Polotsk: attractions with a map and photo. What to see in Polotsk (Belarus)?

Polotsk is one of the most important cultural andhistorical centers in Belarus. The first mention of the city dates back to 862. In the "Tale of Bygone Years" it is stated that this settlement was founded by the tribes of Krivichi on the picturesque bank of the Dvina. Through Polotsk lay the famous "path from the Varangians to the Greeks", which contributed to the very rapid political, economic and cultural development of the region.Polotsk Attractions

There is this settlement nearthe city of Vitebsk and Novopolotsk, in the North-Eastern part of Belarus. By the way, the most ancient city of Belarus is Polotsk. Attractions of this place attract tourists from near and far abroad. They come to admire the amazing architectural ensembles, numerous monuments, museums, temples and simply beautiful nature.

The Amazing Sofia

Almost all guests of Polotsk this cityis primarily associated with the white stone Cathedral of St. Sophia. This temple is a real masterpiece of architecture. It was erected in the 11th century at the highest point of the coast of the Western Dvina. In those days the construction symbolized the power of the Polotsk principality, and now the St. Sophia Cathedral is the prototype of Belarus' independence.sightseeings of Polotsk belarus

Fragments of the ancient masonry of the cathedral can be seen in the soundings of the eastern and western walls. Altar apses, the foundation and fragments of the frescoes of the XI century are now in the Museum of the History of Architecture of the Temple.

St. Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk survived a lotdramatic events, fires and destruction. The modern temple has two symmetrical towers 57 meters high. The interior of the church is simply magnificent: arched columns, stucco decorations, elaborate cornices and an unusual color scheme.

The altar part of the cathedral was separated by a three-tier barrier, to which the image of the Trinity of Novozavetnaya previously adhered. Since 1983, the chamber has a chamber music room.Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk

Now in the St. Sophia Cathedral, you can not onlyenjoy a concert of organ music, but also go down to the basement of the temple, touch the pieces of ancient masonry, visit the exposition dedicated to the history of the cathedral.

Holy relics

We continue the fascinating excursion around the cityPolotsk. Sights of the world scale are rushing to see many, one of the most popular places can be called the Spaso-Euphrosynevsky Monastery, which is called the spiritual center of the city. Hundreds of pilgrims travel here annually to worship the holy relics. One of the most important shrines of the monastery is the Cross of Euphrosyne of Polotsk, created in 1661 by the talented jeweler Lazar Bogsha. True, during the Second World War his original was lost, but now in the monastery it is offered to see his exact copy, which was consecrated in 1997.city ​​of Polotsk attractions

The complex of the monastery also includes the Transfiguration Church of the 12th century. This temple is the only building where the wall paintings and architecture of that time were preserved.

Center for European Tourism

The Savior-Euphrosyne and St. Sophia Cathedral isamazing shrines. However, the sights of Polotsk (Belarus) do not end here. In the city center there is also something to see. Perhaps the geographical coordinates of 28 degrees 48 minutes east longitude and 55 degrees 30 minutes north latitude you do not say anything, but for Polovtsians are very significant numbers. Almost every local resident knows that the sign "The geographical center of Europe" is located on Francisk Skaryna Avenue. It depicts a wind rose, a globe with the outlines of Europe, a ship and the coat of arms of Polotsk. Every tourist who has visited this city can buy a certificate-souvenir, which confirms that a person has visited the heart of the European continent.

Famous monuments

Have you decided to visit the city of Polotsk? Attractions can be seen almost everywhere. For example, every year there are more and more monuments. In 2009, a monument was erected in honor of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (near the Spaso-Ephrosinia Monastery). Silent earlier appeared sculpture enlightener Simeon of Polotsk, Prince Vseslav and Euphrosyne. In 2010, a monument to architect John was opened in Polotsk, which built the Transfiguration Church, as well as the bust of the "father" of Belarusian cinema Yuri Tarich.of Polotsk Photo

Attractions Polotsk (photo of which can beconsider below) in large numbers are concentrated and in the central square of the city. Here is a memorial dedicated to the heroes of the Patriotic War. All the complex details of the composition were poured in the Tekhnolit-Polotsk factory, specially for this purpose the specialists of the plant had to master the art casting.

