How to update Adobe Flash Player in the Crimea to the latest version

As you know, today Flash Player from Adobe (AFP)is one of the most necessary plug-ins embedded in browsers or development environments, which as the development of multimedia technologies requires constant updating. But in the territory of Crimea, recently joined the Russian Federation, the update is impossible. How to update Adobe Flash Player in the Crimea, and now it will be considered. There are several simplest ways.

Why update?

The update of the popular plug-in is directly related tothe emergence of more and more new web design technologies that involve loading on the pages of modern design elements that are created in more advanced development environments not supported by older versions of the player.

how to update adobe flash player in the Crimea

The latest version of AFP (the most current on the currentdate) allows to avoid a lot of conflicts and misunderstandings when playing multimedia content. If the version of the plug-in becomes obsolete, the browser automatically signals that the installed release of the player needs to be updated.

latest version

In fact, the warning does not come from the browser (it is only an additional signaling device), the update is answered by a special active module of the player itself, which can not be disabled.

Why is not AFP updated in the Crimea?

In the case of the Crimea there is a delicate enoughthe situation when the updateer reports that the new release of the plug-in is available and ready for download, but the latest version of AFP is not that installed, it does not even want to boot. On the official update site, the download button is simply missing, although you can view the information on the installed version and the new update.

adobe flash player plugin

Why is this situation happening? Adobe Flash Player Plugin is not updated only for the reason that the developer corporation has joined the anti-Russian economic sanctions. But you can deceive the system, and it's easy enough.

How to update Adobe Flash Player in Crimea: the simplest solution

An updater when trying to update a plug-in at a timeactivation is redirecting to the official resource, this is understandable. But who prevents the user from downloading the installation distro from another source?

adobe flash player for free

On the site you need to look at your installedversion and version of the new available release. After that, you can simply specify a search in RuNet with the latest update number, download it, and then install it as a regular program. Although in most cases it is illegal, torrent trackers come to their aid, where such information is laid out without restrictions, including new releases of Adobe Flash Player Plugin.

In some cases, during installation,checking the geolocation of the user's computer, temporarily disconnect the Internet connection. After the installation is complete, even if you check the installed version with the built-in updater, Adobe can not do anything in terms of deactivating or removing the update.

How to update Adobe Flash Player in the Crimea (Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla and others)?

It is understood that the plug-in's built-in service willKeep track of the appearance of its new versions. Naturally, with an enviable regularity will be issued messages with the requirement of its update. So, you can not do this in any case, because the external IP-address of the user will be immediately transferred to the corresponding service of Adobe, after which it will be blocked. Of course, in this situation, you can use the above method. But what if the new version is not even on the resources of enthusiasts or the same torrent trackers? How to update Adobe Flash Player in the Crimea? Other methods will come to the rescue.

adobe flash player for windows 7

As for the one-time update, in somecases of bypassing IP blocking can be done in the most primitive way by including in the browser a so-called Turbo-mode, if it is supported. Of course, there is no complete guarantee of access to the update, but in certain situations, depending on the type and version of the browser used, this helps.

update adobe flash player in the Crimea opera

Sometimes experts recommend usinga special addition FriGate, which is released for almost all known browsers. It is a common utility for changing location and IP recognition.

Using Proxy Servers

The first technique is touse anonymous proxy servers, either installed as programs on a computer terminal, or those that are available on the Internet in almost unlimited quantities.

how to update adobe flash player in the Crimea

Here you just need to select a server,corresponding to different from the current location, after which you can download the update even from the official resource. If the user is going to set a search on the Web, you can use not only Russian-language terms as keywords, but also something like anonymous proxy server, anonymizer, etc. When you move to European or American locations, the chances of downloading the latest version of Adobe Flash Player are increasing enormously, although you can ask any other region of Russia with the same success.

The simplest means of changing the IP address

If you do not want (or there is no possibility)use virtual proxy servers, you can go the other way. For example, to update the Adobe Flash Player for Windows 7 (although it does not matter which system is installed), you can use special utilities that modify the external IP of the user machine, which by operation is similar in many respects to proxy servers.

latest version

One of the simplest is the programHideGuard VPN. It takes minimum space after installation, but constantly "hangs" in the system tray. Using the utility is reduced only to activate it (put the switch in the on position), then select the desired location or give the right to choose the application for all IP, which itself will make the substitution of the address to a foreign one. Then you can agree with the reminder of the AFP update and quietly download the latest release from the official Adobe resource, then install and integrate into the applications and development environments that use it.


Here in brief and all that concerns the considerationthe problem of how to update Adobe Flash Player in the Crimea. What to advise in use? Apparently, in order to achieve a 100% result, preference is best given to anonymous proxy servers or programs for changing external IP, because the inclusion of Turbo-mode does not always give a positive effect, and distributions downloaded from other sources can often contain viruses or malicious codes . If this method was used, before extracting the installation file from the archive or launching it to activate the installation process, you should scan at least the default antivirus installed in the system by default, or use portable utilities. In the rest, as practice shows, there are no problems.

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