How to treat a strong cough? Medicines and folk remedies for cough

Coughing is a rather unpleasant symptom that occurs during an illness and gives a person a lot of inconvenience, such as a feeling of discomfort in the throat, and if it is strong enough, it becomes problematic to even fall asleep. Frequent coughing shoots exhaust the body and lead to the appearance of various complications. That is why it is especially important already at the initial signs of this phenomenon to begin the appropriate therapy, using drugs, decoctions and undergoing a course of physiotherapy. But sometimes standard cough preparations do not produce the desired effect. The patient does not pass copious foci of inflammation in the throat, there is an increased secretion of mucus or, on the contrary, dryness. Such a condition requires the adoption of urgent measures to identify the causes of the disease and the appointment of the correct course of treatment.

Cough and the mechanism of its occurrence

What should the patient do if the phenomenon that torments him does not eliminate the standard treatment methods? First you need to determine the causes of a strong cough and understand its nature. After all, knowledge about the origins of this symptom will allow you to accurately determine the necessary drugs to eliminate it.

stronger cough than treat

What is a cough? It is nothing more than an unconditioned reflex, which is the response of the smooth muscles of the respiratory tract to the resulting irritation. Allergens, foreign bodies or mucus, which is produced by bronchial cells, provoke a similar reaction in the bronchi or throat.

How does such a mechanism work? In connection with the sharp contraction of the muscles, the formation of a powerful air flow occurs. After the deep breath made by the man, the glottis closes. At the same time there is a sharp increase in pressure of the air flow. It is provoked by the action of the bottom of the diaphragm and the abdominals. Such an air stream is pulled out during the exhalation phase to the outside, dragging with it everything that comes its way.First of all, these are mucopurulent masses accumulated in the bronchi, trachea, larynx and pharynx.

But frequent bouts of dry cough can be a signal of the onset of serious illness.

Cough Types

In medicine, this phenomenon is divided into two main forms. This classification divides the cough into:

- wet (productive);

- dry (non-productive).

In the first form, this phenomenon is distinguished by abundant sputum. The mucus formed in the respiratory organs in this case is characterized by a comfortable viscosity, which allows it to be easily transported through the respiratory channels and removed from the body due to muscle spasms. In this original way, our body seeks to get rid of the infection in it, significantly speeding up the healing process.

However, this protective response of the body, we can not always see. When there is a large amount of very viscous mucus in the airways or there is none at all, the patient suffers from dry cough, which is also accompanied by extensive sore throat. This symptom is the most dangerous, intense and painful.Getting rid of it is very difficult, so treatment will require the use of comprehensive measures. In addition, if a dry cough is accompanied by frequent attacks, then this is most likely a signal of the start of any serious illness.

Noncommunicable causes

Of particular importance is the determination of the origins of attacks of dry cough. This will allow for their effective treatment and finding the right way to eliminate the pathology as quickly as possible.

antibiotics for severe coughing

Non-infectious causes of this phenomenon, as a rule, are:

- strong hypothermia of the body, contributing to the formation of foci of inflammation on the tonsils or on the back of the throat;

- the presence of strong irritants, among which may be smoke, chemicals, strong odors, dusty air, etc .;

- ingestion of a foreign body;

- bronchial asthma, attacks of which are accompanied by severe spasms of the bronchi, blocking the access of air to the lungs;

- reflux, that is, injection into the esophagus of the gastric secretion, which causes throat irritation

- Allergy, in which there is swelling of the mucous membranes, which hampers normal breathing.

For reasons of non-infectious nature include the so-called smoker's cough, manifested, as a rule, morning attacks. Usually he is strong and deaf. With this, the body signals the presence of chronic inflammatory processes in the bronchi, the accumulated mucus in which cannot be removed by itself.

How to treat a strong cough in such cases? And how to do it? Long-term therapy to eliminate this symptom when it is non-infectious origin is not required. A person needs only to get rid of an acute attack, and then direct all efforts to eliminate the causes. This will finally get rid of the uncomfortable phenomenon.

