Nokia 610: specifications, reviews

Nokia Lumia 610 with 256 MB of RAM and a 800 MHz single-core processor was the first low-end phone with a stripped-down Windows Phone Tango operating system, though its cost is higher than the Lumia 710. Although the model competes successfully with low-specification smartphones the same OS, such as ZTE Tania.

Case design

The phone with its plastic case and a small 3.7-inch TFT-screen with a resolution of 800x480 pixels looks pale against the background of other communicators. The edges of the Lumia 610 are cast with a metallic sheen, but do not be deceived - this is not real metal. The illusion disappears as soon as the smartphone is in the hands.

The assembly, however, is sturdy, the back cover fits tightly and the phone gives a feeling of reliability. With a weight of 131.5 g, it does not differ from most other models of similar dimensions (119x62x12 mm). All this serves to give a cheap phone a feeling of high quality. Especially if you compare, for example, with an expensive Samsung Galaxy S2, the reliability of which is not in any comparison.In accordance with the company's bright and bold colors of the Lumia line, the model is made in purple, blue and classic black and white.

The Nokia Lumia 610 is equipped with a 5-megapixel camera, the lens of which does not protrude from the back cover. This reduces the likelihood of scratches impairing the quality of shooting. Even if damage appears on the rear panel, fortunately the lens remains intact. In the end, although the design of the smartphone is not premium, it is quite attractive and well made.

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The phone has several hardware keys that are located on its right side: a volume rocker at the top, a power button in the middle and a camera at the bottom. Their placement is not very good, because, depending on how to hold the device, it is inconvenient to photograph without using both hands. And the proximity of the power switch and volume control means that they are easy to confuse. In addition, under the screen are the touch buttons go to the home page, return and search. They are simple and intuitive, which makes working with them obvious even to those who have never used them before.


The ports are located in the upper part of the smartphone - a 3.5 mm headphone jack in the center, and a micro USB connector on the right. In the upper left corner there is a hole for the strap, and the microphone is located at the bottom. There is no slot for a microSD card, which is especially disappointing, considering the insignificant 8 GB of internal memory. To remove the battery, the back cover must be pushed down. This may be difficult for those who are used to shooting it otherwise. Fortunately, for most users, this is a problem that they will encounter only during the installation of the SIM card, as there are no special reasons for this procedure to be performed again. Although well aware that there is a possibility to replace the battery, even if it will have to tinker a bit.

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Nokia Lumia 610: Display Features

A 3.7 ”TFT screen with a resolution of 800x480 pixels provides acceptable image quality and works fine indoors, but under direct sunlight there is nothing to disassemble. The viewing angles are not very good: the image becomes a little less clear if you look at it not perpendicularly.


The smartphone runs on Windows Phone 7.5 Tango - a stripped-down version of Mango, designed for low-end models with 256 MB of RAM.Despite a number of simplifications, they have minimal impact on the interface, which does not differ from the full version.

When enabled or activated, the phone welcomes the user with the lock screen, which displays the time and date on a large scale, along with a reminder of the next event on the calendar, placed just below, and a counter of unread letters and SMS at the bottom. You can also see the remaining battery charge and mobile signal strength. The font and white icons are very neat, and the main part of the display is occupied by user-selected wallpaper.

nokia 610 specs

Swiping the lock screen up, you can go to the home page. Like other Windows smartphones, the Nokia 610 Lumia uses an attractive tile, and scrolling down allows you to see all the available shortcuts. The color of the tile can be chosen from 11 options, and the background is set only black or white. Neither your own wallpaper, no widgets here. Swipe to the left brings up a list of all applications installed on the Nokia Lumia 610. Programs can be pinned to the start screen by clicking, holding and dragging the icon to the desired place, like web pages and contacts.

Although the games will automatically fall into a separate folder, the ability to create your own folders is missing, which means that if you plan to install many programs, the two main pages can easily be filled.

