Johnson Duane: tattoos and their meaning (with photo)

Duane Johnson is an actor, a professional wrestler in the past. In college, he was part of a football team that participated in the national championship. Johnson even played in the Canadian Football League shortly before he began his career as a wrestler after his grandfather Peter Mayvia and his father Rocky Johnson. Nicknamed "The Rock", Johnson became the champion of the World Wrestling Federation from 1996 to 2004.

Johnson actor

In 2001, he made his acting debut in the film The Mummy Returns, where he played the king of scorpions. For this role, he received a fee of 5.5 million dollars and was even listed in the Guinness Book of Records for the highest among debutants. Since then, he has starred in a series of popular films, including The Tooth Fairy, The San Andreas Rift, several parts of the Fast and the Furious movie and even the cartoon Moana.

Johnson and Samoan traditions

Johnson at the gymThe most famous tattoos are located on his chest and arm. What does Duane Johnson think of them? Tattoos and their meaning in one of the interviews he described as follows: "The history of my tattoos on my chest and arm is very well thought out. They represent everything that I love so much."

In 2003, the actor went to Hawaii to perform the traditional Samoan rite. Johnson Duane decided to make a tattoo with national patterns there. The work was performed by the famous master with Tahiti named Poyono Yironi. It took him 60 hours to work (20 hours per session). Duane Johnson was not the only one who endured 20 hours for the sake of his tattoo. In the same year, his cousin Tanoai repeated the actor's courageous act. Together with other members of the family, they played musical instruments and talked about the history of their family’s heritage in order to divert attention from such painful tattoos. Before starting to create tattoos, Johnson and his master had a long conversation and even prayed, as told by Johnson Duyen. The tattoo on his chest and arm is the story of his life journey. Moreover, it is the history of the culture of his ancestors, which played an important role in shaping the personality of Johnson.

Tattoos of the actor express the idea of ​​struggle - overcoming difficulties for achieving success, as well as gratitude for this success. The value of his tattoos comes down to three things: the family, the protection of the family and the decisive spirit of the warrior. It is difficult to describe the value of the entire tattoo.Johnson Duane himself spoke about the depicted symbols. Tattoo (photo attached below) consists of a set of characters, each of which has its own meaning.

The Importance Of Dwayne Johnson Tattoos

Johnson's famous tattoo


In 2003, Johnson traveled to Hawaii to capture the story of his family on his body. It is believed that the Big Eye possesses the spirit of the enemy of its owner. This symbol distracts during the fight. Johnson Duyen calls a tattoo with a broken face, sharp teeth a symbol of struggle and his spiritual protector.

Spiritual mentor

The second outstanding tattoo is the priest or spiritual guide for the actor. She awakens supernatural powers and enlightenment in a fighter.


Abundance and achievement stones flaunt their biceps, which Duane Johnson has coached for years. Tattoos, the meaning of which is multifaceted, Johnson himself describes as: "They are the foundation of my life and symbols of my dedication. They give me the right to stand firmly and speak with honor like Tula Fale (high-ranking leader), and also contain mana - supernatural power."

Each element of the Johnson tattoo has its own meaning.Curls

Downward curls around Johnson’s left shoulder represent a union of past, present, and future.This pattern continues down the arm, as Duane Johnson wanted. Curls tattoos have a special meaning, which is described by the words: "Everything changes where the disappeared is found."

Sun and family

There are symbols on the neck, where it was not by chance that Johnson Duane placed them. The tattoo depicted there is the sun, which should bring good luck. Under it there is a symbol "isa-gfaatasi", which unites three people into one. This is Johnson himself, with arms outstretched to his wife Dani and daughter Simone.

Warrior spirit

The tattoo on Johnson's chest - the face of a warrior - represents the overcoming of the difficulties of life and the spirit of a warrior, which is why Johnson Dwayne placed her in her heart. The tattoo helps him to maintain a decisive attitude whatever happens.

Tortoise shell

The lower part of the tattoo on the left hand is decorated with a pattern of turtle shell. Warriors used it to protect against evil spirits.

Brahma bull

On Johnson’s right hand, the bull’s head corresponds to the sign of the zodiac under which the actor was born. This is Taurus or bull. He is depicted with long horns and red eyes. Johnson Duyen dedicated a tattoo with an image of a bull’s head to another nickname Brahma the Bull.
Another Johnson's nickname is Brahma the bull.

Johnson and his plans

In an interview with a sports edition, Johnson said he plans to return to the ring, all he needs is to find a worthy opponent for him. He also believes that it is important to do something more ambitious and spectacular in contrast to his past projects.

In another interview with Duyen Johnson, the tattoos, which he is still going to do, described as follows: "I have a lot of body, we could cover most of his tattoos." It remains to hope that the new tattoo will help the actor to win new victories.

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