Is there life on Mars? Is life possible on mars?

The red planet has long attracted the attention of not only scientists, but also ordinary people. They fix their gazes on the starry sky and immediately distinguish it from many other night luminaries. The planet can be useful for the extraction of minerals and spaceports for a flight into "unexplored space." But most of all we want to know whether life exists on Mars.

Mars is the only planet in the Solar family, which is still able to surprise scientists with some form of life. They really hope for it, as, indeed, we.Is there life on Mars

Giant ants

Is there life on Mars? According to some scholars, was. In the past, Mars, like Earth, was filled with rivers, volcanoes erupted, and the climate was temperate. The banks of rivers, seas and oceans were covered with abundant vegetation, and the animal world was much more diverse than on Earth. Insects were the most adapted to their habitats; the largest positions in numbers were occupied by huge praying mantises and ants. And then the irreparable happened - the rich nature of Mars disappeared along with most of the atmosphere.


The main distinguishing feature of the current Mars and Earth is the composition of their atmospheres and density. The atmosphere of Mars, consisting mainly of carbon dioxide, puts pressure on the planet 100 times weaker than Earth’s and does not protect it from the radiation of death from the Sun, and Venus ’atmosphere presses 100 times stronger than Earth.

Increasing air temperature can turn the Earth into another Venus, and if you pollute our planet, its slow cooling will be similar to Martian conditions. At the equator of Mars, the temperature does not exceed 16 degrees, and the night temperature is -60 degrees Celsius. At both poles, the thermometer drops to -120 degrees. The atmosphere of Mars badly protects it from the cold Cosmos.

We have fluffy white snow covering the permafrost of the pole, and on Mars - “dry ice”, i.e. frozen carbon dioxide. The low pressure of the Martian atmosphere, which has almost disappeared, will make a glass of water boil and evaporate at +10 degrees. This means that it is possible to melt the permafrost of the planet and get water thanks to powerful installations with life possible on mars

Surface of mars

The surface of the planet has a reddish tint, this is due to the significant content of iron oxides in it. The southern hemisphere of Mars is covered by a greater number of craters than the northern one.Up from the equator, an unknown force swept up almost all traces of the craters, perhaps there was a disaster. Or perhaps the endless ocean stretched.

Probably, in former times, rivers flowed on the planet, but now only dried up beds remain from them. The surface of Mars is famous for its high volcanoes, one of them - Olympus - rises up to 28 kilometers - this is the highest mountain in the Solar family. Frozen lava flows formed shield volcanoes, which abounds in the planet. In ancient times, Mars showed unprecedented volcanic activity.

There are huge canyons, sand dunes, and meteorite craters on the planet. In addition to meteorites, the atmosphere with the hydrosphere affects the surface of the planet, the latter is much less pronounced. Weathering acts on the planet, although not as active as on Earth. Previously, it was intensified by high temperature and atmospheric pressure, as well as existed liquid water.there is life on mars or not

Highly spiritual entities

Is there life on Mars? This is a classic question that reflects the interest of people in the existence of space in the brothers in mind. But there is an opinion that is expressed by people with paranormal abilities that their civilization very long ago, millions of years ago, reached a much higher level of development than ours.

The spirit or mind of the Martian has already mastered all the qualities of evolutionary experience and has completed the cycle of development in three-dimensional space, now he does not need the material shell, as we need it to master the physical world. Highly spiritual entities now need more dynamic systems that develop activities that are completely different from ours.Is there life on Mars

Therefore, life on Mars is invisible to the means of sensing, despite the intense manifestations of the forms of their activities that are different from ours. That is why official science still does not recognize as rational or even some elementary form of life. Or maybe scientists have already proved that there is life on Mars, but thishide?

The disappearance of the Martian civilization

Is there life on Mars? Given the various evidence of scientists and researchers in this field, it can be argued that it was. But where did she disappear? This is a new question. We need to figure it out.

The planet has long found water in the form of ice, a river bed, which means it had its own atmosphere, and, accordingly, the biosphere. Therefore, presumably, Mars also had its own civilization of intelligent beings.There is evidence of this in the form of cave paintings of ancient people (earthlings), their legends about the gods, which descended to the earth, are preserved. There are also hypotheses that it was the Martians who brought a number of species of animals and plants to Earth, introduced the ancient people to science. And today, Mars looks lifeless: its atmosphere is 95% carbon dioxide, and few people believe that life on the red planet once boiled.mars is there life on mars photo

Meteor shower or war?

Is there life on the planet Mars? It is no secret that it has its own secrets, which scientists are trying to uncover, having discovered a lot of unclear things. For example, the sphinx, looking at the sky, the correct form of incomprehensible holes in the rocks, found 40 pyramids - all this requires clarification.

Is there life on Mars or not? The above facts prove that it existed. It is possible to give explanations about the disappeared reasonable civilization of the Martians, assuming that they died as a result of the disaster. On the surface of Mars discovered many small diameter craters, which go deep into the planet, their age is huge. From this it follows that many years ago there was a meteor shower, which wiped from the face of the planet all his life. Martians could not cope with this scourge.

