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Nikolai Eremenko Jr., whose creative biography is simply saturated with talented film workers, was born into a family of Belarusian actors and became a worthy successor of the acting dynasty. It seemed that the road to the big movie was opened to this lucky man. However, not everything in the life of an actor was so rosy. What difficulties did Nikolai Eremenko Jr. face with and how did he succeed?

Childhood and youth

Nikolay Eremenko Jr. biographyActor Nikolai Eremenko Jr. was by no means a darling of fate. His father, People's Artist of the USSR, from the age of 12 he fought at the front, which greatly affected the character of Yeremenko Sr. And when he and his wife, actress Galina Orlova, finally had a son, Nikolai Nikolayevich raised him to the fullest extent.

Nikolai Eremenko Jr., whose biography literally developed behind the scenes of the theater and on stage, accompanied his parents on tour already at 3 months of age.There was no one to look after the baby and after, so he usually spent time behind the scenes while mom or dad played in the play. One day, even with Nikolai Jr., a curious incident occurred: right during the performance of the play by Moliere, he stepped on the stage and asked his mother to help me fix his clothes. The full audience hall literally burst out laughing. It turned out that the boy got carried away with his game and forgot where he was.


Nikolai Eremenko Jr., whose biography was later associated only with theater and cinema, came to enter VGIK from Belarus. It so happened that the future actor was late for the main competition, and he had to miss a year.

But in 1967 Nicholas was more fortunate: the course was recruited by one of the directors with whom his father had once collaborated. Eremenko Sr. gave his son some practical advice on the repertoire, and the deed was done.

According to the actor himself, he was accompanied for a long time by the complex of the provincial. He made new acquaintances tightly and at times behaved downright unfriendly. Future star of the Soviet cinema, too, gave in to Mushtra, not easily. Nikolai Eremenko was reprimanded for reprimanded and often enrolled in the course only conditionally.

But when the young man really was fascinated by the cinema - everything changed.

First films

Nikolai Eremenko Jr. Cause of deathThe artistic director of the course, on which Eremenko studied, was a fairly well-known Soviet director - Sergey Gerasimov. Many students dreamed of being under the wing of this teacher, because he remained the acting director and often called out his own students to his pictures. Not an exception was Nikolai Eremenko Jr.

Biography as an actor, his career began in 1969, when Gerasimov invited him to his film "At the Lake". Playing along with Vasily Shukshin is an honor and a great success. Yeremenko Jr. seized the chance and very successfully coped with the role assigned to him.

The debut in the film honored director is always a great start for an actor, even a student. From now on, Eremenko Jr. began to appear in several films every year, and, as a rule, most of them were shot by Sergey Gerasimov. So there were the films "Red and black", "To love a person", "Youth of Peter" and others.

"Pirates of the XX century"

Actor Nikolai Eremenko Jr.The real popularity of Eremenko Jr. came in 1979, when the first domestic fighter in which the actor played the main role appeared on Soviet screens.9 million people saw the movie at the box office - it was a record for 1980. Nikolai Eremenko received his first deserved film awards and was named actor of the year.

Hero Eremenko, the chief mechanic of a vessel seized by pirates, could not but arouse admiration from the audience, because he was decisive, assembled and dared. One can only guess what kind of work the actor put into the embodiment of this image on the screen, because he had to perform two thirds of the tricks himself. And it’s not even the director didn’t offer him doubles, just Eremenko was to a certain extent a maximalist and didn’t see any reason to play in this film if another person does more than half of the work for him.

Actor Nikolai Eremenko Jr.: personal life

children of Nikolai Eremenko Jr.The artist found his personal happiness while still studying at VGIK. His wife, Vera Titova, had nothing to do with theater or cinema: she was a historian by profession and taught in high school. The couple had a daughter, Olga.

However, from such a handsome man, and even a popular actor, it is difficult to expect loyalty. There were too many temptations, so Eremenko Jr. even managed to acquire an illegitimate daughter - Tatiana.Children Nicholas Eremenko Jr. refused to continue acting dynasty. But, according to Nicholas's friends, he was glad of it.

Nicholas loved both daughters equally, but he was especially proud of the success of Olga, who independently enrolled at the Maurice Torez Institute and became a good specialist in the field of English.

Shortly before his death, Eremenko finally decided to leave Vera Titova and try to start a new life with the mother of her second child.

Nikolai Eremenko Jr.: cause of death

actor nikolai eremenko junior personal lifeDeath Eremenko Jr. was unexpected, because the actor was only 52 years old.

In 2000, his father passed away. No one expected the son to follow his parent, because Eremenko Jr. had a young girlfriend, he led a healthy lifestyle and seemed to have big plans for the future. However, in late May, everyone was shocked by the news that the actor was no more.

The cause of death was formulated vaguely. Some sources report that the artist has a thrombus, while others say that a stroke is the reason Nikolai Eremenko Jr. died. The cause of death, whatever it may be, is not so important for fans of acting talent Eremenko.Rather, the important is the rich heritage that the artist left behind. It has more than 50 films.

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