Lenovo A6000: reviews and reviews

The budget segment gadget with very high sound quality is the Lenovo A6000. Reviews about it, its features and characteristics will be discussed in detail below in the text.

lenovo a6000 reviews

Who is this device for?

Certainly, the technical specifications of the Lenovo A6000LTE is very modest as of today. The diagonal of 5 inches now does not surprise anyone, and even the 4-core CPU of outstanding performance certainly can not boast. From the position of the price, this device does not stand out against the competition, either. But still there is one important feature in this device - it's high quality sound. The manufacturer itself first of all, this smartphone is positioned as a device for music lovers. It is based on this position, we will consider this device. But, in addition to this plus, this device has many more advantages that it will please its owner. It is about them that will go further.


It is typical of both the economy-level gadget, the Lenovo A6000. Feedback is only just confirmed without fail. It includes:

  • The device itself.
  • Accumulator battery.
  • Standard interface cable.
  • Charger.
  • Warranty card and instructions for using the device.

The case of the "smart" phone is made of plastic,and the new owner to maintain its original state will have to immediately buy a cover. For the same reason, you immediately need to purchase and paste a protective film on the front touch panel of the gadget. Like most manufacturers, Lenovo does not equip its devices with an external flash drive. This accessory is also recommended to be purchased immediately after purchasing a smartphone.

lenovo a6000 lte

Appearance and convenience of work

Three color versions of the case have thiscell phone models: white, red and black. The weak half of humanity is primarily focused on the mobile phone Lenovo A6000 White. Reviewsthis only confirms. The same can be said about the red version of this gadget. Well, the most practical in this case is the mobile phone Lenovo A6000 Black. Reviews of the owners of the device highlight its increased resistance to the appearance of various types of damage. More precisely, they appear exactly the same, but on a black background they are not so much noticeable. On the front panel of the device is a 5-inch HD-screen. Underneath is the standard touch screen control panel for this manufacturer, which includes three buttons. Over the screen, sensors, a front camera and a speaker are output. All physical buttons that provide gadget locking and volume control are displayed on the right side of the device. This makes it much easier to work on this device. On the bottom edge of the smartphone is located only a spoken microphone, and on the opposite side of the displayed MicroUSB and "audiojack." On the back cover are: the main camera, its illumination on the basis of one LED and two loud speakers, which ensure the phenomenal sound of this model. The entire body of the device is made of plastic, and even the mechanical buttons from the right edge can not boast of the presence of metal. This is not surprising, because the device is budget-funded. Therefore, the gadget must necessarily be completed with a cover and a quality protective film. All this will avoid possible damage to the case during the use of the device.


A very modest CPU is used in LenovoA6000. The reviews, of course, highlight the acceptable level of performance of Snapdragon 410 (namely this chip from Kualkom is used in this device) in most applications. But this is true only for undemanding applications. But demanding programs will not function properly on this gadget. The given central processor has only 4 computational modules. They are based on the architecture of the A53, and their frequency can increase when solving the most demanding tasks to very modest by today's standards levels - 1.3GHz. All this provides a fairly good level of energy efficiency of this processor solution. Acceptable performance is achieved through 4 cores. In this case, if necessary, the unused computer modules of the central processing unit are disabled. This silicon crystal is manufactured in accordance with the 28-nm process technology. Another important feature of this chip is support for 64-bit applications. But, again, the most demanding programs on this CPU will not work normally.

lenovo a6000 lte 8 gb reviews

Graphic Accelerator

Coupled with the CPU in this device isgraphic accelerator Adreno 305. Like the CPU, and the video accelerator developed by the company "Kualcom". A high level of performance, like the CPU, this solution can not really boast. But here for most tasks (including the launch of medium-sized toys on the level of exactingness to the hardware resources of the smartphone), it is quite enough. The main purpose of this graphics accelerator is the release of the CPU from processing video information output to the touch screen, and it is with this that this graphic solution does an excellent job.


A reasonably good screen is installed in LenovoA6000. Reviews, a survey on the Internet is confirmed, this significant plus is given to this model. Its diagonal, as noted earlier, is 5 inches. The resolution in this case allows you to output an image in HD or 720p, that is, 1280 x 720 pixels. The display matrix itself is manufactured using IPS technology. Accordingly, the picture is bright and saturated. And the viewing angles are as close as possible in this case to 180 degrees. In this case, there is no noticeable distortion of the image on its surface. Another plus of the device is the presence of a sensor for automatic brightness adjustment of the display. Not every entry-level model has a similar sensor.

lenovo a6000 reviews and reviews


A small enough capacity of the integrated drive in Lenovo A6000 LTE - 8 GB. Reviewsdistinguish this feature of this "smart"phone as a small flaw. In this case, the operating system in this device is about 3 GB. For the installation of programs allocated 2 GB. And the user can use the remaining 3 GB to store personal documents (photos, videos and so on). This is clearly not enough to reveal the full potential of this model. Therefore, the owner of Lenovo A6000 will have to buy an external flash card additionally. Its maximum size in this case can reach 32 GB. The RAM in this smartphone is only 1 GB. At the same time, system processes take up about 600 MB. That is, the user can count on the remaining 400 MB when starting his applications. Again, to run 3-4 applications this is enough. But still it is recommended to periodically clean the RAM. Also, the optimization software will not be superfluous. For example, "Wedge Master" will significantly optimize the use of RAM. It can be installed from the search application store of the search giant.

