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In recent years, new and new players are constantly appearing on the credit market in Russia. “OTP Bank”, reviews of which allow to form the most controversial opinions, is one of them. Such rapid development of the credit market is associated with a bill recently adopted by the Government of the Russian Federation. Within its framework, financial organizations are required to provide the most complete, timely, and comprehensive information on all fees charged.

bank ots reviewsThis policy has led to an increase in interest among the population to credit programs. The confidence of people in banks, which had been shaken during the economic crisis, began to recover. Credit organizations also began to fight for the consumer, gradually easing the conditions for the most popular loan programs and developing new ones.

General information about the credit organization

OTP Bank, reviews of which describe it as a fairly stable company, is a subsidiary of the OTP Group. She, in turn, occupies a leading position in the financial services markets of Eastern and Central Europe.Today it is a universal financial institution that provides the widest range of banking services for both individuals and corporate clients.

cans reviewsOTP Bank, reviews of which allow starting cooperation without questions, had a capital exceeding 25 billion rubles at the beginning of this summer. The assets of the organization as of the relevant date exceeded 150 billion rubles, and the deposits of individuals - 80 billion rubles.

Today OTP Bank is one of the largest financial organizations in the Russian Federation, occupying the 17th place among them. In addition, he leads in a number of business areas.

In particular, this organization is the thirteenth place among all banks in the retail lending market, second place in pos-lending and seventh in the Russian market of plastic credit cards.

“OTP” is a bank, the reviews of specialists who predict only a bright future, serve its customers through its own network of branches, which currently exceeds 185 points. In addition, the organization distributes its consumer credit programs in more than 32 thousand stores and car dealerships.The services of this organization are used daily by more than 1.5 million Russians.

OTP Bank, reviews of which can be easily found in the media, is an active member of the Deposit Insurance Fund and a member of the Association of Banks of Russia. In addition, he is a member of the world-famous Association of European Business and MICEX and RTS Stock Exchanges.

opp bank reviewsBanks whose reviews have a huge impact on the entire operation of the credit market, such as Sberbank of Russia, often recommend OTP Bank as an excellent credit relations partner. Interest rates on programs designed by them are low, besides, bank employees are always ready to meet and explain to customers the points of agreement they are interested in. It is because of its reliability that this organization is included in the list of banks that can become guarantors for issuing a loan in the main Bank of Russia.

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