Mass Effect 3: Review

Mass Effect is a popular series of space RPGs. The original trilogy tells the player the story of Captain Shepard and his team, who will save the galaxy at the cost of their lives. In this article, you will learn all the details about the third and final part of the Mass Effect 3 saga.

Creation history and year of manufacture

After the release of the second part, many fans still had questions about the fate of the main character and other characters, so the developers decided to put everything in its place and finish the trilogy beautifully. We will understand a little bit in the storyline of Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect 3

Game plot

The action begins a couple of years after the events of the second part of the series. Captain Shepard is on Earth, but not on his own will - he was put under house arrest because of his connection with Cerberus. However, there is no time to investigate the case, since humanity and other races faced a more serious problem than the case of the defendant. It's about the approaching reapers. The hero is summoned to the Council in order to listen to proposals for fighting enemies. However, at this moment everything is not going according to plan, and Shepard and the team must escape from the planet because of the attack of the reapers.At this point, the captain again goes on a dangerous adventure through the galaxy on the illegally stolen Normandy and in the company of his assistants. The first task is to find help in the fight against the reapers. This is where the gameplay of Mass Effect 3 begins.

Start of passage

From the first minutes the player is immersed in the usual gameplay. This is still a third person shooter with additional abilities and teammates. The game puts before you one of the main tasks - to collect allies in the fight against the invaders. To do this, you will have to help different races, solve their problems and settle conflicts. The ending of Mass Effect 3 is directly dependent on your actions and relationships with other characters.

Sequence of planets

After the invasion of Earth and an emergency escape, Shepard has to go to Mars. There, the heroes find the scientist Liara T'Soni, and with her get access to a drawing of a mysterious weapon that can help in the fight against the reapers. After that, you will go to the Citadel to notify the Board of the finding and decision. After this crucial moment of the plot begins a long race around the planets.During the passage you will find new friends, make enemies, learn a lot of new things about other races. Periodically, the heroes will fly to the Citadel and report on the work done. The only disadvantage that a fan will be waiting for is the lack of Russian voice acting in Mass Effect 3. Therefore, we do not recommend turning off subtitles if you do not know English well. The text part is fully translated into Russian.

Mass Effect 3 DLC

Teammates and quests

Each planet is a set of tasks and unique characters. The hero may even start a romantic relationship with some of them. By the way, this feature was in the previous part. Disputes and conflicts will arise between the team members, so Shepard will have to stand on one side or the other. In the end, you will lose the support of any of the parties, but you will get another fighter as your partner. Also, some heroes may die - it all depends on your actions, therefore, we will not describe the only scenario from several.

Locations, unfortunately, remained completely linear. If in the peace zone there are still branches, then the combat sites are made in the form of corridors. And all the corridors are rather narrow.From this, Mass Effect 3 loses a lot in action and gameplay.

The strongest side is the story and the heroes. We recommend focusing on this part of the game.

Voice Effect Mass Effect 3

Late stage

After hundreds of quests and a dozen planets, the plot leads the player to the location of the Cerberus base. It contains the last detail for weapons against the reapers. However, the head of Cerberus ahead of the heroes and warned the invaders that a dangerous weapon was being prepared against them.

At this time, the reapers on the captured Earth built a device to transfer the dead bodies of people to their base. Shepard in the company of the Alliance and all allies is sent to give the final battle to the reapers. In the course of the battle, the main character loses close friends and a lot of military power. But in the end he gets to the Citadel, where he meets with the Ghost, the head of Cerberus. In parallel, the docking of weapons and the ship of the reapers.

After awakening Shepard is near the mind called "catalyst". Here begins the final outcome of Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect 3

End selection

After talking to "Catalyst" Shepard it becomes clear why the reapers were sent to attack Earth and what price they would have to pay to save the world.

In the original game, three endings.With the release of DLC Mass Effect 3, they became 4. Depending on your choice, you can completely destroy the world, merge with your mind to control the cycle or take control of the reapers.

Mass Effect 3 game

final grade

Now it’s worthwhile to talk about graphics, mechanics and other aspects that you will have to interact with throughout the game. Despite the interesting story, the game is full of flaws (mods for Mass Effect 3 can correct this situation). They begin with linearity and uniformity of levels. The second minus of the game is the incompleteness of the plot. Many waited for the final part of the answers to all questions that were not received in the end.

One of the main disappointments is the careless attitude to the history of the character Tali'Zora. The creators still showed the face of the heroine under the mask, but approached this as irresponsibly as possible - they took a photo of a random girl.

Despite this, the developers from BioWare tried to improve the combat system, leveling characters and graphics. The resolution of the textures on the PC was reduced, but this did not affect the overall positive impression of the graphics. The plot details you learn not from the endings, but from adventures in multiplayer.This decision of the developers also did not find a positive response in the gaming community.


The mood of the saga changed from positive and hopeful to hopeless and gloomy. Completion of the epic trilogy should have been bigger and more detailed in terms of the elaboration of the plot. However, this does not hurt to enjoy the history and gameplay of Mass Effect 3 in full. Especially those who love space themes and stories about the salvation of mankind.

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