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The drug "Galavit" is available in tablet form, in the form of injectable powder and suppositories. The drug is included in the group of immunomodulatory drugs. The drug has anti-inflammatory effects. Against the background of inflammatory processes, reversible inhibition of the excessive synthesis of necrotic tumor factor and other cytokines affecting the degree of reaction is noted. The drug "Galavit" (reviews of experts indicate this) stimulates the bactericidal activity of the neutrophilic group of granulocytes, increasing the resistance of a non-specific type and enhancing phagocytosis. The main pharmacological effect is noted during the first 72 hours. The excretion from the body is carried out mainly by the kidneys.Galavit tablets


The drug "Galavit" (reviews of doctors point to this) is effective in infectious intestinal pathologies complicated by diarrhea or intoxication, a peptic ulcer in the digestive tract (duodenum or stomach).Indications include viral hepatitis, pathologies provoked by the papillomavirus, recurrent diseases of the chronic course caused by the activity of the herpes virus. The drug is prescribed for diseases in the urogenital tract of the infectious, inflammatory type. In particular, the indications include trichomonas and chlamydial urethritis, endometritis (chronic), prostatitis (chlamydial type), salpingo-oophoritis (acute and chronic course).galavit reviewsThe tool "Galavit" (reviews of doctors indicate this) is used for pathologies in the pelvic organs of purulent inflammatory nature, erysipelas, chronic recurrent furunculosis. The indications should include prevention and elimination of septic-type complications that are likely in the postoperative period, periodontal pathology, and oral mucosa of an inflammatory nature. The drug is used in the recovery period of women after interventions with uterine myoma. The drug is prescribed for somatoform and neurotic disorders, asthenic conditions, decreased performance (physical), in athletes including, with postabstinent, behavioral and mental disorders on the background of drug or alcohol dependence.In all these cases, the drug "Galavit" (reviews of doctors confirm this) is used as an immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory supplement to the main therapy.

Dosing methodgalavit injections

Suppositories are used rectally. The introduction is carried out after emptying. Depending on the severity of the pathology, the dosage may be from 1 to 2 candles, 1-2 p / day. The exact number and frequency of use are established by a specialist. Means "Galavit" (pills) is recommended to take sublingual. Usually assigned 1 pc. up to four times a day. The dosage of "Galavit" (injection) is set personally.

Adverse reactions

The drug "Galavit" (reviews of patients and doctors indicate this) is generally well tolerated. In rare cases, allergies are likely due to intolerance to the components.

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