Original red dresses on the red carpet

The red dress on the red carpet is one of the proven ways to declare oneself, to the help of which the representatives of the star bohemia during various film festivals and awards.

Original dresses of stars

Bold enough and original models of dresses can be seen at the Cannes International Film Festival. Every year the best of the best awards ceremony. The festival has been held for 70 years, during which time thousands of well-known personalities passed through the red carpet, trying to demonstrate dazzling outfits. Many of the celebrities who visited at one time the International Festival remained in the memory of the audience and became the standard of style.

red dress on the red carpet

So, Elizabeth Taylor 30 years ago appeared in a red dress on the red carpet. For a long time the bright dress of the film star with voluminous sleeves and a deep neckline was discussed in the media.But the star was nothing at all; she supplemented her already gorgeous image with diamonds and felt like a queen.

In 2004, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, as a couple, jointly visited the Cannes Film Festival. In love and happy, Brad looked like a real gentleman, and his wife fascinated everyone with her elegant dress: the outfit was completely decorated with a scattering of rhinestones and fringe. The dress wonderfully emphasized the slim silhouette of a talented actress.

Star Dresses on the red carpet

During the Oscars, young actresses who are promising, as well as talented stars, have a chance to prove themselves by displaying original and sophisticated outfits.

This year at the award ceremony it was hard not to notice Viola Davis, who came in a red dress on the red carpet. The laureate looked gorgeous and attracted everyone's attention with a charming outfit with a train.

star dresses on the red carpet

American film actress Emma Stone, who won an Oscar, appeared before the audience in a light golden dress, whose skirt was decorated with a cascade of frills. Apparently the actress was counting on what would be the triumphant of the ceremony, having already chosen for herself a gold outfit. The accent of the dress was made at the waist, and the top was made in the form of a shiny bodice.Design masterpiece in a favorable light emphasized the ideal figure of a young woman.

The solemn event was attended by world-famous stars who not only conquered stunning outfits, but also surprised by awkward outfits remembered by a wide audience not from the best side.

The rush of world-renowned singer Mariah Carey did not look impressive, but, on the contrary, caused a flurry of negative emotions and negative comments. The reason for this was the deep neckline on the dress, which presented the breasts of the diva at a disadvantageous perspective.

Candid dresses on the red carpet

At the end of July, in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, the international music festival “Heat” took place on the stage of which all the celebrities of the Russian show business gathered. It seemed that the pop divas decided to justify the name of the festival 100% and "lit" right on the red carpet.

So, the singer Loboda riveted the eyes of many viewers, appearing at the festival in a revealing dress, reminiscent of a nightdress. I also decided to go crazy with Ani Lorak, wearing epatage pants with laces, in the spirit of an American Kim Kardashian.

candid dresses on the red carpet

Many remembered and outfit Valerie. The singer struck fans with aspen waist, slender legs and girl's breasts, slightly covering the advantages of a gas cloth.

Sofia Rotaru

On July 28, Sofia Mikhailovna Rotaru solemnly celebrated her anniversary at the festival. The singer looked very young, but at the same time elegant. The red dress on the red carpet, shown by the pop diva, caused light ethnic associations, linking the memories with the main hit of the singer called “Farmer Woman”.

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