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The formation of traditionsAmerican names

The formation and development of American nationality has a complicated and convoluted history. Previously, biblical and Hebrew names were common. Then they began to mix with the French and Irish cultures of the emigrated population. And now young parents can choose absolutely any name for their child. Nevertheless, throughout the formation of the United States, American names were formed for the most part as a result of borrowing them from English culture. In addition, the German, Spanish, Dutch traditions played a special role. The modern territory of the United States is a haven for people from almost all countries of the world, each of whom has contributed to the development of culture in general. As a result, the phrase "American names" means a very large number of them.Rare American names

Ways of education

At present, parents living in the United States may not limit their imagination and independently come up with a name for their beloved offspring.Thus, rare American names have appeared, but it should be noted that in this case it is necessary not only to take into account your own preferences, but also to project and imagine how a growing person will feel in society, having an extraordinary name. In this regard, many young families go on a simpler path, choosing names from the list. But even here there are many nuances and features. For example, many American girl names have a special inexpressible harmoniousness. However, it may absolutely not be combined with the name. In this case, the full name will be difficult to pronounce and inconvenient for perception. An important point in the process of naming is not only the choice of a suitable name, but also the definition of its interpretation. It is believed that if it personifies something unpleasant, it will certainly affect the fate of the child and his character. In this regard, it is possible to distinguish several basic principles by which American names are formed.

1. Derivatives from other

For example, the female name Elizabeth has 34 derivative forms, and the male Robert - 10.This category includes not only the peculiarities of the pronunciation of a particular nation, but also abbreviations on the full behalf.

2. Borrowing from surnames

It should be noted that this process is considered mutual, that is, it is possible to form both a name from the last name and, conversely, a last name from the name.

3. Abstract conceptsAmerican girl names

Heaven Rain, Sage Moonblood and many others are the results of creativity and the hectic imagination of young parents.

4. Geographical reference, name of plants or animals

The name may be based on the name of a place, such as Iowa or New York, the name of an animal (Lyonesse), or the designation of a flower (Rose).

5. Replacing, adding or removing some letters in the name

This way of creating a unique name also has a place to be in the USA.

Popular American names

Men's: John, Jacob, Simon, Robert, Michael, Sean, David, etc. Women’s: Isabella, Emily, Chloe, Julia, Catherine, Rose and others.

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