The return button moves one screen back or one page in the case of a web browser. Its long press brings up a list of recently viewed pages and applications used, allowing you to select one of them. The home button with a long press allows you to enter voice commands. This function works surprisingly well, most of the instructions are executed correctly, including a set of simple texts and a web search. However, sometimes voice input does not function, and it cannot be compared to Siri. As a rule, it is faster and easier to do things in the old fashioned way.

Scrolling works quickly, there is not even a hint of slowing down when moving between menus, but loaded and even embedded applications, such as a photo gallery, open more slowly, leaving the white screen for a few seconds while loading. This is a constant reminder that a budget phone is being used.The same applies to some pre-installed software that does not function properly, since the image is often twitching.

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Interface Nokia 610 user reviews call quite intuitive. Even a beginner can easily navigate, as there are only two main pages and everything is clearly marked. Therefore, questions about how to configure the Nokia Lumia 610, no one should arise. The only caveat is that the default screen settings are hidden in the list of applications, which causes it to be called frequently. It would be better to place the corresponding label on the start page, which is quite simple to do yourself.

Contacts and calls

Nokia has done a great job of integrating and merging contacts. The smartphone includes data for each account from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or simply the user's phone book, which are updated regularly and can be organized into special groups. Nokia Lumia 610 offers to add social network accounts during the initial setup, but you can add or delete them at any time from the settings menu.

When viewing the contact information from all sources is displayed - photos,email addresses, phone numbers, latest status updates and more, it’s easy to send SMS, emails or call from one screen. The application tries to combine several entries for one person into one, although it may be necessary to manually adjust it. The ability to integrate social networks is attractive, but if there are a lot of related accounts and contacts, then their combination makes the hub quite littered and difficult to handle. If desired, accounts can be disabled and used separately. Calls can be made from the same contact aggregator or from a separate application with call history, voice mail access and a numeric keypad for manual dialing. Unfortunately, the dialer does not support subscriber search by name or the first digits of a phone number.

The communication quality of the Lumia 610 is good, clear reception is possible even with a weak signal level. During a conversation, you can use the speaker with a loud and clear sound, there is a Mute button and the ability to leave the call screen and use the phone without ending the call.At the same time, the icon at the top will remind you that the conversation is not over, and with one movement you can go back, if you need to.

nokia 610 reviews


Nokia "Lumiya 610" is equipped with a 5-megapixel image sensor and LED flash. Front camera is missing. You can touch a specific area of ​​the display to autofocus on the desired object, or simply press a button to take a picture. This key is an excellent addition for novice photographers, allowing you to take pictures faster and easier than on models where you need to click on a specific area of ​​the screen. The button can be held down for a few seconds to launch the photo application even when the phone is locked, which makes it possible to shoot without delay at any time, although this option can be turned off if desired. The only drawback of this button is its stiffness, which can lead to shocks and blurred photos, but if you hold the smartphone tightly in your hands, this can be avoided.

There are several shooting modes. The default setting is automatic, but you can replace it with others, such as Macro, Landscape, and Night.Fans of self-tuning have the opportunity to set the ISO, white balance, exposure values ​​and other settings to get the perfect shot. Plus, there are some non-serious special effects, such as Sepia and Negative. All of these options, along with controls to turn on the flash, can be found in the settings menu of the camera, which can be accessed through its application. It's easy enough to get there, you can change the shooting settings, but according to the owners, they would like to do it even faster so as not to miss the opportunity for shooting. There is also a software zoom, but its use leads to a loss of detail. Pictures taken with this feature tend to be very blurry.

There is no built-in photo editing option. There is only the function Auto-Fix, which allows you to significantly lighten dark photos.


Although the Nokia 610 Lumia is capable of shooting video, its quality is not impressive. Filming is done in VGA format, so the resolution is barely enough for YouTube and Facebook. But the phone provides an acceptable frame rate of 30 fps.

Switching to the video mode is done by pressing two buttons - first you need to start the camera,and then switch to video. After exiting the application, this setting returns to its original state. This makes sense, since most will only use the camera. The start and stop of recording are performed by the hardware button of the camera - pressing the screen in video mode does not affect anything.

