Kefir chicken: recipe

Chicken in kefir turns out unusually tasty, if properly cooked. And in these recipes it all depends on how the marinade is cooked. Of course, you can simply pour kefir chicken in a container and put it in the oven, but it will be wrong. So you should pay a little attention to the main secrets, through which you can get a great treat.

kefir chicken

Three in one: fast, tasty, easy

Kefir chicken cooked in the oven is very simple and tasty. All that is required for this dish is a whole chicken carcass and a pack of kefir. Despite the fact that the set of ingredients is very modest, the result will be a nourishing and tender dish. Slightly dry meat is perfectly soaked with sour kefir, as a result of which it turns out juicy and just melts in your mouth. If you cook this dish at least once, it will become your favorite.

kefir chicken recipe

Marinade secrets

So, the first thing you will need to thoroughly wash the chicken carcass under water, then chop into portion pieces.After that, you need to rub each of the pieces with salt and spices. By the way, it should be noted that you need to be careful with the seasonings - they must be correctly combined and not overdone. Aromatic Italian herbs mixed with a small amount of black and red pepper will be very useful. You can make it easier at all - buy spices for chicken and rub meat with them. You also can not forget about salt. After this is done, the meat must be transferred to a bowl in which it will be marinated. Then everything is simple: you need to fill the chicken with kefir. Do not be shy - you have to pour generously so that the liquid covers the meat. After that, the chicken must forget about two hours. In principle, the longer the meat is marinated - the better. In the morning you can do all of the above, and in the evening, after work or study, cook. Here you can be sure that the meat will be juicy, fragrant and soaked.

Cooking process

After the marinating time has expired, you can proceed directly to the cooking. The chicken must be shifted to the refractory form (it can be both metal and glass - the last option is better) and send it to the oven. It should be heated to 180 degrees.You need to bake one hour. In general, it is advisable to follow the dish: the finished chicken in kefir should be covered with a ruddy appetizing crust. Here the main thing - do not overdry, do not overdo it in the oven. After the time allotted for cooking has expired, you can get the dish and serve.

kebab chicken kebab


Everyone likes to get out into nature and have picnics. One of the most delicious dishes that can be prepared as a treat is chicken kebab in kefir. So which marinade will be the most delicious? There are some universal recipes. For the first one, you will need 3 kilograms of chicken, 3.5% kefir (half a liter), three onions, a clove of garlic, salt and pepper (to taste). First you need to cut the bird into pieces, then put them in a saucepan. The next stage - pour kefir meat. Onions should be pre-cut into rings, and chop the garlic. All this also needs to be added to the saucepan.

kefir marinated chicken

Mix thoroughly, sprinkle with pepper, salt, spices, cover with a plate and press down with a load. You should let the meat brew (enough for two hours), after which you can fry it. As you can see, chicken in kefir is cooked quite simply.The recipe is simple, the main thing here is not to overdo the seasonings. By the way, one more thing should be noted - the meat soaked with kefir is very easy to string on a skewer. Another plus of this recipe.

Perfect dinner

If you do not want to think about what to cook for dinner for a long time, then we can say that roasted chicken in kefir would be the ideal option. The recipe is simple, there is nothing difficult in it - everyone can cook this delicious, fragrant dish. So, you need kefir of any fat content (but not less than 2.5%), a little salt and chicken. Bird should be thoroughly washed, then pour kefir, pre-salted. For half an hour the meat should be left to marinate. Then generously pour over the pan with vegetable oil and simply fry the chicken, first on one side and then on the other. It would seem that there is nothing unusual. But this is the case if it was an ordinary bird, fried in a frying pan. But the chicken, pickled in kefir, has a special spicy taste. By the way, it should be noted that fillets marinated on the same principle will be a great treat. As you know, this part is the most tender and, accordingly, tasty.And if you also cook the right marinade, you get a real delicacy. By the way, universal - you can eat it with anything. Even with spaghetti, even with vegetables, even with potatoes.

kefir chicken in the oven

Culinary improvisation

As already mentioned, chicken in kefir, cooked in the oven, is a real delight. But this is far from the limit of culinary excellence. Very tasty can get chicken or its fillet, stewed in kefir. In the recipe, too, there is nothing complicated. The first step is to cut the washed fillets (usually take a kilogram) into small pieces. Then pour butter into a thick-bottomed frying pan and heat it. When it is hot, chicken pieces should be fried on high heat. Then add the onion sliced ​​in half rings (three large heads) to the meat and slightly reduce the heat. Slightly stew, do not forget to cross and salt. After a couple of minutes, you can pour kefir. On such a portion will go somewhere half a liter of dairy product. After this, it is necessary to cover the pan with a lid and simmer on minimal heat until there is very little left in the kefir. The chicken should absorb everything. A few minutes before readiness, the lid is removed and the stew is continued to stir, stirring the meat - this is necessary in order to evaporate the juice and to make the bird roast.The result is a fragrant and tasty treat.

By the way, here you can improvise with the ingredients. For example, during the preparation add to the chicken with onions chopped champignons. Only kefir will need less - mushrooms also liberally produce juice, we must remember that. Some add tomatoes, while others act according to the principle “everything in the fridge - to the pan”. But you can not do this - it is important to know the measure in everything. Only then will the chicken in kefir get tasty, tender, juicy and appetizing.

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