Infectious causes

Most often, the presence of attacks barking sharp dry cough indicate the presence of the disease caused by ingestion of pathogenic microorganisms that affect the upper respiratory tract. Recognize the disease can be on the basis of signs that accompany cough:

  1. Whooping cough. This disease begins with a slight fever and a minor runny nose. At an early stage, whooping cough looks like a mild cold.With the development of pathology there is a strong cough without fever, which is constantly increasing and sometimes comes to vomiting.
  2. ARVI. It also begins in the form of a cold, accompanied by a hard and dry cough. The infectious nature of the disease is indicated by yellow-green or green mucus secreted from the nose. In this case, often the patient feels a strong pain in the throat. He has a fever. There is also a general weakness of the body and headaches. Complications of ARVI can become pneumonia and bronchitis.
  3. Croup. This disease begins with a sharp rise in temperature, accompanied by difficulty swallowing and severe sore throat. In addition, when the attack is observed barking cough. Croup provoke very serious infections - epiglotitis and diphtheria. As a rule, the disease requires hospitalization of the patient.
  4. Tuberculosis. This pathology is very dangerous for humans. It is called a tubercle bacillus, which affects the lungs. Accompanied by frequent bouts of unproductive barking cough in the absence of other symptoms. If during a month of home treatment there is no relief in the patient's condition, then an additional examination is necessary.

How to treat a strong cough in such cases?

strong cough in adult

With an infectious cause of pathology, the removal of attacks becomes clearly insufficient measure. The goal of treatment is the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms with subsequent recovery of the patient after the disease. At the same time, a strong cough in an adult and in a child can be eliminated only with competent combination therapy under the constant supervision of the attending physician. If necessary, it is carried out in the hospital.

Very rarely, but there are also such cases when, during examination, it turns out that the cause of paroxysmal dry cough is a hereditary systemic pathology - cystic fibrosis. At times, tumors are found in the patient's respiratory organs. How to treat a strong cough in such cases? Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely get rid of this symptom with such diagnoses. A course of therapy prescribed by a doctor can only slightly reduce the frequency, as well as the intensity of seizures that bring discomfort to the patient.


Attacks of strong cough in an adult and in a child can have unpleasant consequences, ranging from irritation of the larynx and ending with voice damage.bundles. This symptom has a particularly negative effect on young children, who sometimes even develop vomiting. In this regard, the initial task is to get rid of the patient from the attack, and after that you can do the elucidation of the causes of pathology.

cough medicine

For first aid, it is recommended to take:

- A glass of warm milk, in which honey is added (with caution when allergies) and half a teaspoon of butter or ghee, as well as cocoa butter;

- teaspoon badger fat, which is known for its unique healing properties;

- antihistamines, especially if cough is caused by external irritants or allergies;

- egg yolk whipped with butter and honey (“eggnog”, which can be poured into warm milk);

- ginger juice with honey, which, although it causes a burning sensation with a very irritated throat, but still stops coughing;

- egg yolk, whipped to foam with brandy and honey;

- mulled wine - heated red wine, in which cloves and ginger, a slice of lemon and cinnamon, as well as a teaspoon of honey are added.

The last two recommendations apply only to adult patients.Quickly get rid of the coughing attack will help drug, which is based on codeine. This substance can affect those areas of the brain that are responsible for the cough reflex, which allows for some time to reduce their activity.

The methods listed above are only emergency measures to help relieve coughing of any origin. However, these are not at all those universal methods that will allow to get rid of the tormenting symptom. It should be borne in mind that cough preparations with codeine are not recommended for more than five to six days. It is possible to get rid of the repeated attacks only at elimination of the illness which caused them.

Night cough

What if the doctor has not yet determined the true cause of the torturing symptom? At the same time a strong cough began to appear at night. What to do in this case? Of course, look for the most affordable ways to normalize the state of the body and eliminate this phenomenon. And let the measures taken will give only a temporary effect, but they will allow the patient to rest. After all, a person will sleep, there will be new forces to combat the disease.

severe cough without fever

You can stop the night coughing:

  1. By changing the position of the body. A person must take a half-sitting posture. With a strong cough with sputum, this will facilitate the removal of mucus.
  2. Opening the window that will provide oxygen to the room.
  3. Sipping warm liquid. A good remedy for strong cough is milk with honey, herbal or green tea.
  4. Taking a bronchodilator drug. It will eliminate the feeling of lack of air. Can I drink with a strong cough "Bronholitin"? Yes, this drug, as well as Gedevit and some other means, will help relieve a night attack.
  5. Recovering breath. To do this, you need to perform a specific exercise. It provides for the slow inhalation of air through the nose, which is exhausted by the mouth without any effort.

