Pugs: dog breeders reviews. Breed description

This pretty fat one with huge and slightly sad eyes will not leave anyone indifferent. Someone may not like his character - he is too smart and full of self-esteem. This is a special dog that needs a smart, intelligent and loving owner.

From the history of the breed

The pug breed is closely related to the history of the Chins and Pikes. Apparently, several thousand years ago, they formed a single whole and were descended from one ancestor. Then in China they began to divide small dogs with flat faces into different lines, taking into account the size of animals and the type of wool. Documentary evidence of the origin of the pug breed has not survived. But it is known for certain that the ancestors of these lovely animals lived in the imperial palace.pugs reviews

For the first time the pug breed was described at the end of the XVI century. Already in those days, it was known to Europeans - Danes, British, Italians, Dutch. Moreover, in each country these dogs were called differently - lo-chiang, Danish pag Carlin, mascherino, etc.But the surviving descriptions and characteristics of these animals, while not yet united by one name, are beyond doubt; it is obvious that they were pugs, almost the same as we used to see them today. dog pug

Ambiguous emotions caused people pugs. The description of how they were reacted to in antiquity is perhaps no different from the current attitude towards these dogs. Someone touched and admired their funny appearance, someone treated them with disdain, there were also those who spoke about them using unflattering epithets. However, a calm disposition, good nature and gentle affection for the person provided this baby with worldwide recognition.

In 1850 the first breed standard was created. Of course, after that he was corrected and supplemented many times. In 1861, pugs were presented at an exhibition in the UK. And 22 years later (1883), enthusiasts organized the first club of fans of this breed.


The pug dog, despite its compact size, is a solid animal. Therefore, it is very important for breeders to preserve their breed type. Today they can be divided into three:

  • Terrier (lightweight). It has a long neck and a straight elongated torso.Today it is considered the most attractive.
  • Bulldog type, having a rather wide torso and angled shoulder blades. Barrel forepaws are possible.
  • Sharpeyny type. Today it is considered the most unacceptable. The dog is too fattened and has a large number of folds. As a rule, this is done in order to hide an elongated or irregular topline.

Pug: breed description

It should be noted that this is a very harmoniously folded dog. Miniature, which is different pugs (reviews of the owners confirm this) does not affect their proportions. This is a wide-breasted, stocky dog ​​with a straight topline, straight and strong legs. This is not crooked and cartoon dwarf, but a perfectly formed little dog. There are no breeding excesses in it. Wrinkles on the cheeks and forehead should not interfere with the breath and vision of the animal. breed pug


At first glance, it seems rounded. But at the same time it should not be an apple. Quite a wide skull, short and square muzzle, but without snub.

Another characteristic feature that distinguishes pug dogs from other decorative dogs is their eyes. They are very expressive, large, round.Do not have eyelids and skin folds. Eyes should be dark, set wide. Serious defects are visible proteins, squint, eyes too small. The disqualifying defect is a bug-eye. pug eyes

The ears are small, drooping, tightly pressed to the head. The standard allows ears in the form of "roses".

Weight and height

The standard limits the weight of these stocky and tight dogs. Bitches should not exceed 6.3 kg, males - 8.1 kg. Height at withers ranges from 20 to 25 cm.


These are short-haired dogs (pugs). Reviews of the owners say that the wool of their pets is short, smooth, shiny, not hard. Wool pugs double. There is soft and rather thick undercoat and smooth, brilliant guard hair.breed pug

There are pugs (reviews of the owners say about the need to pay attention to it), which have too much developed undercoat. In such a dog wool does not fit tightly, but a little puffs up. Experts consider this a disadvantage.


A pug dog is most commonly found in fawn with a black mask on its face. It is a bit like a Siamese cat.From the head to the tail is a darker band, which experts call a belt.

There are pugs silver color - pale gray with shiny sparkles. Unusually beautiful apricot color - light yellow with orange tint, or yellow-brown.pug description

But with all (light) colors, the pug must have a clearly defined black mask on the face and a dark spot on the forehead in the form of a rhombus. The dark line is obligatory along the ridge.

