Mount Taganay in the Urals: ridges, peaks, interesting facts

Translated from the Bashkir language, Taganay means “moon stand”. At night, the moon as it stands on the support, which is Mount Taganay. Its length is more than 20 km and it consists of large, medium and small ridges.

The history of the park "Taganay"

The natural national park is located near the town of Zlatoust, which is located in the Chelyabinsk region. Reinforced deforestation in the Urals has been carried out since the late sixties of the last century. The barbaric method of cutting was used, when the lumberjacks on powerful equipment completely felled the whole forest over a large area. After such work in this area for more than 10 years only thistle grew. The country needed construction material and few people thought about the consequences that may arise after the destruction of the forest. And only in 1985 in the press began to appear articles on environmental topics, which raised the issue of thoughtless logging of forests.

Mount TaganayIn 1988, the Chelyabinsk industrial logging association planned to allocate 20 thousand cubic meters of taganai forest land for cutting. At this time (January 1988), representatives of the local public wrote an open letter to the Zlatoust newspaper about the barbarous destruction of forests, containing about 30 signatures of workers from various enterprises of the city. January is considered the month of the creation of a public committee for the protection of forests. Under pressure from the public, the city administration decides to create a national park in the territory of the Chrysostom forest combine. And in early March 1991, the Taganai National Park was established.

general information

Taganay is a huge stone chain over 20 kilometers long and consisting of ridges called the Big, Small and Medium Taganay Mountains.Southern UralsThe height of one of the ridges is represented by the Response Crest, the Biceps Sopka, Far Taganay and Kruglitsa. The other is Sabbath and Mont Blanc. The average ridge is only 960 meters high. The closest to the city of Zlatoust is the Small Range, which is about 8 kilometers long.

Interesting places Taganaya

The park has many delightful places that attract visitors from different parts of the country. Here are unusual stone sculptures, large mountain ranges, stone rivers, ancient mines, mountain tundra, kurumniki, relict forests, many mountain rivers, huge mountain ranges. At the entrance to the park there is a view of the tops of the Lamb foreheads and Feathers of the two-headed hill, which are over a kilometer high.

At the foot of the hill there is a spring called the White Key. Amazingly clear and mild-tasting water stays cool even on the hottest day. Its temperature does not exceed 4 degrees. White quartzite covers the bottom of the source and emits a pleasant light, because this place is considered holy.

The next attraction of the park is the summit with the name Response ridge, which height is more than 1000 meters. With loud sounds, a polyphonic deafening echo is heard next to it. If you look at it from a certain side, it looks like an ancient foot-and-mouth disease, an elongated crest or a sea wave soaring.

far taganaySeveral stone rocks, about 40 meters high, which are located at a short distance from each other, are called Three Brothers.This stone statue is located between Kruglytsya and Far Taganai. If you look at them from a distance, you get the feeling that these mighty brothers are coming down from the summit together.

On the quartz-covered trail from otklichny crest through the valley of fairy tales you can reach the mountain Kruglitsa. The Valley of Fairy Tales is a small area in which a low-growing undergutz forest grows, surrounded by intricate quartzite sculptures. Each stone looks like wondrous animals or characters from fairy tales.

Far Taganay

This mountain is the most severe. The winds are constantly blowing here, there is no place to hide from the scorching rays of the scorching sun, but nevertheless the terrain looks quite hospitable. Early in the morning, when thick fog descends into the valleys, it is sunny on this hill, the golden rays roast the already bright berries of the cowberry and gild the tops of the rocky mountains. The thirty-degree heat at the foot of Mount Taganai can change dramatically as it rises upwards with chilling cold. Strong gusts of wind sometimes exceed the speed of 40 meters per second.