Having eliminated the attack, a person should try to fall asleep again. Soft lighting or a burning aroma lamp filled with lavender oil can help him in this. Well if the pillow will be replaced with a higher one. This is necessary so that the head during sleep is in a slightly raised position.

If bronchial asthma is the cause of severe cough, then the only way to alleviate the condition during an attack is to use a special inhaler.The measures listed above will not help such patients, but will create additional comfort for them.

Methods to eliminate strong cough

It should be borne in mind that getting rid of attacks will not completely cure a person. The methods listed above only help alleviate the suffering of the patient and prevent the development of various complications. To completely eliminate a strong cough, you will need to undergo a course of treatment. The following techniques can be applied for this:

  1. Medical, involving the use of bronchodilators, expectorant, mucolytic and other drugs.
  2. Physiotherapy with the use of a variety of compresses and heating, as well as inhalation.
  3. Folk. This technique involves the use of decoctions, tinctures and drugs, which are based on medicinal plants.

How to treat a strong cough? All the above types of therapy are recommended for use in combination. Only in this case, you can achieve the maximum therapeutic effect.


Treatment with pharmacological drugs is the main type of therapy used to eliminate any type of cough, including chronic and paroxysmal.Most of these funds can be purchased at pharmacies completely free. However, there are some potent drugs that contain high and even dangerous dosages of certain substances. They are purchased only by prescription.

The maximum effect can bring drugs that have a complex effect on the body, that is, at the same time soothing the throat and removing inflammation, stabilizing the production of mucus and promoting its removal from the respiratory tract. The use of such drugs saves the patient from having to acquire several different compositions, which sometimes do not fit well with each other.

strong cough with sputum

The most effective combined means to help get rid of a strong cough are:

- "Lasolvan";

- "Herbion";

- Fluimucil;

- "Bronholitin";

- "Stoptussin";

- "Libexin".

An excellent means for thinning sputum with a strong cough is the drug Mukaltin. In its composition is an extract obtained from the root of Althea. This healing plant most effectively eliminates the causes of cough in the form of viscous sputum, dry throat, stagnation of mucus in the respiratory tract, helping to remove the occurring seizures.

Almost all of the above drugs are used in pediatrics.The possibility of their use is determined by the doctor, based on the form of release, the patient's age and the individual characteristics of his body.

Antibiotics with a strong cough can be applied only in the case of the bacterial nature of the pathology. And to prescribe such drugs should only a doctor. Self-administration of antibiotics with a strong cough can aggravate the course of the disease, leading the bacteria to a state of greater resistance to the effects of pharmacological drugs.

Most often in such cases are assigned:

  1. Penicillins. These include drugs such as Ampioks, Amoxiclav, Augmentin.
  2. Macrolides, among which - means "Clarithromycin", "Roksitromitsin", "Azithromycin".
  3. Cephalosporins presented by Cefazolin, Ceflirom, Cefotaxime.

Conducting procedures

An excellent addition to the main treatment are physiotherapy, which can significantly alleviate the patient's condition.

With a strong cough, it is recommended to:

- inhalation;

- compresses;

- therapeutic massages.

Is it possible to put mustard plasters with a strong cough? Yes. They are recommended for bronchitis and pneumonia, tracheitis and pharyngitis, rhinitis and sore throat, SARS and adenoiditis.

However, it should be borne in mind that physiotherapy can be performed only with a strong cough without temperature.

Treatment of folk remedies

No less effective than the use of pills, is the method of dealing with cough, accumulated over many centuries. The basis of folk methods is the use of tinctures, decoctions and drugs prepared on the basis of medicinal plants. Such treatment is harmless, and the natural components of such funds, as a rule, do not provoke the occurrence of side effects.

The most common herbs used for strong coughing are thyme and wild rosemary, marshmallow and calendula, coltsfoot and mint, oregano, sage and pine buds. Decoctions and infusions of them can be easily prepared at home.

strong cough at night what to do

Since ancient times, folk healers have used medicinal properties of black radish. What cough does it help? When dry, radish increases the intensity of this symptom and quickly translates it into the next stage. Treat radish and wet cough. In this case, the vegetable has a beneficial effect on the bronchial tree, facilitating the rapid removal of mucus from the body.

Preparing the drug from black radish is quite simple. To do this, cut off the lower part of the root, make it a recess, which is filled with honey or sugar. After that, the cut part is superimposed on the hole. After some time, a healing juice is formed inside the root. Reception of such means is recommended three times a day on a dessert spoon.

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