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Shoes can be either beautiful or comfortable. To combine these two characteristics in full measure has not yet succeeded to anyone. And in 2009 the French fashion designers under the brand Isabel Marant released a novelty of the shoe world - sneakers-sneakers. They were positioned as a sports couple, which is suitable for everyday wear, and represented sneakers on a low wedge. The name "snickers" came from America, where they call the entire line of sports shoes, in which you can walk smoothly and silently. The word "snickers" means "a scoundrel", which, apparently, reflects the attitude towards a person who can sneak up on you unnoticed.


What is the snickers

In Russia, snickers are usually called sneakers on thick soles. Here are their characteristic features:

- in appearance they look like sports shoes;

- have a firm and thick, but lightweight sole;

- the top can be made of different materials, it can be high or low, but with unchanged lacing;

- sneakers-female sneakers are often produced with a convenient hidden platform, but this is an optional element;sneakers female sneakers

- This type of shoe makes the legs visually shorter, so you need to correctly select the remaining elements of the image.

Shoes for any season

Sneakers are considered to be summer shoes orpair for not too hot, not too cold and not very rainy weather in the off-season. Snickers significantly expanded this concept - first there were high models of "spring-autumn", which immediately won the love of all young people from 12 to 30 years, as well as sympathy from people of mature age who prefer semi-comfortable comfortable shoes. Then the manufacturers produced comfortable sneakers from warmed materials and thick fur inside, so that now they can be worn in the winter. Such shoes can be worn and in severe Siberian -40 ° C, you only need to pick the right pair of quality natural materials. Externally, winter sneakers are more like massive boots with lacing.

There are also summer options - lightweight sneakers on a thick platform or a wedge with an open heel.

So now your favorite snickers can be worn at any time of the year.sneakers price sneakers

Popular Models

There are a lot of models, each manufacturertries not only to slightly change someone else's successful design, but also to develop some kind of new concept. So in the market there is a mass of sneakers on a thick sole of the most unimaginable styles, colors and proportions. Picking yourself a pair of snickers is not an easy task because of the huge choice. But there are models that never go out of fashion and remain always in demand:

1. Classic sport sneakers-snickers. They differ from the usual only a little thicker sole and are great for outdoor activities.

2. Sneakers-shoes. In appearance, they resemble stilettos or low shoes, and they easily discern all the features of the business style: black and gray tones, strict lines, no sharp contrasts. Such footwear is permissible even in those cases when it is necessary to comply with a strict dress code.

3. Snickers on the hidden platform. They are positioned as a convenient alternative to shoes and shoes with heels. In this there is some truth, since the snickers on the platform do add growth, and do not burden their feet too much. But stretching the growth, they visually hide the length of the legs, because of which the usual proportions are violated. So when choosing such models, you need to consider this property.sneakers shoes

With what to wear to women

With what you can wear a girl sneakers-snickers? Shoes of this style some time ago did not leave any room for imagination. It was assumed that the snickers can be worn only with narrow jeans, leather trousers and other things in the street style.

Currently, the situation has changed, and fashion experts are urging to wear sneakers on a thick sole with any things, if at the same time the whole image as a whole looks harmonious.

So sneakers-snickers can be worn and withshorts of any style (but jeans will be simply incomparable), and with light flying sarafans, and with a classic coat, and with a wool jacket, and leggings, and even with variations on the theme of cocktail dresses.

Moreover, experts in the field of style advisePut on contrasting colors and style Sneakers, which will be disharmonized with other things. So you can create an unusual and memorable image, the main thing here is not to bend and fall down to bad taste.

With what to wear to a man

Sneakers-men's sneakers are better to wear withdenim clothing or things in the style of kazhual. But this is not a strict rule, but general recommendations. Men's sneakers are very diverse: there are models of leather and suede that are out of time and fashion that perfectly match even strict things, and there are conceptual creations from designers for fashion shows that do not seem crazy only when you look at the whole image.Sneakers men's sneakers

High sneakers on thick soles are goodcombined with jeans, checkered shirts, sweatshirts, caps-"reperks", narrowed and wide trousers. The only problem for men is that all interesting models produce up to 45 sizes, so if the leg is bigger, there are very few options.


How much can sneakers cost? The price of the product primarily depends on the brand's fame and the quality of the footwear. For example, not the best models from Chinese and Korean manufacturers will cost from 1500 rubles. The average cost is 3000-4500 rubles. For this amount, the buyer receives a decent quality and, perhaps, an interesting design, but not a well-known logo, which you can brag to friends and acquaintances.

Brand models cost an order of magnitude more. For example, the classic men's snickers from Calvin Klein will cost 12500-14000 rubles, and branded Adidas sneakers will cost 5000-5500 rubles.

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