Joking assignments to guests for any holiday

The guarantee of a merry holiday is the entertainment of the guests. You do not need to turn the celebration into the absorption of delicacies and arguments! Prepare the script in advance. Include in it mobile contests with prizes, quizzes and comic assignments to guests! New Year, birthday or professional holiday - it does not matter! The main thing that everyone had fun! Get small presents for the winners, and your holiday will be remembered for a long time by friends and relatives!

Getting fun

Prepare for the solemn day to be done in advance and carefully. Prepare all the attributes and accessories, learn the words and connections. Funny tasks for guests should be simple and fun. If someone refuses to do what you ask, do not insist. After all, a person can feel shy and uncomfortable. In this case, smoothly switch to the next "victim".Joking assignments to guests for any holiday

Small contests at the table will entertain those present after moving games or dancing. On the plate, spread a few slices of lemon and select the participants. Each of them should eat a slice of sour citrus and at the same time smile. Anyone who starts to frown or wrinkle his face - drop out. The winner can be given a sweet candy!

You can give comic assignments to guests in verse. At the table, after the dances, everyone will be tired and excited. But you do not need to interrupt the entertainment program. You can have fun by continuing the feast.

This good fellow, put the cucumber in your mouth!

And now let's hasten the guests,

Tell us an anecdote, even though the cucumber is busy with the mouth!

Get a funny mini-presentation. Although talking with a full mouth and not too decent, but very funny! A few present can participate in this contest, but there are still comic assignments to the guests!

To the one who is right from you right now, wink at the left eye,

Well, and who is from your left, waiting for a delicious cutlet.

Prick her on a fork and gently feed your neighbor!

And you task is simple, but a little mischievous,

Drink lemonade and dance lambadas for us!

Winter wonder

New Year - it is awaited with impatience, both children and adults. Close and friends will gather at one table and have fun all night long. Be sure to prepare New Year's comic assignments to guests. It is on this evening that they will perform all without question and with pleasure. After all, the mood is upbeat, the company is excellent, and the holiday is the most favorite in the year!

Assignments write on small pieces of paper, roll in a tube and immerse in a Christmas tree toy-ball. These magic balls can be laid out on the table as decor, and when the time comes, ask the guests to get out messages from there! It turns out rightly - everyone will choose his own task!

  • stand on a chair with your feet and read the poem by Agnes Barto;
  • ask the participant to represent the animal - the symbol of the year;
  • without the help of hands to eat chocolate;
  • tie a shiny tinsel to the apple, hang it high and offer the guest to bite off three pieces, hands tied behind the back of the same tinsel;
  • let the guest sing "A Christmas tree was born in the forest" a duet with you;
  • you need to show the gestures of the situation: the kid instead of the long-awaited gift found under the tree a bag of coal!

Such comic assignments to the guests necessarily like, because they are fussy and harmless!

If the birthday is only once a year, it should be noted so that emotions and impressions are enough until next year! Plan the party program, do not hesitate to involve guests more often. Invite the guests to say in turn a tongue twister, who will hesitate first - utters a ridiculous toast.

  • otters in gaiters, they cedar cedars;
  • Sasha lump hat knocked down;
  • hope was removed from Hope, without clothes Hope is not as before.

If at the table gathered lovers of singing, you can arrange a musical match. Choose the two most vociferous and fun guests. Let them sing one and the same song one by one with given intonations:

  • frightened;
  • childish voice;
  • opera;
  • cleverly;
  • fast slow;
  • with intonations of famous personalities.

Such comic tasks for the birthday party will be to your taste. Everyone will laugh heartily and will remember this event for a long time.

Good words

The collective task is always carried out with enthusiasm. Give out handles and sheets of paper to guests, let them write one adjective for each. After that, you insert them into the pre-prepared template - congratulations to the birthday boy! Get a very funny and awkward text!

" …birthday boy! We are your ... friends came to you today in ... clothes and ... gifts! We want to wish you to be always beautiful and ..., in demand and ...! Your ... eyes always shine with happiness! Health to you and ... companion (ka) life! Today you have covered ... the table, bought ... wine and ... amused us. Happy Birthday!"

When you read this common creation with an expression, guests will cry with laughter. Let the birthday boy keep this congratulation on memory, in a year you can re-read and laugh again!

Make incendiary parties for anything! It's so nice to get together all together, have fun, make a bunch of bright shots! Attach a little imagination and diligence, and your celebration will be a great success!

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