent.

2. Unusual drawing.A brush for this purpose is not suitable, oddly enough. The kid will like to draw with his fingers. Give him the opportunity to immerse them in water, and then in watercolor. Let him fantasize and draw something on the sheet. To draw attention to the drawing, use some more materials, such as semolina, scattering it in a thin layer on the table.

3. Unprecedented clay.What can be better than the usual test done by yourself? Give your child the opportunity to cook such a "clay", or at least participate in its formation. And already when something is blind together, the figure can be painted with acrylic paints. This method of modeling the toddler will certainly like.

4. Finger theater.Here, the mother should pre-tension and sew some interesting toys, animals, so that you can put them on your hands and come up with a fairy tale.

Knowing the exercises described above will help you decide how to teach your child to talk.

Articulation gymnastics

How to teach children to speak correctly using articulation? And is this method justified? Yes. This method is necessary for the formation of the correct pronunciation, if the kid does not clearly or incorrectly pronounce words, swallows them, etc. Parents can help their child and do fairly easy exercises with it.

1. Closing the lips into a tube, imitation of the sound of a passing locomotive.

2. Inflating the cheeks.

3. Big smile.

4. Imitation of a kiss.

5. Raising the tongue to the lower and upper lip, as well as to the corners of the mouth.

6. Imitation of washing the face from the forehead to the chin.

how to quickly teach a child to talk

Master the letter "P"

How to teach children to speak and correctly pronounce words containing "P"? Many parents do not know this and resort to the help of a speech therapist. Although they may well do without a specialist, performing certain exercises.

1. Show on yourself how you pronounce this sound. Slightly open your mouth, make a tense smile and show how the tip of the tongue touches the palate. After that, ask the child to do the same.

2. Play with the baby.As a fun, imagine that you are both tigers and poke at each other. You do not need to focus on the fact that you pronounce the "P". Over time, the baby will understand and do as you want.

If the crumb does not pronounce the "P" in 3 years, then this is the norm. But if up to four, he still has not mastered the pronunciation, you should regularly perform these simple exercises.

Teach child the letter "L"

1. Open your mouth a bit like a smile. The tongue should strongly rest on the upper teeth. Ask the toddler to do the same, just let it buzz.

2. While brushing your teeth, let the child evenly lick his lips and teeth with his tongue, and even try to get them to the nose.

3. If the baby does not pronounce a hard sound [l] but he is able to pronounce a soft ([l ']), then ask him to sing a la la la song.

You will see how, after such activities, your child will quickly learn to call "L".

Teach child the letter "W"

1. Ask your baby to make a long sound. Let him like a snake.

2. The corners of the lips in the pronunciation should not be much moved apart. If this happens, then teach the syllables "sho" and "shu".

How to teach children to speak complex letters, now you know, and we hope that you will use these recommendations in the process of making correct speech.

How to teach children to speak sentences?

If the baby began to speak individual words, and there are quite a lot of them, it is time to start teaching him the next difficult task. For a start, you need to practice saying, for example, “ma-momme-mimu” or “pi-pa-ne-po-py”, etc.

When the child learns to combine and pronounce such combinations, teach him syllables, then go on to patters. They perfectly form the correct pronunciation of the baby.

Also an important point at which you can easily teach children to speak sentences, is the frequency of communication. Mum should describe each action in words. For example, she cooks soup and says: “Vanya, look, I take the potatoes, peel off the skin carefully with a knife. Then I wash it, cut it into small pieces and send it to the pot, ”etc.

teach children to talk

At the same time it is necessary to involve karapuz in the conversation. You should have a dialogue so that the child can also express his thoughts and ask him a question of interest.

It is on these principles that the whole system of proper learning is built on how to speak in sentences.

Speech delay in babies

All moms know that boys start talking a little later than girls.This is due to the peculiarities of the structure of the brain. The fact is that the nerve fibers that connect the right and left hemispheres are thinner than babies. So, the information is slower.

How to teach a boy to talk so that he keeps up with other kids? Here are a few recommendations.

1. If the crumb shows on a certain object that he wants to receive, do not rush to give it. Ask him to express his desire in words.

2. Explain each word to the boy. For example, it is not enough just to say that it is a saucepan. It is necessary, for example, like this: "This is a saucepan, in her mother prepares a tasty and healthy porridge."

3. Read more fairy tales and poems. Pointing to pictures, add useful information from yourself.

4. Visiting a neurologist. If the baby does not say anything at all, or something is alarming you, visit a specialist. He examines the child and tells you what to do to help the baby.

Valuable advice to parents

1. Do not show your child that you are excited or nervous about something. Because he, feeling something bad, can simply withdraw into himself.

2. Start teaching your child light sounds and words.Only in this way can he learn to speak correctly and on time.

3. Mom should constantly talk with her baby. Even being in a position, just stroking her tummy, she can chat with the baby. And let dad be included in this dialogue.

4. Having turned on the children's program on TV, do you think that the baby will have to talk after some time? Live communication is the basis of how to teach a baby to talk.

learning to talk for children

After reading this article to the end, you could get an idea of ​​how to properly teach children to speak. And be sure to use the tips above. But the main rule - do not be lazy, engage with children, talk to them more often and give them maximum time. And then the baby will surprise you with its pronunciation and knowledge of words not in four years, but in one and a half.

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