There is also another hypothesis about the disappearance of civilization. A version of the war is being put forward, as a result of which the humanoids have destroyed themselves. Proof - craters - traces of the fall of bombs, maybe nuclear.

Life deep underground

Is life possible on Mars now? There is a hope that civilization still exists. Maybe after the catastrophe, its representatives hid deep in the bowels of the earth, settling there in some kind of bunkers on the planet Mars? Is there life on Mars? Photos in which holes of the correct form are visible prove that it is quite possible. Where are they going? Why they are not covered with sand? Why don't the humanoids try to ask us for help if they are there?is there life on mars photo

Mars has a lot of mysteries. How much longer to meet with aliens? And when it will be possible to give an exact answer to the eternal question of whether there is life on Mars?

From the background

Man did not want to feel lonely among the stars, so they invented all sorts of hypotheses about life on Mars. In ancient times, scientists and other respected people were not averse to believing in the existence of intelligent life even on the Moon.

At the end of the 19th century, a whole network of straight lines was observed on the surface of Mars; they were discovered by the Italian Schiaparelli (later they are translated from his language as channels).But it all turned out to be an optical illusion.

Further, at the junction of centuries around Mars and aliens, real passions arose, and the question of the existence of life on the planet was considered closed. And the problem of establishing contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations of the Universe was only with other planets, not with Mars. But time passed, and the Martians were silent.

In the middle of the 20th century, the Russian scientist Tikhonov was able to explain the color change of some parts of the planet, linking this with the seasonal activity of blue-green or blue plants. Soon the science of astrobotics arises. But all these bold statements were refuted by the first detailed photographs of the surface of Mars in 1965.mars is there life there

Mysterious face

Is there life on Mars? The photo "Viking1", which depicts an unusual relief formation, caused another stormy wave of discussions around the issue of the Martian civilization on the planet. When this part of the surface of the planet was filmed, the sun's rays fell in such a position on this elevation that it looked like a mask or a mysterious face. A lot of books were written about this find, which was called the “Martian Sphynx”, and many lectures were read.

Mars...Is there life there? New research shows that such faces can be seen everywhere on the red planet.

Life is revealed

Is life possible on mars? Evidence that it is, or at least was, found in Antarctica. A team of scientists led by David Mac Kay in the 90s of the 20th century published an article that proves the discovery of the existence of bacteria on Mars in past times. The meteorite, which fell from Mars to Earth in the region of Antarctica, gave interesting results in its study. When analyzing the meteorite substance, organic compounds, very similar to the waste products of terrestrial bacteria, were found, mineral formations that correspond to the by-products of bacteria, and carbonate balls (they can be micro-fossil simple bacteria) were also found.

Fallen meteorite

How did a piece of Mars find himself on the ground? Researchers give explanations about this. About 100 million years after the formation of Mars, the original red-hot rocks became solid. This information is based on the study of meteorite radioisotopes. About 4 billionyears ago, the rock collapsed, presumably from a meteorite falling. Water that has fallen into the cracks made it possible for simple bacteria to exist in them. Then the bacteria with their by-products turned into fossils in the faults. These detailed information was obtained when studying radioisotopes in cracks.does life exist on mars

A large meteorite from space landed on Mars 16 million years ago, having beaten off a significant piece of rock that soared into space. This event is just such an age that confirms the research of a meteorite, which was under the influence of cosmic rays all the time of its movement in space. Traveler finished his flight in Antarctica.

Originally from Mars

Scientists give an answer with evidence about the Martian origin. Twelve meteorites of Martian origin were found on Earth, including our messenger of life. It weighs almost two kilograms. Our “newcomer” is not the same as everyone else, but an exception - one of all emerged about 4.6 billion years ago, when the history of the Solar System was just beginning, the other eleven are younger, 1.3 billion years old.

All twelve meteorites formed on Mars, this is evidenced by their rock crystallized from molten magma, it was previously red-hot. This proves their planetary origin, which is not at all connected, for example, with an asteroid. The composition of their breeds is very similar to each other. They are all marked by heat from the impact and bear traces confirming that there was a fact that a meteorite had landed, which threw them into the open space of space. Studying a rock that fell on Earth, scientists discovered an air bubble on one of the twelve meteorites, similar in composition to the Martian atmosphere that the Vikings had studied. These and all other conclusions and comparisons allow us to conclude that these meteorites are of Martian origin.

Upcoming launches

Looking at the pictures of the Vikings, you can see two large craters, they may well be traces of the fall of that meteorite on the planet Mars, which broke off and set rocks on a journey around the surrounding space.

Planet Mars ... Is there life on it? There is no limit to the optimistic view, but there are also opposing opinions that prophesy our Earth a lonely existence in the abyss of a lifeless Universe.But it’s too early to grieve, because at the dawn of the beginning of the millennium, new launches are planned on the red planet, perhaps they will bring us good news. Well, wait and see.

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