Ovarian rupture

Ovarian rupture is a speciala condition that is characterized by severe damage to the follicle or the so-called vascularization of a certain yellow body formed in its place. In general, such damage is always accompanied by a violation of the tissues and integrity of the ovary, severe and acute pain, internal bleeding. This condition experts call apoplexy or an ovarian infarction. Ovary rupture as a disease is divided into three forms. This classification is based on the symptoms of this disorder.

The first form of apoplexy is accompanied by nausea,temperature increase and the like. However, signs of internal bleeding that have begun are simply not there. Another form of this disease is apoplexy, which revealed abdominal bleeding. As for the third or, as it is customarily called, a mixed form, it consists in the presence of all the symptoms of an ovarian rupture.

In any case, this division is not accepted by alldoctors. The fact is that any rupture of the ovary in any situation is accompanied by bleeding. If you classify apoplexy in terms of severity, you can select a heavy, medium and light form. Symptoms of rupture of the ovaries do not matter at all.

Every woman should know some featuresyour body. For example, the fact that the rupture of the ovary occurs more often at the time of so-called ovulation. During this period, the yellow body is fully developed, which accounts for the second half or middle of the woman's menstrual cycle itself. In addition, the ovarian rupture is most often observed between the ages of twenty and thirty-five years, when a woman of the fair sex is able to become pregnant and give birth to a baby. Therefore, people of childbearing age are at risk.

Apoplexy or rupture of the ovaryexperts around the world is a very dangerous disease. Seventeen percent of women's gynecological problems fall just on him. It is worth noting that two percent of victims of apoplexy simply perish. When bleeding occurs, mandatory hospitalization of the patient and a surgical operation are necessary. Only in this way can save the life of a woman.

The main reason for this process isvaricose veins of the pelvic region, also play a role in any hormonal disorders. This can include the use of anticoagulants, that is, drugs that lead to a decrease in blood clotting or an increase in this indicator.
Women who have sustained a stomach injuryriding, those who have a tumor of neighboring ovarian organs, stagnant processes in the reproductive system are observed, and so on, are at risk. Weight lifting or unaccustomed sexual contact can also cause damage to the ovary or even a rupture of the fallopian tube. Prevent these troubles by using special preventive methods. Every woman should visit her doctor regularly, see a gynecologist and treat her gynecological diseases.

Unfortunately, damage is much more frequentor rupture of the right ovary, since it is he who is much better supplied with blood. It is this ovary that has a special artery that is directly connected to the aorta.

Treatment of apoplexy, as already mentioned above,is an operative measure. However, it is worth noting that this method is most often used in case of disease in women giving birth. If a girl is just planning a pregnancy, she may be prescribed laparotomy or laparoscopy. Drug treatment is prescribed for those patients who suffer from any bleeding disorders.

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