Mounting the concealed cistern. Accessory toilet with concealed cistern

The need for flush mountingcan arise when the hosts set a goal to make the interior of the bathroom modern and unusual. However, it should be remembered that in some cases such solutions can reduce the useful area of ​​the room. In addition, you will have to remove the decorative finish.

Mounting options

flush mounting

To date, there are several optionsinstallation of an attached toilet bowl. The first assumes its installation on the floor, while the flushing system will be located in the wall. To perform the work, you must follow a certain algorithm. At the first stage, you can do the floor toilet. After (with the help of the fastener set), you can carry out the concealed installation of the tank. Next, the flush key is displayed on the outer surface of the wall. Sometimes this stage is replaced by the installation of a non-contact flush system.

The second technology may suggestUse of a toilet bowl with a concealed cistern and a toilet bowl on the floor. This approach helps to improve the aesthetic characteristics of the interior. But the owners have a feeling that the device is firmly on the floor. The equipment can be serviced through a technological hole.

Tank and toilet bowl

flush-mounted wash tank

The installation of a concealed cistern presupposes aoption installation, when communications are hidden from the eyes of observers. In this case, the hanging toilet is installed using the installation system. For this it is necessary to prepare:

  • supporting frame;
  • cistern;
  • set of fasteners;
  • key for flushing.

After installing the flush mounting tank, youyou can use a suspended plumbing fixture. This allows you to realize different design intentions, providing a high level of hygiene. After all, the owners will no longer need to take care of the cleanliness of the toilet bowl. Around her no longer need to wash the floor.

Advice of a specialist

toilet bowl with hanging tank

The installation of a concealed cistern necessarily involves the creation of a maintenance hole. This should be taken care of even before the moment of cosmetic repair.

For reference

installation of a concealed toilet bowl

Choosing modern systems, you will needuse the suspension version of the installation. The equipment itself has the ability to undergo high loads of up to 400 kg. Manufacturers try to make the quality of products higher.

Installation of a toilet bowl and a tank of pendant type

toilet bowl with concealed cistern

To install an installation for a toilet with a hangingthe tank has four points. Those that belong to the frame must be fixed in two places to the floor. In two places the frame needs to be fixed on the wall, use brackets for this. You need to design the construction using the building level.

Align the position of the toilet frame with outboardThe tank can be adjusted with adjustable feet. But as regards the horizontal position, it is exposed by means of wall fasteners. As soon as the installation position is set and the structure is reinforced, it can be fixed to the wall. In order for the frame to have more impressive stability, the legs can be cemented. A layer of a solution of 20 cm will be enough, but this measure is not mandatory.

At the bottom of the installation you will see holes,which are used for mounting the hanging cup. The pitch between the floor and the holes should be approximately 400 mm so that the bowl can be hung high. Special holes are inserted into these holes. They must be inserted up to the stop in the wall, and they must be fixed with nuts. Hairpins are required for hanging the toilet.

Mounting the reservoir in the presence of gypsum plasterboard

If you started a redevelopment, then during installationa concealed toilet bowl can use a gypsum plasterboard partition. For this, the connecting profile of the partition from the GCR is assembled so that the installation of the installation is carried out. At a certain height, a frame is installed. Her position is also checked by the level.

You can then proceed to install the frame between theprofiles. The latter are fixed with screws. The next step is to install a sewer pipe, and use a plastic clamp for this. At the final stage, you can start to connect the water.

If you chose a toilet with a concealed cistern, you can now make a hole for the flush key. But the front side is lined with GKL. Only after this is done installation of the toilet and flush button.

Installing the reservoir in front of the pipes

When the concealed cistern should be placed in front ofpipes, as a ready-made solution you can use the Plattenbau system. Old plumbing for this is dismantled, and the walls are cleaned of tiles. Further the master can be engaged in preparation of the basis for a new covering.

If you plan to install a flush tankflush mounting, then on the fan tube to be put on the connecting pipes. The installation system is adjustable in height, for this you need to use the fixing bolts. The mounting frame should be leveled horizontally. It is important to take care of the position of the upper load-bearing studs. They will be located between the pipes.

Now you can start marking placesfastening. For the dowels, holes are prepared. The frame is fixed not only to the wall, but also to the floor. Its verticality needs to be adjusted according to the level. Next, you should install the tank, then you can connect water to it. It should not be forgotten that the flush-mounted concealed cistern presupposes a revisory door for access to the valves and the meter. After completing the finishing work, you can install a flush key. The toilet is fixed.

Advice of a specialist

If you still do not know whether to choosetoilet with a concealed cistern, it is worth taking into account one important positive nuance of this solution. This approach allows you to save additional space from the door to the edge of the toilet.


Repair of premises with concealed installation of flushingsystems may seem difficult. This is particularly the case when it becomes necessary to move the toilet. But this option allows you to place the plumbing items completely anywhere.

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