Kruglitsa mountain TaganayDuring the ascent and descent from the mountain in June or August during the hour you can see four seasons at once.Very beautiful nature on Taganai during the August winter. Trees, grass and rocks are decorated with lace from snow hoarfrost. Thick wires are covered with a crust of ice and sag, almost touching the ground. A strong wind tears off pieces of ice from them and disperses on the snow-white tundra. Going down half a kilometer, you can meet the beautiful colors of autumn. The leaves of the trees are yellowish-green, and the bright clusters of mountain ash are covered with small whitish lumps of snow. Slightly lower, in the valley, the rays of the hot summer sun sparkle.

In 1932, a meteorological station was opened on the Far Taganai, which existed until the beginning of 2005. Meteorologists not only predicted the weather, but always provided assistance to tourists in trouble.

Big Taganay

From Zlatoust, Mount Taganay is located eight kilometers away. Here is located the Big Taganay, which consists of three peaks: the Biceps Sopka, the Response Crest and Kruglitsy.

Middle Taganay

Eight kilometers from the border of the Taganai Park between Small and Large is Middle Taganai. Its length is approximately two and a half kilometers, it has three poorly distinguished elevations and consists of quartzite minerals.There are outcrops on the tops, which have different shapes. The slopes of the hills of Mount Taganai are covered with scatterings of krumnik, juniper, larch, low spruce, birch, fir.

Small Taganay

The Taganay mountain range on the east side is called the Small Taganay. It is located just three kilometers from the cordon of the Taganai Park and stretched as much as eleven kilometers from south-west to north-east. Rocky ridges are located on the northern and southern parts of the ridge, the western slopes are covered with kurumnikami. In the central part there is an alpine plateau, on which spruce and birch grow. The upper third of the ridge is occupied by mountain meadows covered with dense vegetation. The whole mountain Taganay massif is visible from the peaks of the Small Taganay.

Mount Kruglitsa

This is the highest point of Taganaya, which rises at the level of 1 km 178 m. The name of the mountain is associated with its inherent rounded shape, although part of the summit on the north side has an immaculate flat surface. On a cloudless day, when the sun is shining brightly, watching Kruglitsa, you can see how it sways - it seems that the mountain seems ready to break away from the foot.This effect is due to the rounded shape of the stones, as well as the nearby underground waters (the foot of the mountain is located in the swamp). Stones, heated by sunlight, lose moisture, which is stored in the crevasses, the air becomes mobile and creates the illusion described above. Mount Kruglitsa in Taganai, like a huge powerful magnet, attracts people who are interested in mysterious and paranormal phenomena. There is also a belief that all wishes made on the hills will come true.

Unusual rivers Taganaya

Stone rivers are an amazing natural formation, which is a jumble of elongated rocky debris of enormous size, stretching for hundreds of kilometers. Placers call them the inhabitants of those places.
the highest point is taganayaOne of the legends of the formation of these rivers says that the cause was a glacier that descended from the Taganai Mountains and contributed to the destruction of rocks. Large blocks under the action of gravity due to the collapse of the mountain tops gradually shifted along the slopes of the ridges, forming rivers of stone. Between the ranges of the Middle and Big Taganay is located the largest of them.The Big Kamennaya River is about six kilometers in size, and in some places the width varies from 20 to 700 meters. The blocks of stone are rounded in shape and weighing about 10 tons are located along the entire length. These blocks lie about five meters deep, and there are about 300 pieces per 100 square meters. Of the vegetation in this place there is a lichen and rare spruce, whose age is several hundred years. As part of the blocks of aventurine, it is one of the varieties of quartzite.

Mount Taganay in the UralsThe placers of boulders of colored aventurine, which are located near Itsyl and Dalny Taganai, are called Kurum River. Fancy-shaped pines growing around placers beautifully frame the multi-colored stones.

Mount Pencil

In the Southern Urals of the Kusinsky district of the Chelyabinsk region, on the territory of the Arshinsky reserve, one of the most ancient mountains of our planet is located, called Pencil, which means “black stone”. Her age is estimated at 4.2 billion years. Over time, under the influence of wind, air and water, the height of the mountain decreased to 600 meters.

