Papirovka - apple tree, beloved by all

Among the summer varieties of apple trees, this tree is knownalmost everyone who has ever been in a village has a backyard or a dacha. Until recently, practically in any garden there was this plant. Papyrka is an apple tree, better known as the "White Fill". This sort of folk selection was introduced a long time ago in the Baltic States. Due to its high yield and unpretentiousness, the Papilovka apple tree has taken root in many regions of Russia and CIS countries.

Papirovka - apple treeThis sort of early maturation. As a rule, Papirovka is an apple-tree of medium size, with a wide-pyramidal crown. Over the years, it becomes round. Under favorable climatic conditions and regular watering, this tree can reach quite large sizes. This variety is good winter hardiness. With excellent care and regular top-dressing apple brandy Papirovka gives high yields. If the tree is left to itself, it has an average number of fruits. Apples are round-conical in shape, not too large. Their average mass is about 100 g. Papirovka is an apple tree, which can be easily distinguished from others by the color of the fruit. They have a greenish-yellow hue, without any blush. The flesh of the fruit is tender, slightly friable, rather juicy. It has a sweet and sour taste with some excess of acid. The ripened fruits are lighter, have friable, granular flesh. The aroma is practically absent.

Apple Tree PapillosisDuring the period of removable maturity, the skin of the fetus is oftencovered with whitish coating. Unlike many apples, this variety is very delicate, thin, dry and smooth. Fruits ripen not at a time (in July-August). As a rule, the apple ripening period directly depends on the weather conditions, so the harvesting time may differ in different years. Collect the fruits in several receptions, because when they fall, they simply break down into the ground. The fruit contains a lot of vitamin C, which determines the sour taste of apples. They also contain pectins, which make this tart a very tasty jam. Also, these apples are used to make juices, compotes, pastes, jams, eaten fresh.

Apple tree varietyPapirovka - apple tree, which is quite fastenters the fruiting phase, namely for 3-5 years. The tree is medium-resistant to the scab of leaves and fruits. Under unfavorable growing conditions, irregular fruiting (often in a year) is often observed. On very old and heavily thickened trees, the fruits are very shallow, so it is recommended to periodically rejuvenate the crown. In this variety, the excitability of the kidneys and shoot-forming ability are average. Fruiting takes place on the branchlets. Young apples in very severe or snowless winters are damaged in the lower part of the stem, so experienced gardeners recommend that they be insulated during the cold season with the help of reeds, cattail, roofing material. Thanks to regular treatments with modern means from scab, this variety becomes practically not vulnerable to this disease.

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Papirovka - apple tree, beloved by all Papirovka - apple tree, beloved by all Papirovka - apple tree, beloved by all Papirovka - apple tree, beloved by all Papirovka - apple tree, beloved by all Papirovka - apple tree, beloved by all Papirovka - apple tree, beloved by all