Pancakes with sour cream - recipe

In search of a new delicious dessert,attention to such a simple and topical dish as pancakes on sour cream. The recipe for cooking can be divided into two parts: the basis and additions. To begin with, try a clean pancake to see if you like their taste or not, and then experiment with supplements. You will certainly find your option, and maybe even a few.

Making the dough

To prepare pancakes with sour cream, the recipe of which we take apart, you will need to take 2 eggs, 1 glass (250 grams) of sour cream, 150 grams. flour, 100-150 gr. sugar or sugar powder, baking soda.

Separate the proteins from the yolks. Last rub with sugar until a thick, uniform mixture with a whitish shade. The better the sugar dissolves, the more splendidly the pancakes will turn out. That's why sugar can be replaced with powdered sugar - it dissolves much faster and does not leave grains.

Enter into the mashed yolks sour cream, wellstir, add the flour and knead again. Now whip the whites in the steep foam. Add soda to them when whipping. Enter the resulting protein mass in the dough. Mix everything carefully, so that the dough is lush and breathable. Give him 5-7 minutes to stand, after which you can start baking.

How to fry

Decide how you want your pancakeson sour cream. The recipe provides for two ways of baking. Traditionally, you can fry pancakes in a hot frying pan in vegetable oil. Then they will turn out to be more fat, since soda in the test will increase the amount of fat absorbed.

And you can make a dietary dish if you bakefritters in the oven. To do this, you need to make a slightly thicker dough. Spread it on a spoon, smeared with a thin layer of oil, 2-3 cm apart from each other. The temperature of the oven should be moderate, so that the pancakes are not burnt. The total baking time will be 10-15 minutes per serving.

In a frying pan it is better to fry on moderate fire. Pour oil so that the pancakes were immersed in it to half. Here you need to adjust and find the optimum temperature for frying, so that the cakes can blush, fry inside and not burn. To avoid burning and raw dough inside, pour them with thin cakes, about 0,5-1 cm, as in the process of frying they will increase in volume 3-4 times. Too little fire will cause the pancakes to absorb a large amount of fat and will be heavy.


We tried the usual option, now you candream up and improve our pancakes with sour cream. The recipe is very easy to correct. It is enough to add some berries to the ready dough. It can be fresh berries of currants, cowberries, strawberries. They are added wholly, when fried, they give juice and pancakes are very colorful, with different taste tones. The only "but" - in the fat juice will be splashed, they need to be covered with a lid or baked in the oven.

You can use dried fruits, preliminarilysoaked and crushed. But personally I like, and I recommend to everyone, try to make pancakes with bananas. It is enough to rub one banana on a grater and add it to the dough. The taste will be very gentle and there will not be any problems with the spray.

With what and how to serve pancakes

To eat pancakes on sour cream, the recipe of which weconsidered, you can with the same sour cream. Serve them in hot form, but even a little later they will retain their look and taste. As this is a sweet dish, you can also serve it with any sweet or dairy sauce, or ordinary jam, jam, confiture, etc.

Pancakes are perfect for breakfast or snack. In the children's kitchen, they can be served with jelly, cocoa, compote. Changing fillers and sauces will make the dish for a long time interesting and will not get bored.

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