Hyundai Getz: reviews and more about the car

In the Russian market there are few cars,which would be as interesting and successful as the Hyundai Getz. Reviews of drivers in many ways confirm this fact. Immediately after the appearance of the model in the domestic car showrooms, many buyers wished to purchase it, lining up in line. And not in vain, because the main secret of the attractiveness of this car in its unusual universality.

Hyundai Getz: reviews and design

A small car with a rare appearancespacious inside. Even a person of large build and high growth can easily be located both behind the driver's seat and behind him, and in the back rows is also very spacious. Despite the small trunk, you can accommodate a lot of things thanks to the fact that it is possible to fold the rear seat, thus increasing the useful volume of the luggage compartment in the Hyundai Getz.

Reviews of the owners also speak about practicalitymaterials of interior decoration, which can easily be washed and cleaned. In addition, the manufacturer has provided many options for interior upholstery, which makes cars not like each other. In expensive complete sets there are stylish under aluminum covers for armrests, chrome door handles. It is very convenient to use the glove box, which provides a backlight.

A special praise is the exterior HyundaiGetz. Buyers' comments say that after the restyling the design of the car, especially its front part, has changed significantly. Thanks to the installation of new lighting equipment, the appearance of the car has acquired originality and has become more memorable. Very popular car at the weak half, although Getz can not be called a purely female car. A variety of variants of color scale of painting of a body gives the chance for a choice of color of the car to each client to the taste.

The manufacturer claims that after restylingchanged suspension settings, improved ride smoothness, although special changes in the running gear is not felt. The car is still balanced, perfectly keeps the road, the suspension is very difficult to pierce, nevertheless, the smoothness of the move is a bit harsh.

Hyundai Getz: Specifications

In different trim levels the car hasseveral variants of motors. The most economical volume of 1.1 liters reaches a power of 66 horsepower, followed by a 1.4 engine, which has a horsepower of 97 horses, and completes the variety of a 1.6 liter engine with 106 hp. The most acceptable and optimal option is the second engine, which has 16 valves and has sufficient power and good dynamics. The main disadvantage of this unit is the special demand for fuel and its quality. Although the owners' testimonies testify to the excellent performance of the car on the 92nd gasoline.

Regardless of the configuration, all models are equipped withpower steering, driver airbags, central locking and immobilizer. In addition, all Hyundai Getz cars, whose favorable reports are equipped with a galvanized body treated with an anti-corrosion coating, a suspension adapted to Russian roads, are equipped with a full-size spare wheel and audio preparation.

In more expensive versions are providedair conditioning, heated seats, electric glasses, fog lights, ABS system and other important options. In top modifications there is an on-board computer, additional airbags, electric mirrors with built-in heating. In addition, if desired, you can find cars with both a mechanical and a gearbox automatic, with a three- or five-doorbodies.

The cost of the new car ranges from three hundred (the most simple model) and up to five hundred thousand (fully equipped car).

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Hyundai Getz: reviews and more about the car Hyundai Getz: reviews and more about the car Hyundai Getz: reviews and more about the car Hyundai Getz: reviews and more about the car Hyundai Getz: reviews and more about the car Hyundai Getz: reviews and more about the car Hyundai Getz: reviews and more about the car Hyundai Getz: reviews and more about the car