How to wash Roman blinds: features and recommendations

Roman blinds - an extremely practical solution forinterior decoration. Preference is given to them because they are slowly getting muddy. However, at some point, there is a need for washing, not just dust removal. Let's find out how to wash Roman blinds. What are the nuances to consider when caring for such a detail of the interior?

Can I wash Roman blinds?

how to wash Roman blinds

The answer to this question is unambiguous - to erase themit is possible, and in some cases even necessary. However, it is necessary to perform the procedure carefully, with the mind and extremely carefully. To begin with, you should determine whether the procedure will be performed manually or in a washing machine. Much also depends on the material for the manufacture of Roman curtains. More about these and other aspects later in the article.

Material of manufacture

So, we found out that the Roman curtains can be washed. At the moment, such curtains are used as materials for canvases:

  • Satin.
  • Tulle.
  • Linen.
  • Combined fabrics.
  • Silk.
  • Bamboo.

Fabric Roman curtains are amenable to washing. Immediately it is worth noting that this process can take a lot of time and effort. As for the curtains made of bamboo, they are forbidden to be washed. Cleaning of the canvas should be done exclusively in a dry way.

How to wash Roman blinds? First of all, it is necessary to determine what they are made of. Fabrics made from natural fibers quickly deteriorate from contact with moisture. For this reason, they are cleaned using a vacuum cleaner or a dry sponge. Fabric Roman curtains can be cleaned with moist gauze, and if it is heavily soiled, machine wash, resorting to the use of standard powders.

How to remove the blind?

is it possible to wash Roman blinds

Most housewives try as little as possibleto produce a wash of Roman curtains. Since in preparing for the procedure you need to spend a lot of time to dismantle them. If on the surface of the cloths there are significant impurities that can only be removed by washing, to remove the curtains, you must do the following:

  1. Unfasten the curtains from the cornices. The task may require the help of another person. The complexity of the procedure depends on the size of the Roman curtain canvas and the height of the window opening.
  2. Remove the crossbeams located betweentissue rows. The straps here can be metal, wooden or plastic. It is quite easy to extract them. This is facilitated by the presence of non-stitched edges on one side of the product.

Manual washing

Roman blinds how to erase reviews

How to wash Roman blinds manually? In this case, you should perform the following actions:

  1. Soak the cloth for about 1.5 hours usingwarm water. If it is necessary to resort to bleaching of the material to eliminate a dull tint, then it is recommended to give preference to delicate products that do not contain chlorine. As a stain remover should choose a substance based on ingredients of natural origin.
  2. After the above-mentioned time, it is necessary to carefully apply pressure to the fabric by hand. The main attention should be paid to areas of the material where there are strong dirt and stains.
  3. Finally, rinse the canvas of Roman curtains in warm, clean water and hang the product, allowing the liquid to drain completely. Twisting thin fabrics is highly discouraged.

Do I need to iron Roman curtains?

After washing, not all canvases of Roman curtainsit must be completely dried before hanging it back. For some delicate tissues, this approach is contraindicated. If the care is done behind the webs of tulle, combined fabrics or flax, if desired, they can be slightly ironed at a low temperature. However, it is not necessary to do this. After all, the material will straighten naturally under the weight of the slats when you return the curtains back to the cornice.

How to wash Roman blinds in a washing machine?

roman blinds can be washed

Choosing the presented method for the care of Roman curtains, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Before washing, place the previously moistened cloth in the net or a tissue bag.
  2. Set the machine program "manual washing" or "for delicate fabrics." At the same time, the water temperature should not exceed 40aboutFROM.
  3. To squeeze the fabric, use the minimum mode - no more than 500 revolutions per minute. If there is a possibility not to press the material, it is advisable not to do this at all.
  4. At the end of washing, remove the canvas from the machine and straighten it with your hands along the entire length. This will allow the product to be prepared for return to the slats and remove excess moisture from the material.
  5. To dry Roman blinds after washing it is necessary inexpanded state. Install the guides into still damp webs. If the washing of the products was carried out during the washing, they do not need to be dried. You can immediately insert the rails into the rails and fix the curtains in the window opening.

Washing without taking out the rods

how to wash Roman blinds in a washing machine

So we found out how to wash Roman blinds. Comments housewives say that they can be cleaned not only by freeing the canvas from the rails, but also in assembled form. To use this method, first you need to prepare a capacious container of water, dissolving in it a shampoo or detergent. Next, take out the Roman curtains in the yard and secure it with clothespins on the clothesline behind the top bar. Wetting a soft sponge in the solution, you need to walk on both sides of the canvas. It is recommended to act sensitively, without pressure. Otherwise, you can damage the straps or stretch the material.

So we figured out how to wash the Roman curtains,not taking out the slats. In the end, it will be enough to rinse the tissues. For this, the hose for irrigation is perfect. Water under pressure should be directed to the product first from one side, and then from the opposite side. Water the Roman curtains until the soapy water completely drains. Then you need to give the curtain time to dry out and back to fix it in the window opening.

Useful recommendations

roman blinds how to erase ways

Now you know how to wash Roman blinds. Methods for the care of such products have been described in detail above. Finally I would like to consider some useful tips:

  1. When washing Roman blinds it is not recommended to use stain removers. If there are obsolete, serious impurities on the canvas, it is better to use the services of professional dry cleaning.
  2. Cloths made from natural silk are allowed to be washed not only by hand, but also by a gentle method in the typewriter. However, it is strictly prohibited to produce them.
  3. Before putting the velvet back oncornice, it must be carefully dried. To do this, the cloth is laid out horizontally on the plane. As in the case of silk, squeezing is contraindicated here.
  4. When hand washing is not recommended pointwiseapply soap solutions or other products on the stains. This can lead to a change in the shade of the fabric in certain areas when the product is dried under the sun's rays.

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