Long-term hair styling without fear

What does the procedure mean?

Long-term stylingAfter the usual salon visit, the hair keeps the form no more than two or three days, but long-term styling allows you to achieve an impressive result. The procedure actually involves a light chemistry, but still you should not be afraid, because modern technologies allow to produce completely safe means. Usually they include natural ingredients, moisturizing and softening curls. Means used in beauty salons, have a low alkali content, in connection with this it is allowed to apply them even on dyed hair. Sometimes, only long-term styling can sometimes solve many problems, the majority of which are always positive.

How is the process in the cabin?

Long-term styling for short hairThe specialist, after studying the condition of the hair, chooses the necessary means so that the long-term styling keeps the shape for two months. The special composition is applied on wet curls, which are wound with a special device before the procedure. Thanks to easy chemistry, it will be possible to add volume or form curls.The fluid used by the specialist is absorbed instantly thanks to a modern formula. It penetrates the hair, making it supple and soft. After some time, the tool is washed off, and then the master fixes with a lotion, which is also removed with water. At the last stage, shampooing is performed and the installation itself is performed directly.

Long-term styling for short hair

Long term styling reviewsNowadays, many people mistakenly believe that only with long curls will be able to show unlimited imagination. A huge scope for ideas remains when working with short hair among professionals working in various beauty salons. In addition, the ease of styling makes it possible to create a long-term hairstyle. It should be understood that a short haircut in itself is an effective way to attract attention. However, it is always necessary to adhere to some style. For example, long-term styling in a sporting manner implies negligence, which can be achieved with foam or wax. Smooth strands near the forehead will help to add a daring look.

Hair care after the procedure

It is not recommended to comb the curls after a light chemistry, until they are completely dry. This is the main advice that can be given when long-term styling has been carried out. For washing hair, it is desirable to use only mild shampoos that improve the volume. Hairstyle will last much longer if you resort to using different gels, mousses and foams. Easy chemistry makes the strands natural, so you can easily create a “creative mess” on such hair. It is only necessary to slightly wrinkle wet curls and allow them to dry naturally. Thanks to the foam it is quite possible to make curls somewhat tougher. If you use the spray, you can try different options with waves on the hair.

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