Pug black

This is the rarest variety. The bluish-black coat is significantly tougher than that of light colored dogs. A black pug has fewer hair follicles located per square centimeter of skin than animals with a light fur coat, and the skin of such a little dog is blue.black pug

Previously, a black pug was considered non-standard, and such puppies from the litter were rejected. But since the end of the 19th century, black-haired pugs were officially recognized as a type of breed. A reddish or yellow tint is a serious disadvantage.

Skin and wrinkles

Another important feature is wrinkles and loose skin. On the face wrinkles are required. They must be deep and large, creating a relief "face".

There are folds around the neck, and in this area there should be loose skin that forms into thick rollers around the neck. Very small folds are allowed on the wrists.pug price


Pug is a very sweet creature. Most of the owners treat him as a naive and loving, gentle and very kind friend. This fat man is endowed with a sharp mind, unsophisticated stubbornness and a strong character. We have already said that the pug infinitely loves and believes in its owners. In addition, this dog has the features of the imperial dogs, and he will not obey if he does not see the point in some team.

Pugs are very sociable and playful. Watching how he chases foliage, whirling in the wind, or snowflakes, you unwittingly catch yourself thinking that he resembles a small and completely carefree child. This dog is able to infect everyone who is near it with its fun.

Pugs (owner reviews convince us of this) are very persistent. They will very easily “explain” to the owner what they want, and it is quite difficult not to understand them in this case.


These are good students. To bring them up is not difficult if the owner is persistent and will not show nervousness. Pugs have a high level of intelligence, and therefore they always know what they need to do and what not to do.True, they always think about the received command. But this is not due to the desire to dominate. It is just their philosophical view of the world.

The soft nature of the pug does not create problems in communicating with the child or other pet. Fatty is not always tuned to the game, but he rarely expresses his displeasure.

When training a pug, do not raise your voice. Your pet may pretend that he is suddenly deaf or will look as if he had been beaten.pug puppies

The nature of these charming babies is kindness and loyalty. They can not be left alone for a long time. All the time he will spend without his beloved master, the pug will suffer and demonstrate this with all his appearance.

Choosing a puppy

Any purebred dogs desirable to acquire in kennels. Although it is difficult to confuse the specific appearance of a pug with another breed, an inexperienced person may not see too noticeable deviations from the standard. Therefore, it is better to turn to a good breeder. Pug puppies with documents that confirm their pedigree will be able to participate in exhibitions.

Attention should be paid to the nature and health of the baby. Pug puppies should not be cowardly.These cute people are always distinguished by irrepressible energy. They must have clean ears, clear and cheerful eyes, anemic tongue and gums, white teeth, wool is smooth and shiny.

Pug: price

If you dream that your pet will become an exhibitor, or you want to do breeding work, then you need a show-class puppy. These are the best puppies from the litter. They are distinguished by perfect anatomy, full compliance with the standard and the right temperament. Such a pug, the price of which can vary from 30 to 50 thousand rubles, can make an excellent exhibition career.

It is possible to purchase a brid class dog. They are also suitable for breeding work. As a rule, these are bitches with a good exterior and reproductive functions. Such individuals with the right choice of a partner may well give puppies of the show class. Such a puppy will cost you about 20-30 thousand rubles.

The most popular option is a pet-class puppy, in other words, just a pet. Such animals may have shortcomings that make their participation in the show-ring impossible, it is undesirable to breed them. Such nuances are usually seen only by professionals - a little bite does not correspond to the norm, there is a speck on the hair, the tail is not twisted as well as we would like, etc. Such a puppy will cost about 15 thousand rubles.

Owner reviews

Without exception, the owners of these animals are immensely happy that they have found such a friend. They celebrate the dedication and high intelligence of their pets, a cheerful disposition and a wonderful attitude towards children. But at the same time they warn future owners that this breed also has disadvantages. First of all, it is a strong molt, so people with a tendency to allergies should not get such a dog.

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