Cameras, photo and video device capabilities

High quality reproduced sounds canboasting a smartphone Lenovo A6000 LTE. The reviews also give him one more advantage: this is the main camera. Although it is based on a sensor with modest to date 8 Mp, but that's the same "real" megapixels, and not obtained with the help of popular today's interpolation technology. Also in the device are implemented such technologies as autofocus and LED lighting. All this allows you to get photos of very good quality. There is also the possibility of recording video on this device, but the format of the clips it receives will be 720p. The front camera is based on a more modest sensor - 2 megapixels. To make video calls this is more than enough. But that's enough for Selfie. Given that this device belongs to the initial segment, these shortcomings are not so significant for this niche of gadgets.

lenovo a6000 lte 8 gb black reviews

The battery of the smart phone and its capabilities

The capacity of the complete battery is 2300 mAhin the Lenovo A6000 LTE. Reviews indicate that with the active use of this enough for 12-14 hours of work. This value will decrease to 6-7 hours if you run the average toy according to the requirements for the hardware resources of the smartphone. Well, in the mode of greatest economy, you can already count on 2-2.5 days of battery life. Again, to achieve this, you will have to use the device at a minimum. And the optimization software for power consumption is certainly not superfluous. On the other hand, another option to increase the autonomy of the Lenovo A6000 can be an external battery, which, when the main battery is discharged, will allow you to stay in touch. Although this is not quite an "elegant" solution, which will complicate the use of the device when it is actively used. But there is no other solution in this case.


All the basic methods of data transmission are realized in Lenovo A6000 LTE. This list includes:

  • The device has 2 SIM cards. Both of them can work in all existing mobile networks: GSM (the second name of this standard is 2G, the information transfer speed can theoretically reach 500 kbit / s, and this is enough to communicate in social networks or download a simple website); 3G (when operating in such a mobile network, the information transmission speed can theoretically reach 63 Mbit / s, and this is already enough to make video calls, view online video and download already large Internet resources); LTE (or as it is also called - 4G, in this case, the speed increases to a maximum of 150 Mbps, and this already makes it possible to watch video online in HD quality).
  • Another fast wireless way to shareThe information on this device is Wi-Fi. In this case, the maximum speed is 100 Mb / s, and this, as in the case of LTE, allows you to watch video in 720p format.
  • Connect a wireless headset or exchangephoto or video of a small size can be done with the help of "Bluetooth". Its version 4.0, and this allows you to connect without problems to most devices of this class.
  • To carry out navigation functions in thisThe device is integrated GPS-transmitter. This is enough to turn a smartphone into a navigator. Also for these purposes are preinstalled "Google maps", but professionals in this case recommend using specialized software.
  • Immediately two functions are assigned to the wired MicroUSB. The first of these is charging the battery. But the second, no less important, is synchronization with the PC.
  • The last wire interface is an audio jack. It allows you to connect any external speaker system to this gadget and output sound to it. In this case, the sound quality will be simply excellent.

System software

"Android" is a system software installed in a smartphone Lenovo A6000 LTE 8 GB. Reviewsspeak about the version with the number 4.4, pre-installed on it initially. But then, at the first connection to the global web, the system software is upgraded to version 5.0 already. In the rest, the set of software on this device is typical. There is a built-in mail client from the search giant. Do not forget the Chinese engineers about "Google maps," "Google +" and other utilities from the developer of the operating system. Also there are on the device and mini applications from "Android": organizer, calendar, calculator and so on. Well, without social networks is now difficult to do. This device is pre-installed "Tweeter" and "Facebook". All the rest, not included in this list, will have to be installed separately from the application store.

mobile phone lenovo a6000 black reviews

Reviews about the gadget

Virtually no significant deficienciesin the Lenovo A6000. Reviews and an overview of its specifications on this clearly indicate. The only downside to it can be considered a small battery life. But this issue is easily solved with the help of special optimization software and an external additional battery. Otherwise, this gadget can boast a number of advantages:

  • Excellent sound quality and the presence of 2 speakers at once.
  • A fairly productive platform, both for the device of the initial class.
  • Flawless main camera.
  • The latest version of the system software.
  • Quality display.

Price of the device now

The most affordable to date is the smartphone Lenovo A6000 black. Reviewsindicate its affordable cost: about 115 dollars. If you add 5-10 dollars, you can buy a white or red version of this device. In principle, this, it can be said, is the standard cost of such devices to date. Something remarkable in this respect is the Lenovo A6000 can not boast. But here the improved sound quality, an excellent main camera and an impeccable touchscreen display are the advantages that this particular device stands out against.

lenovo a6000 lte reviews


One of the best offers in its classis the Lenovo A6000. The reviews of its owners confirm this. This is really a balanced solution, in which there was even a place for the highlight: improved sound quality. But even if this is dropped, it's still the Lenovo's got another great device that will not leave anyone indifferent. The most common can be found now Lenovo A6000 LTE 8 GB black. Reviewsdistinguish its feature due to the fact thatdirt, fingerprints and scratches on it are not as noticeable as in other cases. At the same time, the price is lower. Separately, it should also be noted that the market has already appeared an updated version of this device, which is designated as "Lenovo A6010". It differs from the "A6000" by the presence of 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage. Of course, it is more preferable to buy it, but the cost of this gadget is much higher. There is also a Chinese version of this device - Lenovo K3. It also has identical characteristics, but it will not work in 3G and LTE networks, as it is optimized only for the Chinese market, which has other standards of mobile communication. At these important nuances when buying this device, you must always pay attention.

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