The parameters that can be changed are the same as in the case of the camera, with the same choice of shooting modes and effects. And although there is an option to change the resolution, it does not work - only VGA mode is available.

nokia lumia 610 specifications

Nokia 610: battery specifications

The battery life of the smartphone is impressive. Battery capacity is 1300 mAh. This is not very much, but, according to the owners, it is quite enough. With not very intensive use - about 45 minutes. web surfing, 30 min. music, half an hour of talking, downloading several applications and taking photos - the charge lasts a day. And this is with 3G enabled and a constant flow of electronic messages. Continuous mixed work of the smartphone lasts less - the battery sits down after 8 hours, but with intense game play, surfing the web and watching videos. This roughly corresponds to the time stated by the manufacturer: 7 hours of video viewing and 9.5 hours of calls using 3G.

Long battery life was made possible thanks to a rather small screen and a slow processor, which does not require much power. In general, battery performance corresponds to high-end phones. If you want to extend the performance of the device, then there is a saving function, hidden in the settings menu. It can be turned on if desired or automatically when the battery is low. The smartphone disables non-essential services — e-mails, for example, will not be downloaded automatically, and background applications do not function. Battery can be replaced.

Communication capabilities

Nokia 610 Lumia supports Wi-Fi b / g / n, HSDPA at speeds up to 7.2 Mbps when receiving and 5.76 Mbps when sending data. Bluetooth and GPS are also available. All communication features are easy to enable and disable in the settings menu. When the location function is activated, the GPS automatically turns on when the application starts, which requires a geyser, and then turns off again when it exits.

You can also turn on the distribution of Internet access, which turns the Nokia 610 Lumia phone into a Wi-Fi hub for five devices, although this number will significantly reduce the speed of receiving data.

HSDPA demonstrates a mixed connection quality — download speeds seem decent, like watching streaming video, but sending images takes too much time. For this purpose, it is advisable to use Wi-Fi, even for a small amount of downloads.

Of course, to save data, the phone can be connected to a PC. However, before you connect the Nokia Lumia 610 to your computer, you need to install the Zune application. It is quite simple and makes it easy to copy and move music, videos and photos. However, users face some difficulties. If the work of the program on a PC running Windows 7 does not cause problems, then a laptop with Vista OS cannot connect to the smartphone.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The phone does an excellent job with everyday tasks, and although it lacks all the functionality of the Lumia 900, it costs much less. Positive feedback from owners is caused by the low price (about $ 100), which lowered the barrier to access to smartphones running Microsoft. The battery life, which, with moderate use, exceeds 24 hours, is better than that of many top models.Windows phones have always been famous for their integration with social networks, and Nokia Lumia 610 is no exception, combining all updates from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in a single channel. The build quality, although far from the heights of the iPhone 4S, is also surprisingly reliable. The smartphone is nice in the hand and looks pretty cute, despite the fact that it is made of plastic.

At the same time, users are unhappy with an extremely small amount of RAM, equal to 256 MB, which is very harmful for the phone, since some large applications, such as Skype, cannot work at all. In addition, the Nokia 610 Lumia is too slow when running programs. The limited amount of internal memory, equal to 8 GB without the possibility of expansion, also adversely affects the functionality of the model. The device supports many multimedia options, but the limited space will not allow you to install the required number of applications, not to mention music and video. This limits the use of the navigator, since the loading of maps will quickly absorb the free space of the Nokia 610. The screen specifications correspond to the price, but the viewing angles could be better. In addition, the phone can not be used in bright sunlight.It's nice, of course, to have a video camera, but the footage is not impressive.


The Nokia 610 Lumia is a great inexpensive addition to the Lumia lineup and to Windows phones in general. The smartphone is not just cheap, but also provides a pretty good value for money. The user gets almost complete experience with the Microsoft operating system, a powerful camera, decent build quality and long battery life. However, despite the good first impression, when there is no space for data storage and some programs of the Nokia 610 Lumia refuse to start, it becomes very quickly why the phone is so cheap.

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