Lions and Cancers: compatibility in friendship and love

Good friends, faithful partners can be Lions and Cancers. Compatibility of signs, based on patience and forgiveness, can result in a long relationship. Otherwise, Leo and Cancer can become enemies for life. Their polar worldview is able to separate partners in different directions. In such a union, it is impossible to predict whether it will be love or enmity for life.

Characteristic of Leo

Life force, energy, activity characterize Leo. He is generous, loves to receive and give gifts. Loves praise and compliments. This zodiac sign prefers to be in the center of attention. His bright personality requires loud applause.

Leo is an honest, gullible sign. He often believes that other people are as decent and truthful as he. Leo is experiencing frustration in people. He is not vindictive, but he is able to remember offenses for a long time. At the same time sincere repentance can lead Leo to forgiveness.

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This sign is often a high opinion of themselves.His false pride, contemptuous coldness can hurt people. The lion is a hot-tempered sign, but quickly moves away from negative emotions. A benevolent smile is its natural state.

Can Lions and Raki make friends? Compatibilitythese signs, located next to the zodiacal circle, it would seem obvious. However, things are not so simple in their relationship.

Cancer Characteristics

Cancer has a fine mental organization. His emotionality, vulnerability make him hide his true feelings. However, Cancer is a focused, strong zodiac sign. It is difficult to break. He is able to wait out the storm and again begin to achieve the goal.

Cancers are patient, calm. They do not like violent manifestations of emotions. This sign prefers a quiet relationship. Crayfish are very thrifty. Their passion for hoarding helps them find the resources they need when it is a rainy day.

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Cancer is often controversial and capricious. It is difficult to understand the people around them. But the inner life of this sign is saturated. Thoughtful, spiritual work does not stop for a minute.

A steady, fruitful union can be created by Lions and Cancers. Compatibilitymarks is quite possible.But the planets that control them, the Sun and the Moon, are rarely in the sky together. So signs must overcome difficulties in order to coexist peacefully.

Element of fire

The element of fire gives the Lions sincerity, inner warmth. With such people it is comfortable to be around. But impulsiveness, hot temper, harshness speak of their intolerance towards other people's views and opinions.

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The fire gives the Lions strong will, the ability to quickly recover from the blows of fate. They are maximalists by nature. They divide life into black and white, evaluating the actions of people on the principle of good-bad, honestly, dishonestly.

When will the successful union "Cancer + Lion"? Compatibility of the signs of the zodiacpossible due to the awareness of their differences and the ability to take it for granted.

Element of water

The element of water gives Raku the whole gamut of emotions, experiences. He is able to catch the slightest nuances, shades of feelings. Cancers intuitively understand the movements of the soul, the actions of other people.

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Their outward calm is deceptive. They are sympathetic and compassionate. The water element gives the Cancers sensitivity, touchiness. But they try to hide their vulnerable soul from the callousness of others.

What does the horoscope mean for these signs? Cancer and Leo, the compatibility of which will be harmonious, if the foundation of it becomes unlimited trust, both can be honest with each other. If they learn to wisely accept the weaknesses of their partner, they will become the happiest couple.


Easily converge Lions and Cancers. CompatibilitySigns in friendship promotes creative union. They complement each other. The active energy of Leo is softened by the deep emotionality of Cancer.

Such friendships require intense inner work. Signs need to learn to avoid harsh words and negative emotions. They must realize that their power lies in the exact opposite. Leo and Cancer are able to complement each other.

Leo patronizes, and Cancer softens the explosive nature of a friend. But the stars at the time of birth may be different. Then the friendship of such different signs will be unlikely. Cancer prefers solitude, and Leo cannot live without society. Fate is able to separate them in different directions.


Leo and Cancer can find mutual understanding in bed. These signs are anxious for sex. They try to deliver maximum pleasure to their partners.This link can make love signs strong and bright.

If Cancer learns to compliment, and Leo will allow the partner to retire sometimes - then such a union can last a long time. The basis of this tandem is in absolute polarity: the Sun and the Moon, Fire and Water. If Leo and Cancer learn to calmly perceive the difference in characters and worldviews, they will be able to adapt to each other.

Thanks to the power of love, they are able to overcome obstacles and dissimilarity. Living together can be hard work or a pleasant adventure. In any case, this union will change both signs.

Compatibility: Female Leo - Male Cancer

Compatibility of female Leo and Male Cancer is complex and unpredictable. The lioness will not be able to abandon the usual environment, many friends, an active lifestyle. In extremely rare cases, this woman wishes to devote herself only to the family.

Cancer man will not tolerate the constant absence of his wife, her fans and friends. He prefers a quiet, comfortable home. His peace of mind should not disturb parties and bright holidays. Cancer is not against occasionally having fun, but the daily techniques of the Lioness will soon tire him.

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A woman Leo will lack the energy in the character of Cancer. She may be bored with his tremulousness and vulnerability. Leo does not have enough tempestuous passions in this union. A man-Cancer in a fit of jealousy will want to protect the spouse from society and communication.

Compatibility (Cancer and Leo, maleand a woman) is possible if the partners learn to accept each other with all the disadvantages and merits. Husband should often praise his wife, be proud of her achievements, calmly perceive her friends. The lioness needs to understand that Cancer loves peace and quiet. She should give her husband the opportunity to come to her home and enjoy peace after a busy day.

Compatibility: Male Lion - Female Cancer

Compatibility "Cancer-woman - Leo-male"much more harmonious. Here, the gender roles of partners fall into place. The softness of the moon's wife will cause the solar husband to desire to protect her. The lion will move energetically up the career ladder. Cancer woman will take care of home comfort and parenting.

But his wife over time will lack attention spouse. And Lev, eager for attention and compliments, can forget that his wife needs praise and support.Their quarrels and scandals can be stormy and end in a passionate night of love. And they can turn into a long, sluggish war.

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The lion in constant discontent will grumble, will start coming home less often. Cancer will stop caring for a partner, turning his attention to the children. Mutual discontent will grow until the signs learn to forgive each other's weaknesses.

Wife should give Leo an opportunity for self-realization. Only in this way can a male Lion be able to feel its own significance. And then he will come home calm and relaxed, fully realizing his potential at work. Husband need to pay more attention to his wife, to take care of her sensual sphere. Confidential communication will help to neutralize the internal stress.

Compatibility "Cancer-woman-Leo-man" is able to give them wisdom in alliance with each other. Signs have something to learn from a partner. Such a relationship based on patience and trust will become stronger over the years. The onset of harmony in the relationship will tell you that the couple have gone the right way.

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