What to see in Polotsk? In this ancient city is also worth seeing a monument to the honorary Polocanian Franciscus Skorina, who first published books in the Old Russian language. His very first work was the Bible, which he translated from a complex Church Slavonic language. In the glorious Polotsk there is the only monument to the merchant in Belarus. Do not forget to visit near Borisov stone, it is a huge boulder, which remained here after the glacier. On the territory of the country found several such stones, they are all in the museum. It is believed that if you bypass Borisov's stone three times and make a wish, then it will certainly come true.sights of Polotsk and Novopolotsk

To see all these interesting sculptures, you will need a map of Polotsk with sights.

The Bernardine Monastery

The very building of the church has not survived to this day,Only the ruins of the inhabited monastic complex and the church survived. The monastery was founded in 1498 at the direction of Alexandra Jagiellon. In 1563 a very severe fire broke out here, as a result of which all the wooden buildings were destroyed. In 1696, another attempt was made to restore the monastery. At the invitation of the governor Alexander Slushka, the Bernardine church was established. The city authorities wanted to consolidate Catholicism in this region and therefore allocated a very good amount of money to build the structure. After coming to Polotsk, the Russian monastery was closed, and the church was transformed into an Orthodox church. Unfortunately, because of the numerous wars to see this monument of architecture is not possible, however, looking at its remains, we can guess that it was really beautiful.

map of Polotsk with sights

Other interesting places

Of great interest is the Epiphany Cathedral,which includes the former complex of the monastery. This monument of architecture was built in the 18th century (1777). It still works today. Here, rituals of baptism and weddings are held. No less attractive to tourists and the defensive shaft of Ivan the terrible. He remained untouched from the period of the Livonian War (1558-583 gg.).

Just a walk around the city can also be interesting. Walk through its ancient streets, look at the ancient buildings and numerous shrines - it's very exciting.

Picturesque fountain

To fully enjoy the beauty of thisregion, it's worth a visit in Novopolotsk. Here there is an amazing fountain, which was founded in honor of the 50th anniversary of the city. This beautiful composition consists of 6 synchronously working light-dynamic fountains. Water supply is made in a closed cycle using LED energy-saving lighting.

what to see in Polotsk

Culturally enriched

Numerous museums can offer guestsPolotsk. Sights of the city are the Museum of Local Lore, Belarusian book printing, Children's Museum, Natural and Ecological, the house of Peter I (the Tsar really stopped here), Simeon Polotsky Museum-Library, weaving, Fighting Glory, etc.

In this village you can also take a walkalong the banks of the picturesque Western Dvina with enchanting views, walk to the Eternal Fire and the Barrow of Labor Glory. All the historical sights of Polotsk and Novopolotsk are under state protection of the National Cultural and Historical Museum-Reserve.

Seats with ghosts

As in any ancient and legendary city, inPolotsk is a ghost. According to the stories of local residents, one of them lives in the picture gallery, which is housed in the corps of the Jesuit college. True, this unidentified object quietly and peacefully lives here and does not bother anyone, only occasionally drops pictures on the floor. According to one version of the hooligan here is the spirit of General Gabriel Grubber. During his lifetime, this man was a very talented physician, chemist and mechanic, and many also believed that he could contact the evil forces. The general was killed under very mysterious circumstances, and then returned to this collegium in the form of spirit.Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk

Charming old town

To what many amazing places can showyou Polotsk. Sights of the city are ancient cathedrals and temples, amazing monuments and monuments, picturesque banks of the Western Dvina, numerous museums and just a very cozy atmosphere. Here you can feel the greatness of this city. This place does not lose its charm either in summer or in winter, so come here on vacation at any time of the year and enjoy exploring the amazing sights of Polotsk.

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Polotsk: attractions with a map and photo Polotsk: attractions with a map and photo Polotsk: attractions with a map and photo Polotsk: attractions with a map and photo Polotsk: attractions with a map and photo Polotsk: attractions with a map and photo Polotsk: attractions with a map and photo Polotsk: attractions with a map and photo Polotsk: attractions with a map and photo Polotsk: attractions with a map and photo