Korient Hotel 3 * (Turkey, Kemer): description, photos and reviews

Domestic tourists in the resorts of Turkey can find hotels for every taste. There are also luxury complexes, which in appearance resemble real palaces, and there are modest hotels offering accommodation at very low prices. One of these budget hotels is Korient Hotel 3 * in Kemer, which will be discussed in this article. Let's tell in more detail about the device of this complex, its infrastructure and reviews of guests who rested here before.

Basic Hotel Information

Korient Hotel 3 * (Turkey) cannot be called new, since it was built almost 30 years ago, namely in 1988. It does not differ in its size, since the complex occupies a very small area of ​​approximately 2,400 square meters. m. It fit two three-storey residential complex, as well as an outdoor pool and sun terrace. There are trees, bushes and flowers all over the territory, so tourists may not even notice that their hotel is located in the central part of the resort.By the way, it cannot be called crowded, either, because about 120-150 guests can live at the same time. The hotel has 63 rooms in total. It is suitable for a quiet and relaxing holiday, therefore, it is often chosen by families with children, as well as middle-aged tourists.

Hotel territory

The rules of settling guests in the hotel are standard. Registration of all guests starts at 14:00. Russian-speaking staff help Russian tourists fill out the documents. The hotel is forbidden to stay with any pets. Children under two years of age do not need to pay for rest.

Does the hotel have an advantageous location?

The Korient Mira complex (ex. Club Hotel Mira 3 *) is considered a city hotel, as it is located on the lively Kemer street. Tourists in their reviews say that such accommodation is quite convenient, since next to the hotel there are a lot of infrastructure facilities, such as shops, restaurants and cafes. At the same time, because of the location, it can be very noisy, because there are nightclubs and bars nearby, as well as a road. In addition, the hotel is built on a second beach line, as it is removed from the coast to a decent condition.Therefore, guests who want to swim in the sea, every day have to overcome about 650 meters in one direction. Kemer Pier is 1 km away.

The nearest airport to the resort, which receives tourists from Russia, is located near Antalya. The distance to it is about 58 km, so travelers will have to spend about 1-2 hours en route to the hotel. As a rule, when buying a voucher, they pay and transfer, so a special bus picks them up from the airport. However, guests can get to Kemer on their own, for example, by taxi or public transport.

Beach in Kemer

What rooms can the Korient Mira Hotel 3 * offer to its guests?

Since this hotel offers accommodation at fairly low prices, the quality of the rooms is appropriate here. However, the furniture and equipment in them is not old, since the last repair was held here in 2015. Most of the rooms in the hotel are standard. They are distinguished by a small area and simple repair. Such rooms consist of a bedroom and a bathroom. At the same time they have no balconies. Their area is 18 square meters. m. Here can live two adults with a small child up to 12 years.

There are several family apartments in the hotel. They accommodate five guests at once, and their area is 32 square meters. m. All hotels overlook the pool or a nearby street. Guests can count on daily cleaning, as well as changing bed linen and towels twice a week.

Standart room

The rooms are equipped with a minimum set of amenities. For example, guests can find in the living rooms TV, hairdryer and empty mini-bar. There is also an individual air conditioner and a remote control with which you can control the temperature in the room. Bath accessories, except soap, are not provided in the bathroom. For a fee, you can rent a safe to store documents and money, and use the telephone.

Catering on site

Hotel Korient Hotel 3 * (Kemer), although it is an inexpensive place to relax, but food is provided exclusively on the system "All Inclusive". She works here daily until 22:00. Meals include all breakfasts, lunches and dinners, as well as snacks, ice cream and fruit in between meals. Tourists can taste local drinks, including alcoholic ones. For each meal in the main restaurant serves a buffet.Its menu, of course, is no different variety, but the guests are always available dishes of meat, fresh vegetables and fruits, desserts.

For a fee, guests can buy imported alcohol. The bar also serves freshly squeezed juice and famous Turkish coffee. In the restaurant, if desired, you can order dishes from the menu, but also only for a fee.

Hotel restaurant

Beach holidays and other forms of entertainment

As a rule, it is for cheap beach holidays that tourists choose the Korient Hotel 3 *, so many guests are interested in the remoteness of the complex from the sea coast. As mentioned above, the distance from the hotel to the beach is 650 meters. At the same time, the hotel does not provide a bus for tourists, so they have to get there on foot. The local city beach is not sandy, but pebbly, so walking on it is possible only with special shoes. At the same time for the entrance and use of sun loungers are not charged.

The hotel has its own outdoor pool. It does not differ in large size: its area is 200 square meters. m. The water in it is fresh, while it is not heated, so you can swim only in good weather.Next to the pool there is a playground equipped with umbrellas and sun beds.

Hotel pool

There is practically no other entertainment in the hotel. He does not have his own animation team, so the tourists themselves are engaged in the organization of leisure. For example, they can play table tennis. And for a fee you can visit the billiards room.

Service at the hotel

Of course, there is no developed infrastructure at the Korient Hotel 3 *, but tourists in the reviews note that the level of service here is fully consistent with the cost of living. So, guests can use the car parking, located next to the hotel, free of charge. And at the reception you can always exchange currency or donate clothes to the laundry. True, her services are paid separately. But the wireless Internet throughout the hotel is free. Of course, its speed is not too high, but in the opinion of tourists, it is enough to view social networks.


Does the hotel have conditions for recreation with small children?

City hotel Korient Hotel 3 * accepts tourists with children of any age. For the smallest guests in the room even provided a special crib.And although they are issued for free, their number is limited, so it is better to check the availability of furniture in advance. As it should be, there are always high chairs for babies in the main restaurant. In this case, parents can also use a blender or microwave for preparing baby food.

But the entertainment for children in the hotel very little. On its territory there is a small playground, as well as a shallow pool. There is no mini-club or children's animation even in high season, so the whole organization of leisure will have to deal directly with the parents of kids.

Positive feedback about Korient Hotel 3 *

Small and budget hotels, as a rule, are seriously criticized by tourists whose expectations they have not met. Of course, coming to such a hotel, it should be understood that the level of service here is not the highest because of the low cost. However, tourists, who chose the complex for budget holidays, were generally satisfied with the time spent here. In their reviews, they often point out the following advantages:

  • friendly and friendly staff, fluent in Russian;
  • large selection of dishes in the main restaurant;
  • spacious and clean pool, which is regularly cleaned from debris;
  • new plumbing in the rooms, which is working properly;
  • excellent location, as within walking distance there are all the necessary infrastructure facilities.
Room facilities

Negative hotel reviews

Despite the low cost of living, it is impossible to deny that the hotel has significant drawbacks that can spoil the rest of some tourists. So, according to the guests, the complex has the following disadvantages:

  • low quality local alcohol;
  • rooms are not cleaned every day, but only a couple of times a week;
  • very small bathroom;
  • the Internet works intermittently, and in some rooms it does not even catch the signal;
  • bar workers do not follow basic hygiene rules.

Should I choose to relax hotel Korient Hotel 3 *? Of course, every tourist must make his own decision. It is worth noting that the hotel is well suited for you if you are looking for an inexpensive place for a relaxing holiday within walking distance from the sea and infrastructure facilities.

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