Konstantin Nikolayevich Muravyev, writer. Space and combat fiction, fantasy

Muravev Konstantin Nikolaevich is a modern Russian writer working in the fantasy genre. Known as the master of space and In this article we will talk about the work of the writer, consider the most popular of his books and give a biographical note.

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short biography

Konstantin Nikolaevich Muraviev was born in Kyrgyzstan. His father was an engineer, and his mother was a teacher at school. When little Kosta turned 14, the family moved to the Urals. From his youth, he became addicted to reading historical novels, then discovered fantasy and science fiction. After school, the future writer decided to get a full-fledged education. The choice fell on the Ural State Technical University. In his student years, the future writer was engaged in sambo and judo. But the sport was not his main passion - he was very fond of mathematics andwent to a chess club. From the same time, Muravyov literally fell ill with history. This passion he has retained until now. Often the author gives the main characters their hobbies and traits.

Very little is known about the writer's personal life. Today, he not only actively cooperates with the publishing houses "Tsentrpoligraf" and "Leningrad", but also works at one of the largest Ural metallurgical enterprises as a database administrator.


Konstantin Muravyev writes books mainly about "popadans". That is, his characters, born on our planet in our time, magically turn out to be in other worlds. Often, the other universes of the author are technologically much more developed than ours. Novels Muravyev created for lovers of space travel, vivid battle scenes, colorful descriptions of military weapons and action.

Now let's talk in more detail about the cycles and books of the author.

The cycle "Somewhere there"

Ants Konstantin Nikolaevich

Konstantin Muravyev published the first book of the series back in 2014. It was called “Somewhere there” and began the cycle. The unprecedented popularity of the novel forced the writer to quickly take up the sequel.And next year two books appeared: “The City of the Ancients” and “Neutral Worlds”. In 2015, the final novel appeared - “Master Loot”. This series can not be attributed to kosmofinetica. Rather, it is a classic fantasy story. It begins with the fact that one young man of our time accidentally falls on another planet, where magic, not technical progress, won. Everything that happens we see through the eyes of the hero, from whose face the narration is being kept. Once in the new world, the character begins to gradually develop in it. One of the advantages of creativity Muraveva is that his characters evolve. The new world changes them, makes them adapt to the new rules of the game. And in the second book of the cycle in front of the reader is no longer a boy, whom it was not clear where, but a person who knows what he wants and how to get it. Now, the hero faces a new task - to penetrate into the city of the Ancients, in which magicians dominate. But the quest for power can easily lead to death. The book reveals some secrets of the universe.

The third part of the series continues the storyline associated with the city of the Ancients. And if before the character wanted to get into a secret refuge, now he has to get out of it. Demonic power comes to the rescue.From the city the hero is selected, but he finds himself in another world. This is a neutral territory that is under the control of a magical guild. Get out of here is impossible. The fact that this statement is true, tells the final part of the tetralogy.

Konstantin Muravyov, “Unaccounted”

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The series is also popular with readers, although it is not rated as high as the previous one. It includes three books: Unrecorded, Unknown with Drakkar, and Threat to the Clan. The first one was published in 2012, and I had to wait for two years to continue - until 2014. The plot of the trilogy is based on a journey between worlds and cosmic fiction. In the center of the story is a schoolboy Alexei Marmot. The young man goes to the Olympics, and is in another world. The planet on which our hero falls is submerged in darkness, since there is no sun in the system where it is located. And again Konstantin Muravyev shows himself to be an excellent psychologist. “Unaccounted” is a book about a young man who gradually matures, changes, finds friends, fights enemies. The second novel takes the reader to the galactic expanses. Alexey finds himself on a spaceship with his acquired friends.

The third book cannot be called a full-fledged sequel, since it was written by another author.It is even called fanfic. It describes the continuation of the adventures of the protagonist.

Cycle "Step over the abyss"

step over the abyss

Another series Muravyev. Readers did not appreciate it, pointing to some logical inconsistencies in the plot. However, there are those who liked the cycle. The story again tells about the "asshole". A total of four books were included in the collection: “Crossing the Abyss,” “Day solves everything,” “Step into the Abyss” and “The Enemy Behind”.

The main hero of the novels is Dmitry Ponomarev. A young man goes to the excavations in the ancient city found in the Ural Mountains. But during the research a collapse occurs, and Dmitriy finds himself in another world.

This cycle has not yet graduated from Konstantin Muravev. "Enemy behind", the last book to date, was published in 2017. Therefore, fans of the writer can safely hope to continue the exciting story.

Cycle "Gray"

This is one of the most popular series that the author wrote. Konstantin Muravev finished work on the first book in 2015. As soon as she came out of print, she immediately received rave reviews from readers. This time there was practically no dissatisfied.The plot is very similar to the previous books - the main character accidentally finds himself on another planet, where he will have to survive and find a way to return home. But this time it is not a yellow-haired youngster, but a man who has gone through the war and knows how to handle weapons.

In the novels there are a lot of descriptions of space battles and battles, so they are more likely to appeal to men than women. Also Muravyov pays great attention to the description of the weapon and its characteristics.

So far the cycle has included three books: “Gray”, “Preparation” and “Steel Frontier”. But the last novel does not provide answers to all the questions, so many readers hope to continue.


This series of ant Konstantin began writing in 2015. It included three novels: "Vivacious", "Far Outpost" and "Closed Worlds". The cycle also refers to the "popanusky" fantasy. The protagonist again finds himself in another world, but does not want to return back at all, since nothing good awaits him in his homeland. But the new world is not particularly friendly and will not spare the stranger. The hero strives for one thing - to fix his life and find peace, but fate again and again gives him trouble.

author Konstantin Ants

Other books

Many novels were written by Konstantin Muravev. All the books of the writer is simply impossible to disassemble in one article. Therefore, we list those that we have not considered in detail:

  • "Northerner".
  • "Techie".
  • "The call sign" Tech. "
  • "Day is everything."


Konstantin Muravyev is estimated by readers very ambiguously. His fans claim that the books are literally “swallowed” and require the continuation of the cycles. But there are those who mark logical inconsistencies in the plot, too rapid development of the action, “crumpled” endings, etc. experience. This speaks in favor of the writer, since his hero is not static, he develops under the influence of circumstances, and this is a sign of good literature.

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During his short career as a writer, Konstantin Muravyev was able to gain many admirers. All books of the author have their adherents and opponents. But the final opinion about the novels can be made only by reading them.

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