Joe Harwell from the TV series Supernatural

Joe Harwell is a young blonde from the Supernatural series. A girl, like the Winchester brothers, wants to cleanse our world of demons. For what she fell in love with the audience, could Joe become a girlfriend Dean, and what the actress who played the heroine is doing now? Let's try to figure it out.

Meet the heroine

In the TV series Supernatural, the desire to kill demons is often inherited. There was no exception, and the young hunter for evil spirits - Joe Harwell. According to the series, this is the daughter of Ellen, the mistress of the Road House Bar, and William Anthony Harwell. The last many years ago was the companions of the father of the Winchester brothers - John. It was his fault that William died tragically. Joe doesn't know about that.

We get acquainted with the heroine in the bar of her mother. Sam and Dean come to the "House by the Road" after the death of his father. Joe and Ellen take on the Winchester "fly" and seem to be ready to shoot strangers. When it turns out that these are the children of John, anger is replaced by mercy. Although Ellen remains wary.

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Mother Joe wants to protect the young adventurer from harm and forbids her to chase the demons. However, the younger Harwell does not listen and runs off to the hunt along with the Winchesters. Already after the return of her daughter, Ellen in the hearts tells her daughter that her father died because of John. In the future, we learn that William Harwell during a joint hunt was badly wounded by evil spirits, and Winchester had to finish him off.

The character and appearance of a young demon hunter

Judging by the photo, Joe Harwell is a graceful taut brown-eyed blonde. It would seem that such a girl is not the place among the harsh hunters. However, the docile nature of the heroine did not get. Instead of getting an education and finding a decent job, Joe wants to save the world from demons. From conversations with her mother, we learn that the girl thought to get a normal profession, but the college dropped out. Too stood out from the crowd of students.

Joe had no other choice. In the mother’s bar, hunters were frequent guests, and the girl talked with them, listened to stories, played up for money. In this case, the heroine grew up without a father, whom she loved and whom she missed. She believed that the hunt would bring them together and make them look alike.

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By the character of Joe Harwell, the girl is determined and courageous. In addition, it is not deprived of brains and is able to make the right decisions in critical situations. Odako heroine often conflicts with her mother. Ellen bans even thinking about hunting. One day, a mother reminds Joe that she lives under her roof, so she must obey. After that, the girl runs away from home, begins her hunt for evil, and from time to time she sends letters to her mother.

Character death

Joe Harwell dies in the 10th series of the 5th season. In the episode "The End to All Hopes," the girl and her mother help the Winchesters leave the hell-king Crowley's lair. Initially, the goal of the hunters was to kill Lucifer, but, as is the case with the laws of the genre, “something went wrong.” Their ally, angel Castiel fell into the trap of a fallen angel, and the demon Meg lowered the dog hunters from hell. It was they who bit Joe.

The wounds of the girl were fatal, and she decided to detonate a homemade bomb that would destroy the dogs. However, the heroine dies before she has time to activate the explosives. In the end, the bomb blows up her mother Ellen. And also dies.

Dean Winchester and Joe Harwell

Hunters often tried to make relationships with a charming blonde.But the novels with visitors to Joe's bar was clearly not interested. In Dean Winchester, the girl fell in love almost immediately, and the serial lovelace at first was not averse to playing with a pretty "colleague." Their relationship became doomed when the girl found out that her father had died because of John Winchester. It was clear that Dean really liked the unpredictable Harwell, but he did not dare to look after her.

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Joe Harwell confessed to Dean in love after her death in the series “Shielding Herself.” In this episode, the eldest of the Winchester brothers came under the court of Osiris. He was appointed executioner by Joe. The girl did not want to kill her lover, but she had to do it. Just before the execution, Joe mentally confesses his feelings to Dean. Sam manages to defeat the king of the next world, and Dean is still alive. At this failed romance of two demon hunters ends.

In which episodes can you meet the heroine?

In the Supernatural series, Joe Harwell appears in several episodes:

  1. “Everybody loves clowns” (season 2). Meet the heroine.
  2. "Simon Says" (Season 2). We learn that the girl is in love with Dina and dreams of "hunting."
  3. “There is no way out” (season 2). Joe runs off to hunt with the Winchesters.Find out the details of the death of his father.
  4. "Harassment" (Season 2). The girl runs away from home.
  5. “Born under the bad sign” (season 2). The heroine wants to hunt with the brothers, but they do not take it with them.
  6. "Oh, God, and you too!" (Season 5). Joe with his mother enters the city of "War", where it seems to them that everything around is demons. Including Dean and Sam.
  7. "End to all hopes" (Season 5). The death of the character.
  8. “Shielding Yourself” (Season 7). Must be the executioner at the court of Osiris.

In addition, the girl is occasionally remembered in some series of different seasons. And in the 6th season, in an alternate reality, Joe and his mother remain alive.

Alona Tal - actress who played Joe

Played charming Joe Harwell actress Alona Tal (height 1.63 m). The future star of the series was born and raised in Israel, which is reflected in her biography. She spent two years of her life in the ranks of her country's army.

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The career of actress Alona began in Tel Aviv. There she studied at the school of arts and played her first roles:

  • a witch in the fairy tale "Pim Pam Po 2";
  • girl advertising powder;
  • roles in several local television series.

After a little success in the homeland, Alona decided to move to New York. In America, the actress went to study at the theater school Lee Strasberg. To date, the most memorable role is Joe Harwell.In addition, the actress can be seen in the films:

  1. "College".
  2. "Neither alive nor dead 2".

And also in the series: "The Seventh Heaven", "Detective Rush", "Theory of Lie", "Knight of the Roads" and other projects.

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Alona Tal enjoys playing the guitar and piano. In ordinary life, she does not catch the demons, but she is trying to clean up the environment - she prefers riding a bicycle to driving.

In June 2007, Tal married a Mexican actor Marcos Ferraiz. Before the official marriage, the couple was friends for more than three years. For the sake of her husband, Alona decided to learn Spanish, now she speaks three languages ​​(Hebrew, English, Spanish).

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