Human rights organizations - what is it?

In the Russian Federation, human rights organizations are particularly popular. Nevertheless, the government tries in every way to limit their work. With what it can be connected? What powers do human rights associations undertake? All these and many other questions in the article will be answered.

Human rights organization - what is it?

In our state, it is widely believed that all independent associations whose purpose is to protect human rights and freedoms are aimed at harsh criticism of the regime and the authorities. Of course, this opinion is not true. Most human rights foundations put legal protection of Russian citizens as their priority. And there is to protect from whom and from what. The state machine in Russia reaches unknown scales. Our country occupies a leading position in the ranking of states with the highest number of police officers per capita, but almost every day someone’s rights are violated somewhere.

Of course, in Russia with freedoms and human rights, not everything is perfect.Human rights organizations operate on an independent basis and aim to protect civil liberties. In essence, such funds, as it were, complement state bodies, which often do not cope with the duties assigned to them.

Subject matter and tasks

Funds that are authorized to protect human rights have one clear subject of regulation - this is the current state policy in the field of human freedoms and rights. Such policies may constitute various acts, decisions or violations.

Funds have a lot of tasks. At the same time, all the established tasks correspond to the rights of human rights organizations.human rights organizationsIt is worth highlighting the most important powers:

  • raising the level of civil and legal culture among the Russian population;
  • promoting values ​​that promote respect for the person;
  • legal analysis of human rights and freedoms;
  • comparison of the situation with human rights in the Russian Federation with other states;
  • protection of constitutional norms, in particular, related to freedoms and human rights.

Human rights organization periodically accepts applications from victims.Large and well-known funds themselves often pay attention to particularly high-profile events, offering their help.

Job Funds

How are human rights NGOs trying to achieve the solution of all the tasks that were outlined above? Each fund has its own technique of exercising authority. However, most organizations try to adhere to the classical method of reviewing applications. Various complaints are accepted, both from legal entities and from individuals. The statements provide indications of specific facts of non-observance of the rights and freedoms of citizens, which are enshrined in the Russian Constitution, national or international legislation. Organizations notify the applicant of his legal rights, as well as provide explanations on some points. Often, human rights organizations also act as intermediaries for the implementation of conciliation and rehabilitation procedures.rights of human rights organizations

Funds are extremely attentive to review the details of the case submitted by the applicant. Following the results of consideration, the organization begins an investigation in relation to the accused instance.The facts of illegal behavior are gathered, specific cases of violations of the rights and freedoms of individual citizens are recorded. The collected information is transmitted to the Russian court. If the national court refuses to consider the case (and this often happens), it will be transferred to the international authority.


Human rights organizations are often accused of "complicity with the West." Recently, some funds have begun to issue the status of "undesirable organization" and "foreign agent." On what grounds this is done, it is not fully understood. Meanwhile, human rights organizations carry out their activities in accordance with the norms of the law. The main source on which the powers of organizations for the protection of rights are based is the Russian Constitution, namely its chapter 2.human rights public organizations

Human rights funds work with a large number of very different documentation. Among the main papers it is worth highlighting:

  • information about the human rights organization;
  • information on international and national mechanisms on which funds are based;
  • comments on the legislation of the Russian Federation and much more.

Often the funds are engaged in educational activities. They produce brochures, textbooks, films, methodical data, etc.

Famous Organizations

Until some time the most famous human rights organization in Russia was Memorial. The main purpose of this fund was to preserve the memory of political repression. At the same time, the organization performed many functions in the most diverse public spheres. Recently, a “stigma” of a foreign agent was hanged on Memorial, and therefore the organization’s activities in the Russian Federation were significantly limited.human rights organizations of Russia

The following is a list of both national and well-known international human rights organizations:

  • The Committee of Soldiers' Mothers of Russia is an association of women whose sons were killed or injured during military service.
  • The Glasnost Defense Foundation is an organization that promotes the development of freedom of speech in Russia.
  • The Committee against Torture is a foundation that once spoke out against ill-treatment of people. Self-liquidated due to pressure from the authorities.

There are a large number of other funds. Find a complete list of them today is not difficult.

Opinions about human rights organizations in Russia

For a start, it is worthwhile to cite the opinion of the main official in the state - the president. In his address to the Parliament, Vladimir Putin stated that the majority of human rights organizations set as their goal not the protection of human rights, but “the maintenance of dubious foreign interests.” A similar opinion is shared by other human rights organizations

What could be the reason for such a distrust of human rights funds? There are many versions on this score. Representatives of the non-systemic opposition movement believe that the expression by the authorities of such an opinion is nothing more than the first step towards restricting human freedoms in Russia. And what does the population think about this? Unfortunately, there have not yet been major polls about attitudes towards the activities of human rights associations in Russia.

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