Means "Cat Bajun". Instructions

The drug "Cat Bajun" (whose price is less than one hundred rubles) is intended to correct disorders in the behavior of dogs and cats. As active components, plant extracts are used.

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Means "Cat Bajun". Composition

The product is based on fruits and flowershawthorn grass, herbaceous motherwort, hop cones, oregano, sweet clover, valerian, mint, thymus thymus, cats herb, lemon balm, sheep-grass, St. John's wort, thyme, wheatgrass, hillock, nettle, roots of the deviating peony.

Mechanism of action

Pharmacological properties of medicamentare due to the activity of the components used as a basis. Components have a sedative, spasmolytic, analgesic effect. The drug helps to lessen the sense of fear in animals. The "Bio Bayun" remedy (the instruction confirms this) ensures a stable supply of important micronutrients with the generally fortifying and adaptogenic properties necessary for adequate, stable and balanced behavior. This helps to correct behavior and reduce the likelihood of mental lability - aggressiveness and anxiety in the face of stress and in the ordinary situation.

Indicationscat baiun composition

The medicine "Cat Bajun" instruction allowsapplication from ten months. Indications include the correction of the behavior of dogs and cats when manifested in relation to the host of aggression, which may be due to fear or struggle for dominance, phobias (fear of transportation, exhibitions, feelings of separation, fear of noise). The drug is recommended for disorders of sexual behavior, manifested in the form of cries of cats during the hunting period, imitation of the coating, hyperexcitability. The drug is prescribed for causeless constant barking, obsessive licking, coprophagy. The medication is effective with heightened anxiety, throwing around the apartment.

Application Scheme

The agent "Cat Bajun" is used insidethrice-four times a day twenty minutes before feeding or an hour after it. The course of admission is five seven days in a row monthly. Cats are recommended for two tablets, dogs - from three to four for one application.

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Contraindications and adverse reactions

In practice, there have been no recorded cases of undesirable consequences when using the drug "Bio Bayun". The instruction does not describe the conditions under which the drug could be contraindicated.

additional information

There is no data on the incompatibility of the drug "CatBajun "(the instruction contains such information) with other medicines. When working with a medicine, it is necessary to observe the generally accepted safety and personal hygiene rules, which are stipulated in such cases. Do not use the drug yourself. Before using, you must visit a veterinarian. In practice, there have been no cases of drug overdose, however, it is necessary to strictly follow the scheme of application and follow the recommendations of a specialist. The medicine should be kept away from children and food.

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