Breed of a black stone of which the Pencil consists, carries the name Izrandit.This is one of the rarest and very ancient stones of our planet. Its composition is similar to the composition of the earth's mantle and does not contain organic matter. Many residents of the Urals do not even suspect that they live close to an amazing natural monument, although data about it was published by scientists in the press for quite some time.

Mountain mont blanc

The Middle and Small Mount Taganay in the Urals is connected by a watershed isthmus, on which the Mont Blanc peak is located. From the city of Chrysostom to her fifteen kilometers. The height of the mountain is 1025 meters. It received its name in honor of the highest mountain clusters of Western Europe, located in the Western Alps. A wonderful view opens up on the Taganai Mountains from the top of Mont Blanc, it is from here that the main peaks of Taganay are accessible to the public.

Back in history

This area has an ancient history and many interesting facts. For example,

  1. Information about the oldest ranges in the world varies, but many official sources confirm that this is the Ural Mountains.
  2. The Ural Mountains in Russia from the XI century, called the Earth Belt or the Big Stone. In the Middle Ages on the maps they became known as the Urals.
  3. The modern lands of the Southern Urals were first called, in a word, the Urals.
  4. In the eighteenth - nineteenth century, among the Old Believers, the Taganai forests were very popular. Elder Zosim, who was known as a saint, lived there. Popular rumor says that the prayer, read on his grave, located on Taganai, creates unprecedented miracles and heals from ailments.
  5. The schismatics conducted their secret rites in the area of ​​stone outcroppings called the Three Brothers. It was one of the favorite places of the Old Believers.
  6. The Urals began to subside about five hundred million years ago. As a result, there was a decrease in elevation.
  7. Mount Taganay finally formed twenty-five million years ago.

Interesting Facts

  • It turns out that in Canada there are mountain peaks, which are roughly of the same age as Mount Pencil.
  • The water on top of Mount Kruglitsy boils at a temperature of 96 degrees, since the atmospheric pressure on it is lower by 100 mm than above sea level.
  • The softness of the water from the White Key is higher than that of melting snow.
  • Some local residents and numerous tourists who visited Taganay, saw the landing of a UFO and found traces of a snowman. And others even came into contact with them and fell into another time.True or fiction, everyone decides for himself. But, undoubtedly, Taganay is shrouded in mysticism.

Tourist routes

The Ural mountains Taganai attract a huge number of tourists and enter the anomalous Ural zone. On the territory of the national park there are several roads:

  • from the south-west: Zlatoust - Magnitka - Aleksandrovka;
  • from the south - Zlatoust - Miass.

Hiking trails are laid in the intermountain valleys and mountains by the travelers themselves. One of the most famous is on the eastern slope of the Big Taganay. It is in these places that valuable natural complexes that have not been touched by man have survived:

  • Three stone rocks called Three Brothers.
  • Nikolay-Maximilianovsky mine.
  • Response comb
  • Ostantsy Devil's Gate at the top of Mount Jurma.
  • the river Big Tesma and Big Kialim.
  • Akhmatov mine.
  • The Hill Three Sisters, Mica Hill and several outcrops without a name, located near the Two-Headed Hill, together forming the so-called Mitkin cliffs.

Mount Taganay ZlatoustThe snow cover in the southern Urals lasts from 160 to 190 days. The maximum air temperature is +38 degrees, and the minimum is -50.

The Taganay mountain range is one of the unique corners of nature, located on the territory of the Southern Urals.

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Mount Taganay in the Urals: ridges, peaks, interesting facts 44

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Mount Taganay in the Urals: ridges, peaks, interesting facts 59

Mount Taganay in the Urals: ridges, peaks, interesting facts 59

Mount Taganay in the Urals: ridges, peaks, interesting facts 61

Mount Taganay in the Urals: ridges, peaks, interesting facts 100

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