How to write a program?

The programming language Pascal was designed as an educational one, so that students could learn programming skills. It has a number of advantages:

  • It has a simple syntax of the language, the number of basic concepts is small.
  • The Pascal language is considered universal, so it is applicable for solving almost all problems associated with programming.
  • Supports structural programming, object-oriented programming.

The structure of the program in Pascal

Consider how to write a program in a languagePascal and, what is its structure. It always consists of two parts. The first part of the program describes the sequence of necessary actions, in the second part - the data with which they operate. Based on the descriptions and definitions, the data is displayed, and the actions are represented by the language operators. The program can have a title, it specifies the name of the program and its parameters. To know how to write a program correctly, you need to understand its structure. It contains:

  • The title of the program. With the keyword program, the section begins, and then the name of the program goes. For example, program Alex; You should pay attention to the fact that any action of the language must be ended with a semicolon. The program name never starts with a digit, since it is a user identifier.
  • Description block. It contains many different blocks of the program, each of them is responsible for a certain kind of program.
  • Block of operators. It is also called the block of actions. This is a mandatory block in the program, which contains the commands that need to be done during the program execution. It begins with the keyword begin, and ends with the word end, necessarily with a period.

Instructions for writing the program: Pascal

Consider how to write a program on Pascal, step by step.

For those who want to learn programming, butstill does not know anything about this, Pascal ABC will be an excellent assistant. This program is great for beginners and professionals alike. It's easy to find by search engines, and then you need to download it to your computer. After reading the step-by-step instruction, you will understand how to write the program yourself.

  • After the program is downloaded, it must be opened. Knowledge of the English language will not hurt. The program consists in the folding of any numbers. We take two numbers and add 3 variables.
  • To register variables at the beginning of the programwe need to write the word "var" - this is a section of the description of variables, then we write three of our numbers separated by a comma, put a colon and write "integer" - this data type is integer, then we write begin - this will be the beginning of the program body. In the end, we will get the following record:
    • var a, b, c: integer;
    • begin
  • Now let's set it so that the program itselfprompted for the value of the variables. We write the word "read" in English and indicate in parentheses what exactly it is necessary to read. The entry will look like this: read (a, b); Next, we write a formula in which we put a colon before the equality sign. We get the expression: c: = a + b; Also it is necessary to make, that the program deduced the answer: write; At the end of the program, write end. Now you know how to write the program yourself.

Programs written in Delphi

Among the few programmersThere is an opinion that programs written in Delphi are not suitable for system programming. But this is absolute nonsense, because with the help of this language is written a huge number of useful programs. If Delphi was originally designed only for Microsoft Windows applications, then they were later implemented on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows CE platforms. Here are some programs written in Delphi:

  • Colden Mailer. This program allows you to organize a mass mailing, and this can be done in text and HTML format. The speed of mailing is quite high.
  • Web Promoute. It is created for automatic registration of a site in catalogs and search systems.
  • Database Workshop. With this program it is easy to view various formats, they can be edited and exported.
  • MyTweakerXP v2.0. A new program that is a WindowsXP customizer. Free program, which includes more than seventy settings.
  • AdsCleaner. Users are constantly annoyed by pop-ups and ads. This program will get rid of them.

What kind of programs can I write?

In order to acquire programming skills, you can solve all sorts of problems, and if you think about what program to write yet, you can advise several options.

  • Write a program that will remind you of something, for example, take a break after a certain time.
  • You can write a simple 2D game.
  • A program that will automatically pick up for you all the interesting news.
  • You can write a program in C, for example, "Analyzing text information".

Now you know how to write a program forcomputer, and what programs can be created. In this case, everything depends not on education and what the teachers started. Here the main attraction and interest. As a result, you can learn the basics and gain experience independently, by your own perseverance and zeal to the programming process. We wish you good luck and creative success.

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